Lizzo plays 200-year-old crystal flute that belonged to James Madison

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Lizzo made past astatine a performance connected Tuesday – by playing a 200-year-old flute that erstwhile beryllium to President James Madison. The 34-year-old vocalist – who is known for being a talented flautist – got the accidental to play the priceless crystal flute successful Washington, D.C., wherever the historical instrumentality happens to live.

The Library of Congress, the nation's oldest taste instauration and the probe limb of Congress, is location to the world's oldest flute collection. When librarian Carla Hayden saw Lizzo was coming to D.C. to perform, she simply tweeted astatine the prima astir the flute collection. 

"Like your song, they are 'Good arsenic hell,'" she wrote, quoting Lizzo's azygous "Good arsenic Hell."

Lizzo, whose existent sanction is Melissa Jefferson, retweeted the librarian and accepted an connection to spot the collection: "IM COMING CARLA! AND I'M PLAYIN THAT CRYSTAL FLUTE!!!!!" she tweeted. 

On Monday, Lizzo showed up astatine the Library of Congress and took a circuit of the flute collection. The crystal flute was made for Madison by Claude Laurent, who was a clockmaker but had an involvement successful flutes, according to the Library of Congress. 

While astir flutes were made of wood oregon ivory, Laurent invented the solid flute, and since it held its transportation and code better, it became popular. But due to the fact that Laurent was astir the lone idiosyncratic making solid flutes, they yet faded successful popularity and lone 185 are known to beryllium today. 

The solid flute successful the Library of Congress postulation was astir destroyed successful April 1814, erstwhile the British entered Washington, D.C. during the War of 1812. However, archetypal woman Dolley Madison rescued it from the White House.

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Lizzo not lone toured the collection, but she practiced playing the iconic flute astatine the Library's Great Hall. The adjacent day, it was clip for her to play the relic for thousands of her fans astatine Capitol One Arena.

The flute was cautiously and securely transported to the arena and room curator Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford walked it retired connected stage. "This enactment by a squad of backstage professionals enabled an enraptured assemblage to larn astir the Library's treasures successful an breathtaking way," Library of Congress said.

Lizzo explained the backstory to the flute and admitted she was frightened to grasp it. "It's crystal, it's similar playing retired of a vino glass," she told the crowd.

She played a fewer notes and declared: "We conscionable made past tonight!"

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