Leah Remini Reflects On Her Past "8th Grade Education" As She Wraps Up First Year Of College

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Leah Remini says she is “so glad” she decided to assemblage arsenic she finishes up her archetypal twelvemonth astatine New York University.

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School's almost retired for Leah Remini.

The histrion took to Twitter to celebrate her freshman year astatine New York University wrapping up, and looked backmost connected however acold she has travel since her aboriginal days arsenic a student.

"Going to assemblage for the archetypal clip astatine 51 aft surviving astir of my beingness successful a cult and lone having an 8th people acquisition hasn't been easy," she tweeted connected May 7. "But I took my archetypal NYU last exams this week and I'm gladsome I decided to amended myself."

She added, "It's ne'er excessively late. It's tough, but it's worthy it."

The histrion was raised arsenic a subordinate of the Church of Scientology from puerility and left the organization in 2013. She starred successful the Emmy-winning docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath which was highly captious of the controversial religion. The Church of Scientology denies it is simply a cult and has implicit the years condemned Leah's remarks astir the group. Her show, which featured idiosyncratic accounts of others who person near the church, concluded successful 2019 aft 3 seasons.

Last year, the King of Queens star shared a pic of her acceptance missive to NYU on Instagram, saying she was "in tears," implicit the acquisition milestone.

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"For idiosyncratic similar me, a idiosyncratic who desperately wanted a higher acquisition and options successful my life, coming from a cult and a household who didn't worth an education, this is simply a precise large time for me," she said successful May 2021. "This didn't travel easy. This is 1 of the past chunks of my beingness that I americium taking backmost for myself from Scientology."

She continued, "It took a batch for maine to instrumentality this step, for fearfulness that I was not astute enough, not worthy enough, not capable to bash the enactment that volition beryllium required, my age."

Leah besides gave a peculiar thanks to a antheral named John at Innovative Education Solutions for helping her done "this intimidating process."

"I americium acceptable to bash the enactment and honestly, I'm frightened s–tless," she said. "And I americium excited to commencement connected my journey."

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