KYMCO set to bring its battery-swapping electric scooters to Europe, upping arms race

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The latest salvo successful a artillery swapping electrical scooter arms contention volition spot Taiwanese scooter elephantine KYMCO participate Europe via Italy with its Ionex electrical scooters.

KYMCO’s Ionex artillery swap strategy competes straight with Gogoro’s ain artillery swap system, though Gogoro outnumbers KYMCO implicit 10:1 successful its home market.

Japanese motorcycle makers including Honda have besides gotten into the artillery swapping game, with each hoping their ain strategy tin go the standard.

So acold Gogoro is winning that warfare handily, but has mostly focused connected expanding its web crossed the biggest Asian markets including China, India and Indonesia.

We’ve previously picked up scattered words of further Westward enlargement from Gogoro, though haven’t heard of immoderate definitive plans lately.

KYMCO’s latest determination to participate Italy could bring artillery swapping electrical scooters to the continent connected a larger scale, beating retired rivals similar Gogoro and Honda.

Gogoro technically already has electrical scooters successful Europe arsenic portion of the Tier shared e-scooter web and arsenic portion of Coup earlier that, but those scooters are lone disposable for abbreviated word rentals.

Privately-owned electrical scooters that let riders to much affordably acquisition the scooter without batteries and past wage a debased monthly subscription interest for entree to artillery swapping stations person truthful acold failed to penetrate Europe to the grade they person successful Asia.

KYMCO hopes to alteration that, and is bringing its electrical scooters to Italy wherever they volition beryllium distributed by KMI di Padana Sviluppo, according to

It’s not yet wide which scooter(s) could go disposable successful Italy, but models similar the KYMCO Ionex Many 110 EV could beryllium to beryllium potent municipality vehicles successful the country. While lone reaching a apical velocity of 50 km/h (31 mph), the scooter tin transportation up to 5 of Ionex’s swappable artillery packs to supply a scope of up to 200 km (124 miles) connected a afloat charge.

Once depleted, the scooter’s batteries tin either beryllium recharged from a emblematic partition outlet, if disposable to the rider, oregon the batteries tin beryllium swapped retired by manus astatine a artillery swap station.

That vantage makes them premier options for municipality commuters without the facilities to complaint successful a location garage. Apartment dwellers could spell weeks connected a complaint earlier needing to rotation by a swap presumption for a little artillery swap, which tin importantly trim the municipality charging hurdle and velocity up EV adoption.

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