Man charged in Capitol riot son of famed artist Gregory Gillespie

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A 60-year-old antheral who has been charged successful the January 6 insurrection astatine the Capitol has been identified arsenic the lad of a fames American artist. Vincent Gillespie, who has been successful a ineligible conflict against his stepmother to summation power of paintings by his father, Gregory Gillespie, was arrested successful February connected charges relating to the Capitol riot.

Multiple videos from the country amusement Gillespie participating successful the convulsive riot, and FBI Boston sought the public's adjunct to place him, according to court documents filed by the FBI. Witnesses see a erstwhile neighbour of Gillespie and an worker astatine an AAA successful Massachusetts that Gillespie had visited.

Three different witnesses are employees of the Town of Athol, Massachusetts, wherever Gillespie lives. He often attends meetings astatine the municipality hallway and pays his taxation bills there.

In total, six witnesses positively identified Gillespie successful aggregate images from the Capitol riot connected January 6.

The Associated Press says Gillespie spoke to 1 of their journalists who was astatine the country that day. "We were astir overpowering them," Gillespie, said. "If you had similar different 15, 20 guys down america pushing I deliberation we could person won it." 

Gillespie admitted to the AP newsman that helium and immoderate different radical were progressive successful trying to breach the Capitol building. "I was with immoderate different guys. And past we were starting to propulsion against them and they were beating america and putting that capsicum spray worldly successful your eyes. But determination were a clump of radical pushing down us," helium said astatine the country that day.

Capitol Riot-Painters Son This representation from video recorded Jan. 6, 2021, captures Vincent Gillespie connected the grounds of the U.S. Capitol successful Washington wherever prosecutors accidental helium was among a rioting mob trying to summation power of the gathering from the national government. AP Video/Ben Fox / AP

Blood was disposable connected his scalp from the convulsive crowd, the AP reports. The FBI says Gillespie was "among the rioters connected the Lower West Terrance of the U.S. Capitol who engaged successful pushing, shoving, yelling, and warring with instrumentality enforcement officers," and that helium sustained injuries during this.

He is seen and heard connected the Metropolitan Police Department officer's assemblage camera "pushing his mode done the assemblage towards the instrumentality enforcement officers; utilizing a constabulary shield to ram the instrumentality enforcement officers; and screaming 'traitor' much than erstwhile and 'treason,' arsenic helium points to a instrumentality enforcement officer," the FBI says.

When the AP newsman asked his name, Gillespie readily said it, but hesitated erstwhile asked wherever helium was from. "They'll travel aft me, man," helium said. "I'm successful Massachusetts."

He has present been identified arsenic Gregory Gillespie's son. The elder Gillespie's artwork, which includes self-portraits, phantasy landscapes and geometric abstractions, are connected show astatine New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art. Some are besides connected show astatine the Museum of Fine Arts successful Boston, among different museums. 

Vincent Gillespie has sued his measurement parent to contention power of the paintings, according to the AP. In a 2020 tribunal filing, helium described his begetter arsenic a renowned artists, with much 400 invaluable paintings astatine the clip of his death.

Following his apprehension successful Athol, Massachusetts, Gillespie was charged with with assaulting, resisting,or impeding officers, civilian disorder, engaging successful carnal unit successful a restricted gathering oregon grounds, and related offenses, according to a property release from the Department of Justice. 

 He pleaded not guilty. His adjacent tribunal day is scheduled for April 29. When contacted by the AP aft his arrest, Gillespie declined to comment. "My lawyer advised against it. He said there's lone downsides to it," helium said."I'd similar to talk. There's a batch of worldly retired determination that's wrong."

CBS News has besides reached retired to Gillespie and is awaiting response. 

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