Luna launches its first hub motor e-bike and lowest-cost model yet, the feature-packed Luna Eclipse

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Luna Cycle, the California-based electrical motorcycle institution that has ever shirked manufacture norms successful favour of the way little traveled, has conscionable launched an absorbing caller e-bike known arsenic the Luna Eclipse.

While galore big-name electrical motorcycle companies person seen their prices emergence successful caller months, Luna’s newest exemplary is present the brand’s astir affordable yet at conscionable $1,395.

The Luna Eclipse is besides the archetypal hub centrifugal electrical motorcycle from Luna Cycle, which has antecedently favored mid-drive motors successful the brand’s high-performance electrical bikes.

But conscionable due to the fact that the Eclipse gets a lower-cost hub centrifugal successful back, don’t deliberation that this isn’t a powerhouse worthy of Luna’s eccentric label.

The motorcycle apt has much wide marketplace appeal, but it’s inactive a beast that tin deed speeds of 25 mph (40 km/h) acknowledgment to 1,000W of powerfulness from that Bafang hub centrifugal successful rear.

The centrifugal is wrapped successful a 20″ abdominous tire, helping marque the motorcycle smaller and much nimble portion adding a spot much all-terrain benignant riding to its repertoire. Though with those municipality tires that are bordering connected racing slick territory, possibly the motorcycle is amended kept connected the tarmac.

The smaller instrumentality diameter with those 20″ tires besides makes the motorcycle torquier, and Luna specifically says that it is geared for higher torque and amended elevation climbing.

A ample 48V and 14Ah artillery made from prime LG MJ1 artillery cells should springiness riders plentifulness of range.

Luna doesn’t person nonstop scope measurements, but 20-25 miles (32-40 km) connected throttle oregon doubly that connected low-power pedal assistance are apt tenable figures for level onshore cruising.

Other large US-based e-bike companies person pushed retired non-suspension e-bikes lately that outgo much than Luna’s latest model, but the Eclipse seems similar it came loaded to the teeth and acceptable to fight. Not lone does it diagnostic full-suspension (both beforehand and rear suspension diagnostic 4 inches of travel), but the motorcycle adjacent swaps retired the old-fashioned concatenation for a Gates loop drive.

Gates loop drives person a fig of advantages implicit chains, including that they past for tens of thousands of miles, are fundamentally maintenance-free, and don’t get your pants legs oregon ankle oily.

Oh, and for anyone who likes to stash their e-bike successful a car to instrumentality it to the section trails, the Luna Eclipse is besides a folder. That gives it other inferior for riders who unrecorded successful an flat oregon request to fold up their e-bike to prevention connected abstraction portion riding nationalist transportation.

While Luna is much commonly known for its high-performance e-bikes similar the $4,200 Luna X2, the Eclipse is angling to go the brand’s archetypal massively fashionable e-bike for the communal man. Something of the Model T connected 2 wheels, but with a fewer nicer parts thrown successful for bully measure.

The Eclipse is disposable present on Luna’s site successful either Matte Black oregon Silver colour options. While achromatic and acheronian colorways person been a mainstay astatine Luna, that metallic variation looks beauteous darn bully to me.

What bash you deliberation of Luna’s archetypal introduction into the hub centrifugal electrical bicycle market? How does the Eclipse stack up against different folding e-bikes successful its terms class? Let’s perceive your sentiment successful the comments conception below!

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