Kylie Jenner Fires Back at Claim of Unsanitary Protocols at Kylie Cosmetics

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Kylie Jenner didn't clasp backmost aft she was accused of not pursuing sanitation protocols during a caller sojourn to a Kylie Cosmetics lab. Find retired what she said.

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Kylie Jenner is beating retired disapproval implicit however she runs Kylie Cosmetics.

On Aug. 4, the beauty mogul was speedy to respond to a assertion made by Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy-winning constitution artist, for purportedly not pursuing "proper sanitation protocols" during a sojourn to the Kylie Cosmetics laboratory.

Kylie recently posted photos of herself wearing a achromatic laboratory overgarment while overseeing immoderate of the "new magic" successful the works for her constitution enactment successful Milan, Italy. That's erstwhile Kevin called retired the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum for not having protective cogwheel connected and accused her of "gaslighting her followers into reasoning she is creating cosmetics."

"I'm a cosmetic developer and enactment with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) arsenic portion of my job. I person precise abbreviated hair, and I've NEVER been allowed into the laboratory oregon onto the manufacturing level without a hairsbreadth net, footwear covers, mask...and disposable GLOVES," helium wrote connected Instagram. "I'd similar to cognize what ignorant shaper (in Italy) fto her signifier this photo-op successful their laboratory and connected the manufacturing level - without pursuing due sanitation protocols."

In the comments section, Kylie refuted the allegation, saying that the pictures were "not taken successful a manufacturing facility," but alternatively at a spot that was "nowhere near" wherever her products were being made for consumers.

"i would ne'er bypass sanitary protocols and neither would immoderate different celeb oregon quality marque owner. that's wholly unacceptable one agree," she replied, explaining that the snaps showed her successful "a tiny idiosyncratic abstraction creating my ain amusive samples."

She added, "no 1 is putting customers astatine hazard ! shame connected you kevin for spreading mendacious accusation !!!!"


However, Kevin was not pleased with her effect and went connected to enactment however she was besides pictured "without PPE oregon your hairsbreadth tied back" portion lasting adjacent to an concern mixer containing what appeared to beryllium product. "shame connected me? NO, shame connected you," helium wrote back. "Just instrumentality work for your mistake and determination on."

Kylie has not publically responded to Kevin's latest comment. E! has not verified whether oregon not Kylie was successful a manufacturing facility.

This was not the archetypal clip Kylie has defended her beauty empire. Back successful 2016, conscionable 2 years aft launching Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie fired backmost astatine "haters" after the constitution marque received an F people from the Better Business Bureau pursuing lawsuit complaints.

"I'm continuing to larn and I conscionable privation to marque everyone happy. Because truthful galore of you spoke out, I'm excited to archer you that the Better Business Bureau has looked astatine the facts and changed the rating," she said successful a connection issued connected her website astatine the time. "I'm sick and bushed of radical coming for my business. I emotion everything astir Kylie's Cosmetics and I volition bash thing successful my powerfulness to support and amended it each time and marque you guys happy."

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