Live Updates: Hurricane Ian causes "catastrophic" storm surge in Florida

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  16m ago Water receded retired of Tampa Bay during Hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian made its mode toward Florida connected Wednesday, it appeared h2o had receded from Tampa Bay, arsenic if the assemblage of h2o had been drained and dried out. The phenomenon, called a blowout tide oregon a reverse tempest surge, is an indicator that a hurricane is connected its way. 

A blowout tide often occurs during debased tide, erstwhile beardown winds blowing straight disconnected enactment propulsion the h2o out, exposing the bottommost of the assemblage of water, according to The Weather Channel. 

Walking connected the recently exposed enactment during blowout tide could beryllium unsafe due to the fact that the winds could rapidly change, and the tide could travel back. 

Charlotte Harbor is going successful reverse…

— Brett Adair (@AlaStormTracker) September 28, 2022

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  23m ago Warning and watches successful effect arsenic of 2 p.m.

The National Hurricane Center said the pursuing warnings and watches were successful effect arsenic of 2 p.m ET:

A hurricane informing is successful effect for:

-Chokoloskee to Anclote River, including Tampa Bay
-Sebastian Inlet to Flagler/Volusia County Line

A tempest surge informing is successful effect for:

-Suwannee River southward to Flamingo
-Tampa Bay
-Lower Florida Keys from Big Pine Key westward to Key West
-Flagler/Volusia Line to the rima of the South Santee River
-St. Johns River

A tropical tempest informing is successful effect for:

-Indian Pass to the Anclote River
-All of the Florida Keys
-Flamingo to Sebastian Inlet
-Flagler/Volusia County Line to Little River Inlet
-Flamingo to Chokoloskee
-Lake Okeechobee
-Florida Bay
-Bimini and Grand Bahama Islands

A tempest surge ticker is successful effect for:

-Florida Keys from the Card Sound Bridge westward to eastbound of Big
Pine Key
-Florida Bay

A hurricane ticker is successful effect for:

-Flagler/Volusia County Line to the South Santee River
-Lake Okeechobee

  27m ago DeSantis to taxable catastrophe declaration covering each Florida counties

Hurricane Ian continued to attack the southwestern seashore of Florida connected Wednesday day with 155 mph winds. As Gov. Ron DeSantis noted astatine a quality league successful Tallahassee, that fig is "just shy" of the 157 mph threshold that constitutes a Category 5 hurricane, which, helium reiterated, "is incredibly dangerous."

"If you are inactive successful southwest Florida, conscionable enactment inside," the politician added. He said the sheriff successful Charlotte County, 1 of the areas wherever Ian is expected to marque landfall, told him earlier that immoderate radical had evacuated, portion others had not.

In mentation for debris cleanup and different alleviation operations that volition apt beryllium indispensable crossed the authorities aft the hurricane passes, DeSantis said that helium is going to taxable a large catastrophe declaration for each Florida counties. The declaration volition petition that the national authorities reimburse 100% of upfront costs to the authorities for 60 days, to "ensure that we tin rapidly retrieve and determination forward."

Simone Marstiller, caput of Florida's bureau for wellness attraction administration, said much than 7,000 patients and residents person truthful acold been evacuated from 150 attraction facilities statewide. The bureau has besides activated Floria's exigency diligent lookup system, a database that volition let peculiar needs shelters successful impacted areas to stock records and different identifying accusation that could assistance find "missing oregon displaced" patients aft the storm.

  33m ago 23 missing aft migrant vessel sinks during Hurricane Ian, U.S. authoritative says

A vessel carrying migrants sank and near 23 radical missing arsenic Hurricane Ian lashed the Florida seashore connected Wednesday, U.S. Border Patrol said Wednesday. Four radical connected the vessel were capable to aquatics to shore, officials said.

"U.S. Border Patrol agents... responded to a migrant landing successful Stock Island, Florida," Miami Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slosar said connected Twitter. "Four Cuban migrants swam to enactment aft their vas sank owed to inclement weather."

The U.S. Coast Guard retweeted Slosar's tweet, adding that it excessively is searching for the missing.

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  55m ago Traffic cameras amusement monolithic flooding successful streets of Florida island

Traffic cameras streaming video footage from Sanibel, an land conscionable disconnected Florida's westbound coast, showed monolithic flooding connected the streets connected Wednesday morning. The unrecorded watercourse had go unavailable by aboriginal Wednesday afternoon. 

Somehow a postulation cam connected Sanibel, Island is inactive unrecorded during the oculus partition close present during #HurricaneIan!! This is perfectly insane and highly sad, my thoughts are with everyone successful the area. #Florida #StormSurge #Hurricane #Ian

— BirdingPeepWx (@BirdingPeepWx) September 28, 2022
  1:47 PM Satellite captures oculus of Hurricane Ian arsenic it approaches Florida

As Hurricane Ian neared Florida connected Wednesday, the NOAA released a outer video of the oculus of the storm. At the clip of the video, the tempest was churning towards the U.S. coastline.

— NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) September 28, 2022

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  1:46 PM Local exigency services suspended arsenic Ian intensifies

Several cities and counties successful Florida person suspended exigency services arsenic Hurricane Ian is approaching their areas. Services are usually suspended erstwhile winds transcend 40-45 mph.  

These are the areas with suspended services:

Manatee County North Port  Venice Charlotte CountyCape CoralSarasota 
  Updated 48m ago Power outages surge arsenic Ian nears landfall

Power outages successful Florida are starting to creep further northbound on the Gulf Coast. According to the latest tally by, much than 483,000 Florida customers are without powerfulness — much than treble the fig of outages reported conscionable hours ago.

Most of those without powerfulness are confined to the southwest portion of the state. Lee County has the astir outages with much than 170,000 reports — much than 30% of the county's population.

So far, the bulk of the outages widen arsenic acold up arsenic Hernando County connected Florida's Gulf Coast, astir an hr northbound of Tampa. East seashore outages person besides been reported, with astir 19,000 successful Miami-Dade alone.  

  1:04 PM Generators tin beryllium deadly during hurricanes

Hurricane Ian knocked retired powerfulness to thousands Wednesday, adjacent earlier making landfall. With that disruption comes a request for generators, but officials are informing radical to instrumentality other precautions to debar a perchance fatal situation.  

National Weather Service Director Ken Graham said during a property briefing Wednesday greeting that generators tin beryllium conscionable arsenic – if not much – unsafe than the effects of hurricanes.

"We've seen implicit the past mates of years successful immoderate of these large hurricanes, including Hurricane Laura that deed Louisiana, that determination were much fatalities afterwards associated with generators than determination was from akin tempest surge of 16 to 18 feet," helium said. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reissued information parameters astir generators.

"Using a generator tin termination you successful minutes," the committee warned. "Generator exhaust contains c monoxide. This is simply a poison you cannot spot oregon smell." 

To forestall a abrupt decease amid the storm, the committee said that generators should ne'er beryllium utilized wrong a location oregon garage, adjacent if windows and doors are open. The devices should lone beryllium utilized extracurricular the home, 20 feet distant from windows, doors and vents. The exhaust from the generator should besides beryllium pointed distant from the home. They besides urge that radical who are utilizing generators marque definite that their c monoxide alarms are working.

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  12:50 PM Manatee County is "locked down"

Manatee County, 1 of galore areas connected Florida's Gulf Coast expected to beryllium hard-hit by Hurricane Ian's near-Category 5 unit connected Wednesday, is officially "locked down," the authorities tweeted.

All shelters successful the region and the Emergency Operations Center unopen their doors arsenic the tempest approached, and archetypal responders are "locking down."

"Emergency effect volition not beryllium disposable until the tempest subsides," the authorities said.

County Administrator Scott Hopes released a video statement telling residents to "shelter-in-place" and that it is "no longer harmless to travel."

More than 120,000 evacuations were ordered connected Tuesday, but Hopes said determination are lone astir 3,000 radical successful region shelters.

"Hopefully you evacuated to a friend's location oregon different harmless determination successful Florida oregon successful Manatee County due to the fact that we are astir to consciousness the brunt of a adjacent Category 5 hurricane successful our area."

The region is expecting "exceptional rainfall" of up to 13 inches implicit the adjacent 24 hours – an magnitude that volition flood bodies of water, neighborhoods and tempest drains, Hopes said.

"As the tempest leaves us, the winds are going to displacement and thrust each that h2o from the Gulf into the Bay arsenic good arsenic our rivers."

Roughly 30,000 radical are already without power, according to Hopes and an ongoing tally by, but Hopes said this was "only the beginning." 

  12:34 PM Only 5 hurricanes that person made landfall successful U.S. person been Category 5

Hurricane Ian is set to marque landfall successful Florida on Wednesday — and exigency absorption directors successful southwest Florida are acrophobic it could scope a Category 5. Only five hurricanes that person made landfall successful the U.S. person been labeled Category 5. 

Hurricane spot is measured connected the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. As the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains, the standard ranges from Category 1 — which has 75 to 95 mph winds and tin origin harm to location exteriors, trees and powerfulness lines — each the mode up to a "catastrophic" Category 5.

A Category 5 hurricane has winds of 157 mph oregon higher. Whereas less-strong hurricanes could teardrop shingles oregon pieces disconnected of roofs, a Category 5 has a precocious hazard of wholly destroying homes, with full extortion nonaccomplishment and partition collapse. 

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  12:28 PM Household hacks to cognize arsenic Ian hits Florida

There's a agelong database Floridians and others successful Ian's way are apt checking disconnected - from boarding up windows to lining up sandbags to divert h2o from their homes. But there's ever much than tin beryllium done if you person the clip (or indispensable help).

As the tempest accelerated approaches, present are immoderate different last-minute things you tin bash to prepare:

Fill your bathtub afloat with water. This way, you'll person other h2o successful lawsuit you request it to flush toilets, cleanable dishes, usage to lavation yourself disconnected oregon more. The National Weather Service adds that this tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic drinking h2o if you request it - conscionable enactment enactment the tub with a container to guarantee your h2o stays fresh.Fill a kiddie excavation with sod for a makeshift favored potty. During precocious winds and dense rain, you'll privation to support your pets inside. To support them lukewarm and safe, effort creating your ain potty country that volition let your canine to relieve itself if necessary. Every Dog Has Its Day, a canine grooming installation successful Orlando, Florida, previously suggested putting sod successful a kiddie excavation and storing it successful your store (barring immoderate flooding) truthful you'll person "a harmless spot for your dogs to potty during the storm."Make your ain lantern with a h2o vessel and flashlight. If you suffer powerfulness and are successful request of immoderate light, debar utilizing candles. Instead, utilize flashlights, phones and different items. Some campers suggest creating your ain lantern by taping a flashlight underneath a h2o vessel oregon jug to assistance illuminate a room.Use aluminum pans oregon different dishes to support furnishings retired of water. If you person large flooding, past this instrumentality won't beryllium overmuch help, but it tin beryllium adjuvant if respective inches of h2o seep into your home. Place a crockery cookware oregon aluminum pans nether the legs of furnishings to assistance forestall terrible h2o damage.Read much here
  12:11 PM "Catastrophic" upwind harm is opening on Florida coast

"Catastrophic" upwind harm is opening on Florida's southwestern seashore adjacent wherever the tempest is expected to marque landfall, the National Weather Service said successful its late-morning advisory, adding that "widespread, life-threatening catastrophic flooding" is expected successful parts of cardinal Florida.

"Considerable" flooding is besides expected successful confederate and bluish regions, and stream flooding successful cardinal Florida could beryllium prolonged, according to the advisory.

Forecasters warned that hurricane-force winds are expected to question "well inland" adjacent the halfway of the tempest arsenic it makes landfall on the coast, and "preparations to support beingness and spot should beryllium urgently rushed to completion."

Storm surges measuring 12 to 18 feet supra crushed level could deed parts of the southwest Florida seashore from Englewood to Bonita Beach, according to NWS. They volition apt beryllium accompanied by "destructive waves," the advisory said. Residents of those areas were urged to comply with evacuation orders. 

  12:06 PM Ian's eyewall moving onshore astatine Sanibel and Captiva islands

Hurricane Ian's eyewall was moving onshore midday Wednesday astatine Sanibel and Captiva islands, the National Hurricane Center said successful a 12 p.m. update. It was moving north-northeast astatine 9 mph.

  11:57 AM Public livestreams amusement impacts of Hurricane Ian

The already-destructive upwind caused by Hurricane Ian, a large Category 4 storm, tin beryllium seen successful real-time crossed Florida connected dozens of nationalist unrecorded streams.

A webcam successful Port Tampa astatine the Tampa Marriott Water Street Hotel shows grey skies and bare roads arsenic beardown winds shingle trees and splash rainfall astatine the camera's lens.

Another camera successful Naples shows the unsafe conditions caused by the hurricane. Before noon, the oversea was arsenic precocious arsenic the pier, arsenic ample and fast-moving waves crashed against it.

Collier County – wherever thousands of residents had their powerfulness knocked retired earlier successful the time – was seeing winds beardown capable to shingle a Florida Department of Transportation camera passim its livestream. 

  Updated 11:28 AM "It's going to beryllium a tragic event," DeSantis says

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday greeting Hurricane Ian volition beryllium "tragic" and person long-lasting effects, calling it a "major, large event."

"It's going to beryllium a tragic lawsuit successful galore ways," helium said astatine a quality league successful Lake City. "And, we understand, this is not conscionable a 48-hour ordeal. This is thing that's going to beryllium determination for days and weeks and months and unluckily successful immoderate circumstances adjacent years."

The politician discussed Florida residents who person not heeded evacuations orders successful assorted parts of the state, immoderate of which are mandatory. 

"People who are successful harm's mode by choice, having hunkered down successful their areas, we're praying for them," DeSantis said. "Obviously, there's going to beryllium rescue efforts made arsenic soon arsenic it's harmless to bash so, but erstwhile the tempest hits and passes, it is going to beryllium a precise hazardous situation still."

Emergency crews volition beryllium dispatched to hard-hit areas arsenic necessary, but DeSantis noted that "they request to person a harmless situation to enactment in, too." The politician said carrying retired effect and alleviation efforts successful the aftermath of the hurricane is simply a precedence that the authorities is prepared to manage.

"It's thing that we are going to excavation successful on. We are going to beryllium there. We are going to basal with the radical who are astir affected," helium said. "So, we'll beryllium lasting determination and we volition marshal the resources that we request to beryllium capable to service the radical that are astir affected by this."

  11:18 AM Ian's eyewall is moving onshore, hurricane halfway says

Hurricane Ian's "extremely dangerous" eyewall is moving onshore, forecasters said precocious Wednesday morning, and the halfway of the tempest is expected to scope onshore successful the coming fewer hours.

"Ian is forecast to marque landfall connected the westbound seashore of Florida arsenic a catastrophic hurricane," the National Hurricane Center said successful its 11 a.m. advisory. "Weakening is expected aft landfall, but Ian could beryllium adjacent hurricane spot erstwhile it moves implicit the Florida East seashore tomorrow, and erstwhile it approaches the northeastern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coasts precocious Friday."

Winds are inactive astatine 155 mph. The tempest is located astir 45 miles west-northwest of Naples, Florida and astir 50 miles south-southwest of Punta Gorda. 

  10:43 AM "I privation this wasn't a forecast I had to deliver"

"I privation this wasn't a forecast I had to deliver," National Weather Service Director Ken Graham said Wednesday arsenic national officials gave a dire update connected Hurricane Ian.

"This is going to beryllium a tempest that we speech astir for galore years to come," helium said, adding that the bulk of the authorities volition beryllium successful Ian's "crosshairs," including inland areas.

Ian's winds are arsenic beardown arsenic 155 mph and widen 35 miles beyond the oculus of the storm.

"It's not conscionable close determination successful the center. It's a bigger interaction from each this," Graham said.

Ian volition instrumentality 24 hours oregon truthful to determination crossed the authorities aft the oculus of the tempest reaches land, Graham said, mounting up a unsafe concern for millions. Powerful winds and rain, connected apical of dilatory movement, could lend to immoderate places seeing up to 18 feet of tempest surge and up to 2 feet of rainfall alone.

Even Florida's eastbound seashore is expected to spot immoderate tempest surge and beardown winds, helium said, and tornadoes volition proceed to beryllium a threat, mostly successful the beforehand close quadrant of the storm.

Gail McGovern, CEO of American Red Cross, said astir 500 Red Cross responders are acceptable and structure supplies are prepared for 60,000 people. By the extremity of the weekend, she anticipates much than 2,500 Red Cross responders volition beryllium deployed.

"To everyone successful the way of the storm: Please, please, delight travel the evacuation instructions from your elected officials and your section officials," McGovern said. "We cognize that for galore of you, betterment from Hurricane Ian volition apt beryllium a precise agelong road, and your American Red Cross volition beryllium there."

FEMA has staged 3.7 cardinal meals and 3.5 cardinal liters of h2o up of landfall. 300 ambulances - the aforesaid utilized to assistance the authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic - are acceptable to assist. 

  10:34 AM Images amusement receding waters successful Tampa, Venice

Images posted connected societal media amusement receding waters on Florida's southwest seashore arsenic the oculus of Hurricane Ian barrels toward the state. 

Tampa constabulary posted images showing what they called "a wide sign" that Ian is moving closer.

DOWN BY THE BAY 🌊: Check retired this 𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒓𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒃𝒍𝒆 presumption of #BayshoreBlvd taken by 1 our TampaPD Lieutenants! The h2o has receded, a wide motion that #hurricaneian is drafting near. 𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗘𝗠𝗕𝗘𝗥: Evacuations are inactive successful effect for Zones A and B #YourTampaPD

— TampaPD (@TampaPD) September 28, 2022

St. Petersburg besides posted pictures connected Twitter showing Ian drafting h2o from the Tampa Bay.

Where’s the water? Take a look astatine Lassing Park successful the Southeast country of St. Petersburg connected the Bay side. #hurricaneIan is pulling the h2o retired of the Bay.

— St. Pete Police (@StPetePD) September 28, 2022

Similar images were coming retired of the City of Venice, southbound of Tampa. The National Weather Service noted that the h2o volition travel back.  

Here are a fewer pictures of the receding h2o astatine Venice. IMPORTANT NOTE: The h2o WILL travel back. Please bash not effort to locomotion determination oregon immoderate different determination with receding water.

— NWS Tampa Bay (@NWSTampaBay) September 28, 2022
  9:45 AM "These are the past hours to hole oregon escape"

Forecasters warned Wednesday greeting that clip was rapidly moving retired for radical to hole for Ian, which was already lashing Florida's southwest seashore with beardown winds and rain.

"These are the past hours to hole oregon flight earlier conditions worsen and #Ian arrives successful southbound and cardinal Florida," the National Weather Service tweeted Wednesday morning.

Catastrophic wind, storm-surge, rainfall and flooding are each forecast arsenic the tempest hits, it said.

"Tropical-Storm-Force winds already opening to impact coast," the hurricane halfway tweeted. "Conditions volition rapidly deteriorate & catastrophic upwind harm is expected."

The manager of the National Weather Service called it "heart-wrenching" to spot a "devastating" hurricane similar Ian carnivore down connected Florida.

By Li Cohen and Sarah Lynch Baldwin  

  9:35 AM Key West airdrome is closed

The planetary airdrome successful Key West, Florida, is present closed until further notice. Hurricane Ian has disrupted aerial question crossed the state, with Tampa and Orlando airports besides suspending flights. 

Orlando International volition halt commercialized operations astatine 10:30 a.m. All operations were suspended astatine Tampa's airdrome connected Tuesday astatine 5 p.m. Eastern. 

Flight accusation boards spot reddish contiguous arsenic commercialized operations volition cease this greeting astatine 10:30am. Travelers marque their mode to their destinations portion hose agents prep their summons counters. #HurricaneIan

— Orlando International Airport (@MCO) September 28, 2022
  9:07 AM Skyway Bridge is closed successful some directions

The Skyway Bridge, which crosses Tampa Bay to link St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia, is present wholly closed successful some directions, according to officials.

The closure was planned arsenic Hurricane Ian nears. Authorities warned drivers successful the Tampa country to look retired for downed powerfulness lines and cautioned against driving done lasting water.

#Breaking The Skyway Bridge is present closed to each postulation successful some directions & volition stay closed until inclement upwind from #HurricaneIan subsides.

— FHP Tampa (@FHPTampa) September 28, 2022
  8:49 AM Ian knocks retired powerfulness for much than 100,000 successful Florida

Even earlier the oculus of Hurricane Ian made landfall connected Wednesday, the almighty near-Category 5 tempest disrupted powerfulness for thousands successful Florida, according to information collected by

As of 8:30 a.m. ET, much than 104,000 customers successful the authorities were without power. Most of the outages were reported successful Collier County, with astir 10% of its residents having their powerfulness disrupted.

Charlotte County, wherever Florida officials are anticipating Ian volition marque landfall aboriginal today, besides experienced outages, arsenic did Lee, DeSoto, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Most of those without powerfulness are supplied by Florida Power & Light.  

  8:07 AM Ian could marque landfall arsenic Category 5, officials say

Hurricane Ian could marque landfall connected Florida's southwest seashore arsenic a Category 5 tempest — the strongest tempest connected the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, officials said astatine a property league Wednesday morning.

Strengthening of the tempest overnight was "really, truly significant," said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Emergency absorption directors successful southwest Florida are preparing for — and expecting — a Category 5 hurricane, said Kevin Guthrie, manager of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

"This is gonna beryllium a nasty, nasty time — 2 days," said DeSantis.

Landfall is expected successful Charlotte County and life-threatening impacts are expected. Power outages volition occur, according to Guthrie, an implicit 30,000 linemen are "staged" from north-central Florida to Miami.

The tempest is expected to permission the Florida peninsula nary sooner than Thursday.  

By Li Cohen and Sarah Lynch Baldwin 

  Updated 7:41 AM This is wherever forecasters expect the highest tempest surges

Coastal areas astir Ft. Myers, Florida were warned by the National Hurricane Center connected Wednesday greeting to brace for a tempest surge from Hurricane Ian that could spot h2o levels emergence 12 to 16 feet supra mean levels, if the highest surge coincides with precocious tide.

The adjacent precocious tide successful the portion was expected astatine astir 7 p.m. section time.

The country nether the highest tempest surge informing stretched from Englewood to Bonita Beach, which are astir equidistant from Ft. Myers to the northbound and south, respectively. 

Other areas expected to spot the highest tempest surges, per the NHC's 7 a.m. Eastern update, include:

Middle of Longboat Key to Englewood... 6-10 ftBonita Beach to Chokoloskee...7-11 ftAnclote River to Middle of Longboat Key, including Tampa Bay...4-6 ftChokoloskee to East Cape Sable...4-7 ft
  7:22 AM Here are the National Hurricane Center's latest terrible upwind warnings for Florida

National Hurricane Center summary of warnings successful effect for Florida arsenic of 7 a.m. Eastern connected Wednesday:

A Hurricane Warning is successful effect for...

Chokoloskee to Anclote River, including Tampa BayDry Tortugas

A Storm Surge Warning is successful effect for...

Suwannee River southward to FlamingoTampa BayLower Florida Keys from Big Pine Key westward to Key WestDry TortugasFlagler/Volusia Line to the rima of the St. Mary's RiverSt. Johns River

A Tropical Storm Warning is successful effect for...

Indian Pass to the Anclote RiverAll of the Florida KeysFlamingo to South Santee RiverFlamingo to ChokoloskeeLake OkeechobeeFlorida BayBimini and Grand Bahama Islands
  7:10 AM Ian snarls aerial question arsenic galore Florida airports halt operations

At slightest 1,902 U.S. flights were cancelled connected Wednesday, according to FlightAware, with Hurricane Ian causing overmuch of disruption.

Operations were connected clasp oregon acceptable to beryllium enactment connected clasp astatine a fig of Florida's airports.

Orlando International Airport said it was not closing, but it was ceasing each commercialized operations
from 10:30 a.m. Eastern connected Wednesday. Tampa International, Ft. Myers and Sarasota Bradenton International airports each suspended each operations connected Tuesday evening, and St. Pete-Clearwater airdrome took the aforesaid measurement adjacent earlier successful the day.

Melbourne Orlando International Airport was to adjacent from 2 p.m. Eastern connected Wednesday, and portion Miami, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach's airports remained functional, immoderate airlines operating retired of the facilities were canceling flights and urging travelers to cheque straight with their airlines earlier mounting off.

⚠️ #WeatherAdvisory (09/27/22) ⚠️
MIA remains open. Flight operations are determined by the FAA and each idiosyncratic airline. If you're traveling soon, we urge contacting your hose for formation updates.

— Miami Int'l Airport (@iflymia) September 27, 2022
  6:43 AM Sustained windspeed increases to 155 mph

The National Hurricane Center said Hurricane Hunter craft had recovered the maximum sustained winds from Hurricane Ian had accrued to adjacent 155 mph aboriginal Wednesday morning. The tempest remained a Category 4 hurricane, but it was precise adjacent the 157 mph threshold to beryllium classified arsenic a Category 5 – the astir destructive benignant of storm.

The tempest was located lone astir 65 miles west-southwest of Naples, Florida.

  6:28 AM Conditions "rapidly deteriorating on the southwest Florida coast"

The National Hurricane Center warned that conditions were "rapidly deteriorating on the southwest Florida coast" arsenic Hurricane Ian barreled toward the authorities aboriginal Wednesday morning.

The Category 4 tempest was centered lone 75 miles west-southwest of Naples, Florida, steadily plodding to the north-northeast astatine astir 10 mph.

Floridians evacuate, hole for Hurricane Ian 01:58
  5:56 AM Much of southbound Florida enactment nether tornado watch

The National Weather Service issued a tornado ticker for overmuch of southbound Florida aboriginal Wednesday greeting arsenic Hurricane Ian bore down connected the state's southwest seashore arsenic a unsafe Category 4 storm. 

The ticker was to stay successful spot until astatine slightest 5 p.m. connected Wednesday.

A tornado ticker has been issued for parts of Florida until 5 PM EDT

— NWS Tampa Bay (@NWSTampaBay) September 28, 2022
  Updated 5:30 AM Hurricane Ian intensifies into "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm

The National Hurricane Center said aboriginal Wednesday that Hurricane Ian had strengthened into an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 tempest arsenic it approached Florida's southwest coast. U.S. Air Force hurricane huntsman planes had registered sustained winds of 140 mph.

Ian was "expected to origin life-threatening tempest surge, catastrophic winds and flooding successful the florida peninsula," the halfway warned successful a 5 a.m. Eastern advisory.

The tempest was inactive tracking to the north-northeast astatine astir 10 mph, and arsenic of 5 a.m. its halfway was located lone astir 75 miles west-southwest of Naples, Florida.

Mandatory evacuations are successful effect successful Naples, Fort Meyers arsenic Hurricane Ian nears 02:49
  Updated 5:20 AM Tropical-storm-force winds commencement lashing mainland Florida's coasts

Hurricane Ian started lashing Florida's confederate coasts — connected some sides of the peninsula — with tropical-storm-force winds aboriginal Wednesday morning. The National Hurricane Center said successful a 3 a.m. Eastern update that a upwind presumption adjacent Biscayne Bay, connected the southeast coast, had registered gusts implicit 60 mph, portion different presumption adjacent Sanibel Island successful the westbound clocked upwind speeds adjacent 50 mph.  

The Category 3 hurricane was inactive packing sustained winds of 120 mph arsenic it churned north-northeast toward Florida's confederate westbound coast, with the oculus located astir 90 miles southwest of the metropolis of Naples astatine 3 a.m. 

035341-5day-cone-with-line-and-wind.png A representation provided by the National Hurricane Center shows the predicted way of Hurricane Ian arsenic of 2 a.m. Eastern connected September 28, 2022. NOAA/National Weather Service
  Updated 5:10 AM "Rapid intensification" seen with Ian is simply a rising trend

As Hurricane Ian roared towards Florida, it experienced a improvement known arsenic accelerated intensification — getting precise strong, precise fast. Scientists accidental the process of hurricanes rapidly intensifying is becoming more frequent, and is connected to the interaction of human-caused climate change.

Rapid intensification is defined by meteorologists arsenic summation successful the maximum sustained winds of a tropical cyclone of astatine slightest 30 knots (about 35 mph) successful a 24 hr period, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.  

Click present to larn more about accelerated intensification, however it's been a origin with Hurricane Ian, and the relation clime alteration plays successful the summation of the phenomenon.