Medical Examiner Says Former Missouri State Rep. Cora Walker Died from Heart Disease

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The Saint Louis Medical Examiner announced Wednesday that Former Representative Cora Faith Walker died from a bosom information aft attending cop-hating leftist Mayor Tishaura Jones’ day enactment connected March 11.

Former Missouri State Representative Cora Faith Walker, 37, died unexpectedly aboriginal greeting aft spending the nighttime astatine Loews Hotel astatine Ballpark Village successful downtown St. Louis pursuing the day enactment connected March 10.

According to St. Louis Medical Examiner who conducted an autopsy past month, “There were nary carnal injuries oregon signs of trauma to the body.”

On Wednesday, aesculapian examiner Dr. Michael Graham said that Walker died of a bosom condition, specifically nonischemic cardiomyopathy (NCBI).

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Graham said Walker’s toxicology study showed the beingness of medicine drugs that were “all expected to beryllium determination successful the amounts we would expect to see. There were nary illicit substances found.”

He determined Walker died from a information known arsenic nonischemic cardiomyopathy.

“It’s a illness of the bosom muscle,” Graham said. “It usually affects older radical with precocious humor pressure, but she did not person precocious humor pressure.

“We don’t cognize wherefore immoderate radical make it. Hers was a reasonably mild form. It fundamentally short-circuited the electrical strategy successful her heart, causing an arrhythmia and she dropped over. We don’t usually deliberation astir radical dropping implicit dead, and it is reasonably unusual, but it’s not an accustomed property for the presumption of this condition.”

He besides said helium did not judge immoderate imaginable erstwhile illicit substance usage would person caused this condition.

“If determination was, I would person called this alcoholic bosom disease, oregon cocaine bosom disease,” helium said. “But determination was nary grounds of that.”

Graham said helium besides conducted immoderate familial investigating with Walker’s household to find whether the information could person been familial. He said those results showed nary past of the information wrong her household tree.

A spokeswoman for Walker’s household said Tuesday the household did not person immoderate statements reacting to the Medical Examiner’s findings.

It is inactive unclear however Cora developed a bosom information knowing her household has nary past of specified disease. Speculation coming from societal media is that Walker’s decease was Covid-vaccine-related.

“Heart problems associated with the COVID vaccine are 1 of the galore broadside effects listed successful the #pfizerdocuments,” 1 idiosyncratic tweeted.

Heart problems associated with the COVID vaccine are 1 of the galore broadside effects listed successful the #pfizerdocuments.

Cora Faith Walker died of a bosom condition, Medical Examiner says

— Tracy S (@ImTracyS) April 27, 2022

“The occupation is determination is nary travel up. Like Cora Walker. She pushed vaccines – past she dies abruptly and we aren’t allowed to ask? Excess mortality is up significantly. Across countries, crossed property groups and it tracks with vax rollouts. Questions are conscionable and indispensable beryllium answered,” different idiosyncratic responded.

Cora was a pro-vaccine and ever encouraged her Twitter followers to instrumentality the shot. She adjacent utilized a disguise and vaccine emoji connected her Twitter handle.

Friendly reminder that adjacent if you’re afloat vaccinated, you inactive could get covid and transmit it to our unvaccinated children. 💉➕😷

— 💉😷Cora Faith Walker, Esq., MPH😷💉 (@CoraFaith4MO) August 20, 2021

Thank you St. Louis County! Let’s support it going!

— 💉😷Cora Faith Walker, Esq., MPH😷💉 (@CoraFaith4MO) August 30, 2021

Please get vaccinated.

— 💉😷Cora Faith Walker, Esq., MPH😷💉 (@CoraFaith4MO) August 23, 2021