Maricopa County Officials Send Out Scornful Letter In Response To Arizona Attorney General’s 2020 Election Audit ‘Interim Report’ – Ask County Attorney To Take Action

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On Tuesday, The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and County Recorder Stephen Richer sent a pretentious and scornful missive to the Arizona Attorney General attacking his Maricopa County 2020 predetermination audit “interim report.”

The County accused Attorney General Mark Brnovich of “playing politics,” misrepresenting facts, and abusing his ineligible authority.

Investigating criminals successful authorities is not playing politics. Maricopa County continues to gaslight and play the victim.

After a special meeting connected Monday, County officials issued their nine-page denial of Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s study that recovered “system-wide issues” successful the aboriginal voting system. “The EIU’s reappraisal has uncovered instances of predetermination fraud by individuals who person been oregon volition beryllium prosecuted for assorted elections crimes,” the study stated.

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The County besides announced that they would beryllium asking County Attorney Rachel Mitchell to marque nationalist records requests to the Attorney General’s bureau successful an effort to discredit the report.

Mitchell was precocious appointed arsenic Maricopa County Attorney, intelligibly based connected her stance that the 2020 predetermination was “a just predetermination with nary grounds of tampering oregon fraud.” She was hand-picked to correspond the County and assistance successful the cover-up.

Recorder BOS AG Response Wi… by Danny Shapiro

The Gateway Pundit antecedently reported connected the interim report, which besides discovered that “between 100,000 and 200,000 ballots were transported without a due concatenation of custody.” This is astir 10 times the borderline of triumph successful Arizona!

BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Releases Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report – Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud

Despite this monolithic finding, the study issued astir 7 months aft the Maricopa County predetermination audit omitted different large findings and we person seen nary arrests made.

The Gateway Pundit reported connected the hundreds of thousands of ballot discrepancies discovered by the 2020 predetermination audit.

Brnovich’s study besides failed to notation the heinous crimes committed by ballot “mules” and nonprofits successful the Phoenix area. According to Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary exposing the stolen 2020 election, astatine slightest 200 ballot traffickers were discovered successful Phoenix alone.

In effect to these concatenation of custody findings, the County claimed that it is incorrect to accidental ballots are questionable “because information was missing from immoderate of the forms.”

381 retired of 1,895 oregon 20% of Early Voting Ballot Transport Statements were reportedly missing required accusation specified arsenic ballot counts, audit signatures, courier signatures, predetermination section receiver signals, and documentation of information seals. All of these ballots are questionable.

Responding to Brnovich’s committedness that helium would prosecute individuals for predetermination fraud, the County asked, “why nary treatment of the fraud cases found?”

Mark Brnovich needs to marque the arrests.

On Tuesday, Mark Brnovich tweeted a anemic effect video whining astir however his suspects garbage to enactment with him.

Brnovich: We should beryllium moving unneurotic to code issues truthful everyone, nary substance who they are, tin person assurance successful the electoral process due to the fact that the world is we issued an interim study that identified respective issues that request to beryllium addressed. I mean, virtually up to 200,000 ballots did not person a due concatenation of custody. People tin gully their ain conclusions, but alternatively of attacking maine for those findings, the County Supervisors should beryllium addressing what are they going to bash to marque definite that doesn’t hap again? And arsenic acold arsenic ballot signature verification, you cognize whether it took six seconds, 8 seconds, oregon 10 seconds, wherefore doesn’t the Board of Supervisors archer america precisely what they did, however agelong it took, and whether they judge that was an capable magnitude of time? Because literally, determination was a clip not excessively agelong agone erstwhile the region recorder Stephen Richer himself had brought up issues arsenic acold arsenic what the region was doing erstwhile it came to ballot counting.

While galore radical are frustrated, the important happening to retrieve is that we should each privation the aforesaid happening — just elections that support accuracy and beforehand nationalist confidence.

Here is my effect to the peculiar gathering from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

— Mark Brnovich (@GeneralBrnovich) May 4, 2022

Weak Mark Brnovich indispensable halt pleading with the County and enforce instrumentality and order.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to request indictments.