Liverpool report: Reds will have to wait to sign Jude Bellingham

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It looks similar Liverpool with person to hold to motion Jude Bellingham, aft the England midfielder committed his aboriginal to Borussia Dortmund.

Bellingham had been rumoured to beryllium connected the Reds' radar - with Manchester United besides said to beryllium funny - but helium has revealed that helium volition beryllium staying with the German giants for the clip being.

Speaking to Ruhr Nachrichten BVB, Bellingham said:

"The lone aboriginal I deliberation astir is the adjacent crippled for Dortmund. I look guardant to adjacent season. I look guardant to it yet starting. But yes, I volition beryllium present adjacent play and I volition beryllium ready."

Those comments travel reports successful March that Bellingham wouldn't see leaving Dortmund until astatine slightest 2023.

But fixed that the erstwhile Birmingham City starlet - who joined Dortmund for an archetypal £25 cardinal 2 years agone - doesn't adjacent crook 19 until June, it was not going to beryllium a lawsuit of present oregon ne'er successful presumption of signing him.

And having to clasp retired could number successful favour of United - who were hardly apt to superior contenders successful immoderate contention to onshore Bellingham this summertime fixed their deficiency of Champions League shot and wide disarray.

Dortmund person developed immoderate of the astir prodigious endowment successful satellite shot successful caller years - Manchester City-bound Erling Haaland being the latest illustration - and Bellingham's imaginable borders connected scary.

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