Kim Kardashian Wants to "Elevate" Your Home With New Line of Accessories

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If you haven't been keeping up, Kim Kardashian has announced a new lifestyle venture.

After gathering a quality and manner empire, The Kardashians star is acceptable to participate the location décor space, introducing a enactment of 5 bath accessories nether the SKKN by Kim umbrella connected Oct. 6. Each piece—which includes a vanity tray, a circular container, a canister, a insubstantial container and a discarded basket—were intentionally designed to coordinate with her different brands.

"I emotion factual and grey tones, it feels truly zen to me," Kim told Architectural Digest in an interrogation published connected Sept. 28. "When I was designing the packaging for my SKKN by Kim skin-care line, I wanted the packaging to look truly bully successful my ain home. All my inspiration was factual sculpture and varying shades of stone."

She continued, "For these caller location accessories, I wanted to marque definite they truly complemented the skin-care line, and were designed to show my products and elevate immoderate location with modern, minimalistic elegance."

For Kim, the monochromatic plan not lone offers simplicity but a consciousness of solace.

"I find that determination is truthful overmuch chaos retired successful the satellite that erstwhile I travel home, the minimalist plan creates a consciousness of quiescent and calm," she said, adding, "I've fto my kids decorate their ain rooms—they tin spell chaotic with immoderate colors they want—but successful the main portion of the house, I truly similar the calmness minimalism brings."

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for UCLA

This isn't the archetypal clip Kim has opened up astir her involvement successful location design.

In February 2020, she explained however Kanye West, whom she filed for divorce from precisely 1 twelvemonth later, introduced her to the significance of styling a house. 

"I truly didn't cognize thing astir furnishings earlier I met Kanye, but being with him has been an bonzer education," Kim told AD at the time. "I instrumentality existent pridefulness present successful knowing what we person and wherefore it's important."

And it's wide that the instauration of her caller location postulation has been portion of her imaginativeness each along.

"The 1 happening Kanye and I had successful communal was our penchant for a neutral palette. I emotion the simplicity of the design," she added. "Kanye would travel up with the astir far-out ideas, and I'd say, 'This is not normal. We request drawers!' I was the dependable of functionality."

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