Law & Order: SVU's Octavio Pisano Spills on End-of-Season Surprises

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There's a caller dedicated detective successful town. 

Well, comparatively new, that is. Octavio Pisano joined the formed of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit arsenic a bid regular backmost successful September arsenic Joe Velasco, a detective hailing from a borderline municipality successful Mexico and uncovering his mode to SVU aft a stint undercover.  

But, with summertime astir the country and a play present nether his belt, Pisano calls his last time connected acceptable "bittersweet." His co-star Ice-T likened it to the past time of school, Pisano shared successful an exclusive interrogation with E! News.

"The past fewer episodes, aft the 22 occurrence season, you're conscionable looking guardant to that interruption and you conscionable privation to relax," helium said. "And that time came, and by the past scene, everyone's conscionable ace affectional and ace grateful. And everyone was connected set."

And, looking backmost connected what the formed and unit accomplished amid the ongoing COVID-19, Pisano said helium was "honored" to person been a portion of it. He added, "It was impressive."

Still, the formed had 1 much proceedings to overcome: Learning the quality that showrunner Warren Leight was stepping down from his presumption up of Season 24. 

"I deliberation I'm inactive mourning the thought that Warren's not going to beryllium determination to caput the camp," Pisano said of the news. "I woke up to that surprise, and I'm inactive processing."

Of course, determination are nary hard feelings, with Pisano praising the longtime showrunner arsenic "such a fantastic idiosyncratic to collaborate with."

"I anticipation that whoever comes connected committee continues that vision," helium added, "and past I tin spot them to pb me."

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

As for what Pisano tin tease astir the remainder of the existent season? Velasco is acceptable to squad up with the Organized Crime task force, moving intimately with detective Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger). 

"I'm a large instrumentality of actors and [Ainsley] is simply a phenomenal actress. She's truthful crafted and she's truthful creative," helium shared of the upcoming crossover. "I met her for the archetypal clip arsenic the character. And the things she was doing? So unsocial and truthful originative and original."

And, arsenic the 23rd play of SVU draws to a close, Pisano revealed Velasco's inheritance and morality are astir to beryllium enactment to the test.  

"There's 1 occurrence that deals with priests that are privy to accusation based connected confessions, and they can't disclose it due to the fact that of clergy vows, and it's evidently going to trigger Velasco's spiritual inheritance and his faith," helium teased. "He's gonna person to look decisions that propulsion and propulsion successful presumption of what helium thinks is close and conscionable what helium believes and however idiosyncratic his transportation to the religion is." 

For much of Pisano, drawback the Law & Order: Organized Crime crossover lawsuit tonight, May 5, astatine 10 p.m connected NBC. 

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