Mao Lover Anita Dunn to Return to West Wing as Regime Braces For GOP Investigations of Joe Biden

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Top Obama-Biden advisor and Mao Tse Tung person Anita Dunn is returning to the West Wing arsenic the Biden Regime braces for GOP investigations of Joe Biden.

“Anita Dunn volition instrumentality arsenic a elder advisor,” the Biden White House announced connected Thursday.

“Anita Dunn is 1 of the nation’s apical communications and governmental strategists, and is simply a adjacent advisor to President Biden. She precocious served arsenic a Senior Advisor to President Biden, and is presently a spouse and founding subordinate of SKDK. She brings decades of acquisition advising Presidents and elder Democrats. She served arsenic a main strategist to President Obama arsenic a elder run advisor and arsenic the White House Communications Director. She has besides worked successful starring roles for Tom Daschle, Bill Bradley, and Evan Bayh.” the White House said.

CNN suggested Joe Biden is bringing Anita Dunn backmost into the fold to assistance him with the onslaught of investigations the GOP has promised to motorboat if they triumph backmost the House.

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One of Biden’s closest advisers, Anita Dunn, is expected to instrumentality to the West Wing. Dunn, a seasoned Washington advisor and salient subordinate of Biden’s interior circle, antecedently worked successful the medication connected a short-term ground that exempted her from fiscal disclosures. While the details of her instrumentality are inactive being finalized, Dunn is expected to instrumentality successful a full-time capableness this time, sources acquainted with the substance say.

Dunn is expected to statesman her ceremonial enactment backmost successful the medication agelong earlier the midterms. While her instrumentality is not solely due to the fact that of imaginable oversight investigations into Biden and his policies, she is known arsenic 1 of his fiercest defenders and governmental strategists, arsenic the White House intensifies its relation successful Democratic House and Senate campaigns.

Anita Dunn is simply a extremist leftist who antecedently praised wide murderer Mao Tse Tung arsenic 1 of her “favorite governmental philosophers.”

Mao Tse Tung murdered up to 70 cardinal Chinese past century, according to astir accounts.

Anita Dunn is simply a longtime Biden advisor and worked arsenic the Obama WH Comms Director until she stepped down successful 2009 soon aft the video of her praising Mao surfaced.