Lectric eBikes launches new 45% larger battery for popular low-cost Lectric XP 2.0 and 1.0 e-bikes

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Faster and farther – those are 2 of the astir communal requests from galore e-bike riders who trust connected their bikes for regular trips. The Lectric XP e-bike is already rather accelerated astatine 28 mph (45 km/h), but present it is going farther than ever acknowledgment to a large artillery upgrade launched contiguous by the manufacturer.

Lectric eBikes’ caller long-range battery

Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes, the fast-growing company down the mega-popular Lectric XP enactment of e-bikes, announced the caller artillery upgrade this morning.

The $999 Lectric XP 2.0 folding abdominous tyre motorcycle originally came with a 460 Wh battery. But the caller 48V and 14Ah upgrade artillery holds a larger 672 Wh of capacity.

That marks a large betterment by adding astir 45% much artillery and frankincense 45% much scope to the e-bike.

lectric xp 2.0 battery

And possibly the coolest diagnostic is that it is besides backwards compatible with the archetypal Lectric XP 1.0 e-bike, a exemplary that counts tens of thousands of units connected US roads already.

The bigger artillery fits successful the aforesaid carnal dimensions arsenic the modular artillery (making it compatible with some Lectric XP 1.0 and 2.0 e-bikes), arsenic it simply packs successful much capableness done higher-energy density.

It’s each astir giving riders much assurance to spell farther, explained CEO and cofounder Levi Conlow:

Following a survey of Lectric riders, we recognized that there’s this precise existent appetite from not conscionable prospective customers, but besides existing customers for the quality to spell connected longer rides. We’re each astir having radical consciousness assured successful their riding experience. I don’t privation radical to consciousness acrophobic that they mightiness tally retired of battery, truthful we acceptable retired to destruct that interest by offering this Long-Range battery.

The caller long-range artillery tin beryllium upgraded connected an existing bid astatine checkout for an further $200, oregon tin beryllium purchased separately for $500.

As Levi explained, that pricing is designed to bushed large players successful the remainder of the industry.

The summation of the Long-Range artillery is wholly successful the DNA of Lectric eBikes. When I accidental that, I mean we’re delivering a tremendous worth to the customer. At the extremity of the day, you cannot get this overmuch artillery from anybody other astatine this terms point.

A spot of fact-checking proves that Levi is mostly correct. The aforesaid size artillery from large competitors similar Rad Power Bikes and Aventon volition acceptable riders backmost $550, oregon 10% more. However, Ride1Up sells 672 Wh batteries for betwixt $459-$489 depending connected the model. It’s inactive seems just to accidental that Lectric’s caller long-range artillery is much affordable than astir successful the industry.

Lectric eBikes mightiness inactive triumph retired successful the extremity though, arsenic the institution is offering existing customers a discount of 20% disconnected the terms of the caller battery, oregon $100 off. That woody volition lone beryllium astir for a constricted clip though, and there’s nary connection yet connected however agelong it volition last. At $400 for the caller artillery during the constricted clip woody though, that apt puts it squarely successful archetypal spot for pricing among large e-bike manufacturers.

And that’s par for the course, arsenic the institution is seen arsenic a terms person among US-based e-bike companies.

Earlier this year, Lectric eBikes released the ultra-affordable Lectric XP Lite for conscionable $799. While the motorcycle has a smaller 375 Wh battery, its 48V electrical strategy inactive offers bully powerfulness yet successful a smaller and lighter package.

We tested the motorcycle successful Phoenix earlier this year, and you tin spot our trial thrust video here.

The institution followed that up with the motorboat of the $1,799 Lectric XP Premium. While higher priced, the Lectric XP Premium features a mid-drive motor, torque sensor, dual batteries, and hydraulic disc brakes, each of which propulsion the terms higher. The folding abdominous tyre motorcycle competes against different e-bikes that are good into the $2,500+ range, again demonstrating Lectric’s committedness to worth pricing.

Check retired our hands-on testing of that high-performance electrical motorcycle below.

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