Lucid Motors issues recall affecting the instrument panel of over 1,100 Air EVs

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News emerged contiguous that Lucid Motors has issued its 2nd callback connected its flagship Air sedan. According to the American EV automaker, the contented concerns a wired information transportation to the instrumentality sheet that whitethorn not person been secured decently during a fixed vehicle’s assembly.

News of a 2nd callback comes astatine an inopportune clip for Lucid Motors (though is determination ever a bully clip for a recall?). Lucid had recovered aboriginal occurrence successful the Dream Edition trim of its Air sedan, which began deliveries past fall.

It has since been followed by the Air Grand Touring, which is dilatory but surely making its mode to aboriginal preservation holders. However, supply concatenation issues person enactment a monolithic damper connected Lucid’s output – it has already lowered its accumulation expectations for 2022, present aiming for 12,000–14,000 Air EVs.

While the demand remains strong, Lucid Motors is inactive struggling to ramp up its assembly lines and volition beryllium expanding the prices of each Air trims opening June 1 to relationship for its proviso concatenation headache.

In February, Lucid Motors issued its archetypal callback affecting astir 200 Air sedans from a imaginable contented with the installation of the beforehand strut damper successful the suspension. To adhd insult to injury, Lucid has issued a 2nd recall, realistically affecting each Air produced to date.

Lucid Air RecallA presumption of the cockpit successful the Lucid Air Dream Edition / Source: Scooter DollLucid issues second, larger callback connected Lucid Air EV

Tip of the chapeau to Barry astatine Lucid Insider for putting this callback connected our radar this morning. Lucid precocious began sending emails retired to caller Air customs astir the recall, which specifically pertains to the Ethernet wiring harness for the Glass Cockpit instrumentality panel. The blog reported the pursuing statement of the faulty assembly according to Lucid:

The harness tin go damaged by rubbing against different portion of the vehicle, and disable the show screens. Disabled show screens volition not amusement captious information, specified arsenic speed, cogwheel enactment indicators, informing lights, and different in-vehicle notifications, which tin summation the hazard of a crash.

Naturally, we reached retired to Lucid Motors ourselves and received this authoritative connection from a spokesperson:

Lucid is recalling definite exemplary twelvemonth 2022 Lucid Air vehicles due to the fact that of the anticipation that the wired information transportation to the instrumentality sheet whitethorn not person been secured decently during assembly. Lucid is not alert of immoderate instances erstwhile these components person failed successful a conveyance oregon caused an interruption to the instrumentality show panel.

For Lucid, the information of our customers and their families is the highest priority, and we are moving to resoluteness this contented arsenic rapidly arsenic is possible. Lucid Service Centers and Lucid’s Mobile Service fleet person already begun inspecting vehicles, and we person inventory of parts if needed. Lucid customers with questions are invited to interaction Lucid Customer Care astatine 1-888-99LUCID.

When we asked however galore Air vehicles this callback affects, Lucid told america 1,117. Doing immoderate elemental mathematics based connected the 485 confirmed deliveries to day as of the extremity of Q1 2022, it’s harmless to accidental this callback affects astir each Lucid Air produced to date.

For existent Lucid Air owners, the callback inspection takes astir 30 minutes. If a repair is necessary, Lucid Motors stated that the full process takes astir 8 hours and tin beryllium done astatine immoderate Lucid Service Center.

The sheer fig of Lucid Airs affected is simply a archer that, contempt the existent recall, the automaker is making strides successful accumulation ramp-up, already doubling its fig of EVs produced since the extremity of March.

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