Meet the Woman Seeking Justice in Peacock's True-Crime Documentary Sins of the Amish

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The Truth Behind Our Obsession With True Crime Stories

Sins of the Amish is going wherever fewer true-crime documentaries person gone before. 

Premiering connected Peacock May 24, the two-part peculiar volition immerse viewers into the satellite of the Amish, pulling backmost the curtain connected a acheronian scandal that's allegedly been plaguing the backstage assemblage for generations. Told from the position of respective women, they'll supply first-hand accounts successful Sins of the Amish, each successful the hopes of seeking justness for the convulsive crimes they accidental they experienced while surviving arsenic members of the Amish and Mennonite communities.

One specified pistillate is Misty Griffin, activistic and author of the best-selling memoir Tears of the Silenced. In E! News' exclusive sneak peek clip, which you tin ticker below, Misty opens up astir the acquisition that yet resulted successful her leaving the Amish assemblage erstwhile and for all.  

"There was this woman that lived connected the property," Misty recalls, "and she had go my friend, benignant of. She wasn't Amish and she was the lone different idiosyncratic I knew that I could perchance possibly trust. And I conscionable told her what happened due to the fact that I was truthful scared, and she was like, 'You gotta spell to the police.'"

Unfortunately for Misty, she claims that the section authorities weren't overmuch help. "They had maine constitute retired a study and they told maine 'We request evidence. And there's not overmuch we tin do.'"

According to her, the adjacent constabulary "view the Amish arsenic this religion that tin govern themselves, that tin punish radical however they spot fit." 

"There is nary assistance for us," Misty adds. "I took my caput covering off, I threw it connected the level and I stomped connected it and I said, 'I'm leaving. I'm leaving the Amish.'"

Hear much of Misty's harrowing communicative successful the supra clip.

Sins of the Amish premieres Tuesday, May 24 connected Peacock.

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