Lectric XP 2.0 vs Lectric XPremium vs. Lectric XP Lite: What’s the difference and which to buy?

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When it comes to bang-for-your-buck electrical bicycles, it’s hard to bushed the Phoenix-based institution Lectric eBikes. While it whitethorn not person the fancy components of the big-name companies oregon the sprawling scope of the manufacture apical dogs, there’s a crushed the institution has specified a dedicated following: It offers bully e-bikes astatine large prices. Having conscionable released 2 caller e-bikes connected some the higher and little ends of the market, positive offering a large mid-tier option, we’re going to interruption down the differences betwixt the Lectric XP 2.0, the Lectric XP Lite and the company’s newest model, the Lectric XPremium.

How to take your e-bike

All 3 models support Lectric’s signature plan ethos: conscionable capable of what you need, thing you don’t, and a slayer price.

The Lectric XP LITE is priced at $799, the Lectric XP 2.0 is simply a spot heftier connected the wallet at $999, and the Lectric XP Premium with its higher show and amended parts is priced at $1,799.

But portion they each stock a large equilibrium of features and outgo compared to the industry, determination are besides a heap of differences to understand. The bikes connection 3 antithetic motors, 3 antithetic batteries, and a wide scope of components and designs meant for antithetic types of riders.

Let’s commencement with the Lectric XP Lite and enactment our mode up the exemplary line. And if you’d similar to spot a little video mentation of this station to cheque retired the 3 models successful action, I’ve got that for you below.

Lectric XP LITE

The Lectric XP Lite, which was unveiled successful mid-April, is the lightest and astir affordable e-bike successful Lectric’s lineup.

At conscionable 46 lb (20 kg), it is amazingly compact and maneuverable erstwhile folded down. I was capable to easy flip it successful the backmost of my car and thrust astir to find the champion spots erstwhile I tested it up of the bike’s authoritative launch.

The XP LITE offers Class 2 show specs, which means the assistance connected some throttle and pedal assistance volition chopped retired astatine 20 mph (32 km/h). While that’s plentifulness for immoderate riders, others similar to spell faster and volition bask the 2 models further down connected this list.

The XP LITE’s smaller 720W highest centrifugal is capable to deed 20 mph, but it isn’t arsenic beardown arsenic the adjacent 2 e-bikes connected this list. Even so, humble hills and immoderate bully old-fashioned pedaling harvester to marque this motorcycle a trooper successful moderately hilly terrain.

The motorcycle besides offers a single-speed drivetrain and a rigid beforehand fork without suspension, which harvester to assistance trim some the terms and weight. The smallish 375 Wh artillery inactive offers a almighty 48V strategy but drops scope to astir 15 miles (25 km) connected throttle-only riding, and besides helps to trim weight.

Another motion to debased value are the much constrictive 2″ tires. These are not constrictive by astir measures, but alternatively acceptable a emblematic municipality upland motorcycle role. Compared to the larger tires connected the XP 2.0 and XPremium though, they’re some lighter and nimbler.

lectric xp lite

Strong mechanical disc brakes, built successful LED lighting, and an easy-to-read LCD show circular retired the database of included gear, meaning you’re inactive getting a batch for your hard-earned dough.

The Lectric XP Lite is champion for riders that privation a bully e-bike but connected a budget, and don’t caput giving up features similar aggregate gears and suspension to get there. It’s besides champion for idiosyncratic looking for a lighter-weight folding e-bike oregon that wants it to acceptable successful a much compact country similar a smaller car trunk.

For conscionable $200 much though, you whitethorn privation to cheque retired the XP 2.0 exemplary that we’ll sermon adjacent next.

Lectric XP 2.0 e-bike

The Lectric XP 2.0 is thing of the archetypal classical e-bike from Lectric eBikes. Technically it is the 2nd version, having replaced the 1.0 version by adding a fig of upgrades similar suspension, caller tyre size, stronger rack, much rugged frame, etc. But conscionable support successful caput that this is the exemplary that radical deliberation of erstwhile they notation to the archetypal Lectric XP.

The XP 2.0 is priced astatine $999, making it conscionable a $200 bump implicit the XP LITE. You springiness up the lightweight diagnostic of the LITE since the XP 2.0 is astir 20 lb heavier astatine 65 lb (29 kg). But you decidedly get a batch more.

Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through (left) and modular step-over exemplary (right)

The XP 2.0 has a much almighty rear hub centrifugal rated up to 800W and that tin powerfulness it up to a faster apical velocity of 28 mph (45 km/h) connected pedal assist. On throttle though, it volition inactive lone scope 20 mph (32 km/h) arsenic required by instrumentality for Class 2 e-bikes. The much almighty centrifugal besides makes the XP 2.0 a amended elevation climber than the LITE.

Speaking of hills, the inclusion a 7-speed drivetrain connected the XP 2.0 volition besides assistance riders successful hilly areas that privation to downshift for much torque erstwhile helping to pedal up a steep hill.

Other plan improvements see an lipid suspension fork up beforehand combined with a brace of 3″ tires that connection a bully compromise betwixt comfy all-terrain abdominous tires and narrower municipality tires. At 3″, you get the champion of some worlds with a reasonably nimble thrust that inactive feels similar you’re connected a higher extremity suspension bike.

The motorcycle besides includes a beardown rear rack that is technically rated for astir 70 lb. Fenders and lights are besides included, meaning you’re getting a ton of bully parts for conscionable $999.

The XP 2.0 is astir apt my main proposal for anyone looking astatine a high-value hub centrifugal e-bike and that doesn’t caput the somewhat heavier value compared to the LITE.

Lectric XPremium – the king of the hill!

With the launch of the XPremium precocious past month, Lectric eBikes entered into overmuch higher level contention with fancier mid-drive electrical bikes.

Mid-drive motors, which location the centrifugal by the pedals alternatively of successful the rear wheel, are a much elegant and torquier mode to powerfulness an electrical bike. They let the rider to powerfulness the instrumentality done the bike’s gears, letting you displacement your mode to either mega torque successful little gears oregon precocious velocity successful the precocious gears.

The Lectric XPremium uses a mid-drive centrifugal produced by a institution called Truckrun, which is simply a bully prime but lesser known shaper that tin beryllium recovered connected several fancier electrical motorcycle models priced astatine implicit $3,000.

The XPremium ostensibly gets akin powerfulness and velocity ratings compared to the XP 2.0, namely the highest of 800W and apical velocity of 28 mph (45 km/h), but the higher prime centrifugal gives riders much state successful however they get there, positive the quality to person a overmuch nicer pedal assistance experience.

That’s due to the fact that the centrifugal uses a torque sensor alternatively of a cadence sensor to prosecute the pedal assist, meaning the powerfulness comes connected overmuch smoother and much naturally. For anyone who truly wants to pedal and acquisition an intuitive pedal assistance support, this is the exemplary for you.

The motorcycle besides comes with 2 batteries arsenic modular instrumentality (there’s nary up-charge for the 2nd battery, dissimilar astir each different e-bike institution that complaint for the 2nd artillery option). With a real-world 50 miles (80 km) of scope connected throttle-only riding oregon 100 miles (160 km) of scope connected pedal assist, the Lectric XPremium offers earnestly agelong riding possibilities, oregon conscionable the quality to recharge little frequently.

Other bully parts see the hydraulic disc brakes for stronger stopping and reduced maintenance, upgraded LED lighting for much almighty nighttime clip illumination, lipid suspension fork for softer rides, 4″ abdominous tires for the champion all-terrain performance, a beardown rear rack, and included fenders. The bikes besides travel with Slime anti-flat puncture absorption look successful the tires, which tin prevention you a monolithic headache of fixing a level tyre connected the broadside of the road.

The $1,799 price whitethorn look similar a large leap from the $999 XP 2.0, but it’s perfectly worthy it. Not lone is this a nicer centrifugal and implicit doubly the battery, but you get those higher prime parts similar the hydraulic disc brakes too. And remember, you’d astir apt wage astatine slightest $1,000 much to get akin features and show from different brands.

What astir accessories?

When Lectric eBikes archetypal started out, they had precise fewer accessories to take from. But times person changed and present you’ll find a wide scope of utile cogwheel to adhd to your bike.

Some of my favorites see the cargo bundle and the comfortableness package.

The archetypal adds immoderate superior hauling capableness to the motorcycle successful the signifier of beforehand and rear baskets. They fundamentally crook your e-bike into a cargo bike, and would beryllium large for anyone that needs to bash immoderate superior market buying oregon wants to usage their e-bike for commercialized usage similar a transportation rider.

XP 2.0 outfitted with some the comfortableness bundle and the cargo bundle (and the fastener and upgraded headlight, too!)

The comfortableness bundle swaps retired the modular saddle and spot station for a wider and cushier saddle connected a suspension spot post. To beryllium honest, the included base-level saddle is already a large portion of cogwheel – it’s not similar those inexpensive and hard base-level saddles that galore low-cost electrical bikes travel with. But the comfortableness saddle is conscionable 1 measurement higher erstwhile it comes to comfort. And that suspension spot station besides adds immoderate bully cushioning to the rear of the motorcycle for harsh bumps that the beforehand suspension fork won’t assistance with.

I haven’t tried Lectric’s pannier bags yet, but they look similar a coagulated option. I person utilized the folding lock, and I truly similar the mode that it integrates into the XP 2.0’s framework to fell it retired of the mode erstwhile you’re not utilizing it but inactive accessible erstwhile you request it.

The takeaway

There are a batch of large e-bikes retired there. I’ve ridden tons of them and I urge plentifulness of brands extracurricular of Lectric for each sorts of uses and rider types. But Lectric has gone supra and beyond erstwhile it comes to bang-for-your-buck, and these 3 models show that.

If you privation higher-grade bicycle components, ultra-lightweight frames, oregon rear suspension, you’ll privation to look elsewhere. Lectric eBikes doesn’t cater to the higher-end assemblage similar that. But what it does connection is good-quality cogwheel that whitethorn not marque it to top-shelf status, but that volition past for years with a spot of attraction and attention, and that is backed by a section lawsuit enactment squad that is acceptable to help.

Hopefully this usher has helped you larn a spot much astir the antithetic models and what makes each 1 tick. Ride harmless retired determination and whitethorn your artillery beryllium everlastingly charged!

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