Manchester United keeper Sophie Baggaley warns of the dangers of social drug taking in football

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Sophie Baggaley
Manchester United goalkeeper Sophie Baggaley is keen to pass of the dangers of drugs (Image credit: Sportsbeat)

Manchester United goalkeeper Sophie Baggaley witnessed first-hand a teammate slipping into societal drugs arsenic a teenager, subsequently tearing down her burgeoning shot career.

The 25-year-old is present striving to forestall young girls from falling down a akin slippery slope aft watching a erstwhile England younker teammate driblet retired of the game.

Baggaley revealed the acquisition opened her eyes to drugs successful athletics aged conscionable eighteen and upon reflection believes her erstwhile workfellow suffered from a deficiency of acquisition astatine the time, seemingly unaware of the imaginable consequences of her actions.

“I don’t deliberation she realised what repercussions she could look for taking recreational drugs,” said Baggaley, who joined the Reds from Bristol City past summer.

“Up until that stage, we had not truly been tested a batch arsenic young athletes and it wasn’t excessively good talked about. So, I deliberation the interaction it could person connected her vocation was conscionable a spot unexpected for her.

“It brought awareness; it's ever been successful the backmost of my mind. She was the aforesaid presumption arsenic me, she was a goalkeeper arsenic well.

“It was truly frustrating for maine due to the fact that she utilized to play alternatively of maine but obviously, she didn't instrumentality things rather arsenic earnestly and has fallen retired of shot now.

“I bash not cognize what she’s doing anymore, which is rather bittersweet really. She could person done with a spot much support. I bash not truly cognize whether she received that.

“Now I cognize that there's enactment successful spot for radical who are caught taking societal drugs. It's not conscionable astir catching them and saying they're cheating; it’s astir helping that idiosyncratic and the individual.”

Baggaley is 1 of 11 members of UK Anti-Doping’s Athlete Commission, which aims to guarantee that the jock position is included astatine the bosom of anti-doping successful the UK, having joined successful lockdown.

“Now I cognize you could person reported it, I could person spoken to idiosyncratic earlier, but astatine the time, I didn't truly cognize what those avenues were,” explained Baggaley, awaiting a archetypal headdress for the Lionesses having represented England passim the property groups and featured successful respective elder squads.

And the shot-stopper, who presently plays nether brag Marc Skinner, is hoping to proceed to rise consciousness of the acquisition disposable to athletes via UK Anti-Doping and each the unafraid reporting routes.

The youngest subordinate of the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Athlete Commission believes anonymity is essential, particularly for inexperienced sportspeople who whitethorn person to study much elder individuals, to guarantee each athletics is contested connected a level playing field.

“I would person 2nd thoughts if it wasn't going to beryllium anonymous,” Baggaley added.

“I deliberation conscionable removing that makes it truthful overmuch easier. And radical evidently won't beryllium arsenic frightened of the antagonistic backlash.

“If it's idiosyncratic who's got a batch of powerfulness wrong the team, it would beryllium harder to talk about. But having those anonymous phonelines and emails via UKAD’s Protect Your Sport run makes it truthful overmuch easier. Even if my teammates were alert of who was progressive somehow, it’s comforting to cognize that UKAD would support the informant’s individuality confidential nary substance what.”

With attraction turning to the Euros successful England aboriginal this twelvemonth it is captious that immoderate obstacles to a rigorous anti-doping authorities - including those presented by the pandemic - person been flooded and Baggaley believes things are virtually backmost to mean up of the summertime showpiece.

She said: “UKAD and different organisations faced challenges during lockdown. It was hard to support up the aforesaid magnitude of investigating and immoderate athletes whitethorn person seen that arsenic a model to summation their chances of winning immoderate contention they're entering.

“But I deliberation UKAD has done good coming retired of the pandemic. They truly ramped things up again, I deliberation it's beauteous overmuch backmost to mean and it's successful a bully spot close present going into the summer.”

Protecting cleanable athletics depends connected everyone successful athletics playing their portion to support a level playing field. If you person immoderate suspicions that something’s not right, nary substance however small, hunt Protect Your Sport oregon email Your individuality volition beryllium kept 100% confidential throughout.

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