La La Anthony's Go-To Summer Cocktail Recipe is Inspired by Her Puerto Rican Roots

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La La Anthony Shares What's successful  Her KitchenCourtesy of Bailey's Colada

We interviewed La La Anthony due to the fact that we deliberation you'll like her picks astatine these prices. La La is simply a paid spokesperson for Bailey's Colada. E! has affiliate relationships, truthful we whitethorn get a committee if you acquisition thing done our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are close arsenic of people time.

The summer is which means it's clip for outdoor barbeques, beach days, and immoderate summertime cocktails. If you're looking for thing refreshing and delicious to quench your thirst, La La Anthony shared her go-to cocktail recipe, the Coquito Colada, which is simply a motion to her Puerto Rican practice and a amusive summertime rotation connected a classical vacation drink. She besides shared the must-haves that she keeps successful her kitchen astatine each times. As a engaged mom, she knows the value of being prepared astatine each times and sticking to the budget.

If you're looking for immoderate budget-friendly room staples, La La has you covered. She is besides makes a compelling lawsuit for strawberry jam arsenic a cosmopolitan condiment (hear her out) and shares the canine must-have that she learned astir from Oprah Winfrey

E!: There are truthful galore ways to bask Baileys Colada. You tin blend it, determination it implicit ice, oregon adjacent usage it to apical disconnected a dessert similar crystal cream. What's your favourite mode to bask it?
LA: I emotion the versatility of Baileys Colada, whether simply sipping it implicit ice, blended with crystal oregon experimenting with antithetic flavors and ingredients. This summer, I was fixed the accidental to make a fewer caller Baileys Colada cocktails and I truly wanted to thin into my Puerto Rican roots, aft each the Pina Colada originated successful Puerto Rico! Within each Baileys Colada cocktail look you'll spot a motion to my practice whether it beryllium the fruits and/or spices utilized – my favourite is the Coquito Colada – it's a delicious summertime rotation connected a classical vacation cocktail!

E!: What makes Baileys Colada the cleanable summertime drink?
LA: Baileys Colada is the cleanable invited to the summertime months, and I emotion that you tin pat into abrogation mode with conscionable 1 sip! I've ever been a instrumentality of Piña Coladas, and Baileys Colada not lone reminds maine of this classical cocktail but besides makes it truthful casual to bask - conscionable twist the headdress and determination (or what I similar to telephone a fewer elemental steps to paradise)!

Courtesy of Bailey's Colada

La La Anthony's Summer Cocktail Recipe- Coquito Colada


1 oz Baileys Colada Irish Cream Liqueur3/4 oz Captain Morgan White Rum1 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice1/2 oz Cinnamon Powder5 Basil LeavesFreshly Grated NutmegMuddled Cranberries


Muddle cranberries astatine the bottommost of a gangly Collins glassCombine remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice; shingle until chilled.Strain into a Collins solid implicit crushed iceTop with hibiscus tea

La La Anthony Shares What's successful Her Kitchen

Baileys Colada Irish Cream Liqueur

"Baileys Colada is my summertime staple cleanable for enjoying during immoderate juncture whether it beryllium entertaining poolside, hosting a BBQ oregon catching immoderate prima successful my backyard– it genuinely brings that abrogation vibe!"

Simply Lemonade, All Natural Non-GMO

"My lad loves lemonade truthful I marque definite to support it stocked successful my fridge astatine each times."

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

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DASANI Purified Water Enhanced with Minerals, 16.9 fl oz (pack of 24)

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La La Anthony Kitchen Must-Haves Q&A

Sweet Strawberry Jam by Good Good

E!: What's your astir applicable room must-have?
LA: Strawberry jam! I enactment strawberry jam connected astir everything for breakfast. It's my must-have connected omelets (don't sound it until you effort it), meal sandwiches, and truthful overmuch more. I ever marque definite to support immoderate successful my kitchen!

Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels, White, 4 Packs Of 2 Family Rolls = 8 Family Rolls

E!: What's 1 costly room indispensable you should ever bargain connected sale? 
LA: Paper towels! We ne'er recognize conscionable however costly insubstantial towels tin beryllium and they are the astir utilized point successful my kitchen. They spell rapidly and I'm perpetually buying them, truthful it decidedly adds up and I ever effort to bargain connected merchantability and successful bulk. 

These insubstantial towels person 76,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Pull Out Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet

E!: What's 1 room gadget nether $50 that you deliberation everyone should have? 
I emotion the descent retired double precocious seasoning organizer. It's large due to the fact that you tin propulsion it retired and spot each of the spices that you request for cooking. You don't person to hunt done a furniture afloat of seasonings and spices!

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Stack Man 100% Compostable 7 Inch Heavy-Duty Plates- 125 Pack

E!: Is determination an inexpensive indispensable that you support re-buying for your kitchen?
Paper plates! I ever person household and friends visiting and to debar doing a ton of dishes, I marque definite to banal up connected insubstantial plates.

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