Louisiana Legislators Pass Bill Making Abortion a Homicide Crime

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A House Appropriations Committee successful Louisiana passed a measure Wednesday successful a 7-2 ballot to marque abortions a homicide transgression successful the state.

The measure called the Abolition of Abortion successful Louisiana Act of 2022, sponsored by authorities Rep. Danny McCormick, “fully recognizes the quality personhood of an unborn kid astatine each stages of improvement anterior to commencement from the infinitesimal of fertilization” and “ensure the close to beingness and adjacent extortion of the laws to each unborn children from the infinitesimal of fertilization by protecting them by the aforesaid laws protecting different quality beings.”

Under this bill, a large pistillate ending her gestation and radical who assistance could beryllium charged with murder. The measure does not see immoderate exceptions, including rape and incest.

The measure besides tries to circumvent imaginable lawsuits by stating that a justice should beryllium impeached oregon removed if they artifact the authorities from enforcing immoderate portion of the law, Life News reported.

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The measure present heads to the afloat authorities House for a debate.

Fox News reported:

The Louisiana House’s transgression justness committee approved the measure successful a 7-2 ballot Wednesday. Republican authorities Rep. Danny McCormick introduced the measure successful the House earlier this year, and it was voted connected conscionable days aft a leaked Supreme Court draft determination suggested that the nation’s highest tribunal volition overturn Roe v. Wade.

“If much than 15 states tin defy the national authorities implicit marijuana, we tin bash it to prevention the lives of guiltless babies,” McCormick said connected societal media of the bill.

Louisiana already has a “trigger law” criminalizing termination if Roe v. Wade is overturned, which would taxable doctors oregon others who execute abortions to up to 10 years successful prison. The law, however, does not telephone for prosecution of large woman.