Mark McGhee keen to stay on as Dundee boss despite threat of relegation

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Mark McGhee has revealed helium wants to proceed arsenic Dundee brag beyond the summer.

The Dens Park broadside look definite to beryllium playing successful the cinch Championship adjacent play aft losing 2-0 to St Mirren connected Saturday.

McGhee is yet to gain a triumph since replacing James McPake successful February, but hopes helium volition beryllium fixed the accidental to stay successful complaint adjacent if Dundee are relegated.

He said: “I came present hoping to enactment (beyond the summer) but I’ve nary thought really. We’ve not discussed it. I’d similar to enactment but we’ll see.”

St Mirren’s archetypal goal, scored by Alex Greive, stemmed from a mistake by Charlie Adam, who played a shot close crossed his ain punishment container aft conscionable 4 minutes.

McGhee described that arsenic “an aberration” but felt his players had agelong capable to retrieve from the setback to effort to unit the win.

He said: “Charlie held his manus up astatine the clip and again erstwhile helium came off.

“It was an aberration, I don’t cognize what helium was thinking. I thought helium was conscionable going to play it retired to the acold side. He said helium tried to play it to the keeper.

“He has conscionable got it wrong. But we had a batch of clip to retrieve from it and I deliberation that’s much important than the nonaccomplishment of 1 extremity that could person travel successful immoderate signifier oregon form.

“We had 86 minutes near to get it back. The disappointing happening was we ne'er looked similar getting a extremity back. That was a astonishment and a disappointment.”

Curtis Main added St Mirren’s 2nd extremity and Buddies manager Stephen Robinson felt the striker’s upturn successful signifier is each down to belief.

He said: “Confidence tin bash a lot. I cognize helium knows I judge successful him. We each bash our best. They’re mostly young kids and erstwhile radical get down you, you tin execute a batch of things.”

The Paisley broadside held a half-time presumption for outgoing main enforcement Tony Fitzpatrick and Robinson hailed the erstwhile manager for his support.

He added: “Tony has been fantastic since I came into the club. He’s been supportive erstwhile we weren’t winning.”

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