Meet The Players of The Circle Season 4--Who Aren't All What They Seem

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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Netflix's "The Circle"

The Circle is backmost and a small sabotage has ne'er looked truthful good.

Nine caller contestants are acceptable to play the game, wherever mistaken identities and knives successful the backmost are each conscionable portion of the festivities. 

In the play 4 trailer, Netflix promised the "spiciest play ever." That's truly saying thing fixed immoderate of the insane twists and turns we've seen connected The Circle before.

"We're back, baby," big Michelle Buteau says successful the trailer. "This is the eventual crippled of societal media wherever players tin take to play themselves oregon catfish arsenic idiosyncratic wholly new." 

Whoever does the champion occupation of convincing the different contestants astir their identity—or does the champion occupation lying—takes location a expansive prize of $150,000. Hey, who's supra a fewer small achromatic lies for that overmuch cold, hard cash?

"Not lone americium I buying america a house," a subordinate says successful the trailer, "we're getting a pool, too!" 

The Circle is changing lives, people!

The archetypal 4 episodes of the caller play volition driblet connected May 4, with further episodes released connected consequent Wednesdays.

Read connected for details astir each 9 of the play 4 contestants:

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Alyssa, 27, from New York describes herself arsenic "an adjunct to a enactment coach." We're connected committee already.

"I emotion helping radical person astonishing sex," she says, "and I tin precise comfortably accidental the connection vagina." If that becomes utile connected The Circle, we cognize we're successful for a bully season!

om Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Bru (real sanction Josh Brubaker) is simply a 24-year-old vigor big from West Hollywood, California. Wonder however galore podcasts helium has. 

He describes himself arsenic a aureate retriever: "trustworthy, loyal and kind." We'll spot if his clip connected The Circle is each bark, nary bite.

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


John, 24, from New Jersey grew up successful the aforesaid municipality wherever they filmed The Sopranos, truthful it's lone earthy that he's going to beryllium playing The Circle arsenic his Italian parent Carol. A societal media contented creator, John describes himself "as Italian arsenic it perchance gets" and adjacent has a tattoo of St. Anthony connected his chest. We'll see if John's catfishing has immoderate supplication of earning him $150k.

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


We've got a baller successful our midst! Crissa, 31, is lone the 13th pistillate successful past to play for the Harlem Globetrotters. Once you've beaten the Washington Generals hundreds of times, however hard tin The Circle be? Crissa says she's going to trust connected her "full-court vision" to triumph the full thing. We emotion a hoops pun!

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022

Yu Ling

Yu Ling, 25, works arsenic a marque selling advisor successful San Francisco. The girl of 2 migrant parents, she says she was "raised culturally by MTV and VH1." We spot you, Yu Lin. Flavor of Love fanatics person to instrumentality together.

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Miami autochthonal Parker, 21, volition beryllium playing The Circle arsenic her 56-year-old begetter Paul. "My lone 2 property traits truly are being successful a sorority and going retired and partying," she says. We're not definite whether to laughter oregon cry. Good luck, Parker/Paul!

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Frank,28, a societal idiosyncratic from Maryland, calls himself "the large lad with a large personality." We privation to beryllium friends with Frank. 

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Alex, 28, a commercialized banker from Scottsdale, Arizona, volition beryllium playing The Circle arsenic Nathan, a "22-year-old caller retired of assemblage frat bro." Sounds similar he'd get on with Parker! Alex describes himself arsenic "a catfish successful existent life, due to the fact that my idiosyncratic beingness and nonrecreational beingness are precise different." Is that cheating? We'd ticker retired for Alex/Nathan.

Tom Dymond/Netflix © 2022


Rachel, 29, is simply a paranormal researcher from Houston, which is seemingly a thing. "Having paranormal experiences arsenic a kid allowed maine to unfastened up that portion of my brain," she says, "and present it remains open." Sounds spooky, but to each their own!

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