Livingston boss David Martindale will be ‘picky’ in summer transfer window

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David Martindale File Photo
(Image credit: Jane Barlow)

Livingston manager David Martindale feels helium has done astatine slightest fractional of his summertime recruitment up of the last crippled of the play but is inactive expecting the unexpected.

Livi this week announced 3 caller signings for adjacent play – Australian defender Phillip Cancar, Congo planetary midfielder Scott Bitsindou and Hearts left-back Jamie Brandon.

The likes of Alan Forrest and Jack McMillan are moving connected on with respective indebtedness players but Martindale does not person arsenic large a occupation arsenic past summer, erstwhile helium made 12 signings.

However, helium is preparing to suffer immoderate cardinal assets who are nether contract.

The Livi boss, whose broadside are all-but guaranteed to decorativeness seventh up of Sunday’s sojourn of Dundee, said: “It’s the archetypal model since we person been successful the Premiership that I consciousness we tin unbend with the recruitment and instrumentality your clip a spot and beryllium a spot much picky astir who you bring in.

“We are looking for prime alternatively than quantity and past twelvemonth it was some if I’m honest, which is hard to do.

“I knew the squad needed a monolithic overhaul and I mislaid 2 members of unit arsenic good (Liam Fox and Tony Caig). So I was going into that feeling a spot isolated. So it was a hard process past year.”

Martindale added: “We are astir apt looking astatine 3 oregon 4 positions and we person announced 3 this week.

“We person astir apt done 50-60 per cent of our summertime recruitment, which is pleasing, albeit that you could person the unexpected transfers of immoderate of our players, which I expect should beryllium the lawsuit this summer.

“There’s 1 oregon 2 – Jack Fitzwater, Max Stryjek – I would beryllium amazed if they were inactive astatine the nine adjacent twelvemonth and past evidently I would request to enactment connected replacing them.

“We person not had immoderate coagulated involvement arsenic yet but there’s ever 1 that comes up astatine the past moment.”

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