Kelly Rowland Reveals Which of Her Famous Friends She Goes to for Parenting Advice

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Kelly Rowland Reveals Who's successful Her Mom Group Chat!

Kelly Rowland has the eventual star-studded ma squad.

The Destiny's Child vocalist shared which of her celebrated friends she reaches retired to for parenting proposal successful an exclusive interrogation with E! News' Daily Pop connected April 28, on with chatting astir her caller children's publication Always With You, Always With Me.

When it comes parenting her 2 kids—Titan, 7, and Noah—Rowland revealed she relies connected respective of her celebrity besties for help, including Ciara, Serena Williams, and her erstwhile bandmate, Beyoncé.

Outside of her Hollywood circle, the members of Rowland's different "mom radical chats" are people that "no 1 would needfully know," including moms from Titan's people and school.

"I inquire them each questions due to the fact that I emotion the mode they each mother," she told hosts Justin Sylvester and Heather Dubrow, "and they each are conscionable truthful bonzer astatine communicating."

As a moving mother, Rowland drew upon her parenting experiences for her caller children's book, which she co-wrote with Jessica McKay.

"Our sons spell to schoolhouse together, and truthful our play dates crook into talking, and talking turned into Jessica was telling maine that she's a teacher and an author," she shared. "She'd written 3 oregon 4 oregon five, six children's book. I was like, ‘Wait, what?' She's like, ‘Yeah, but I don't cognize what to bash with them next.' I said, ‘You know, I've ne'er written a children's book, but we're gonna fig this retired together. And that's precisely what we did."

Traveling backmost and distant from the U.S. to enactment arsenic a manager connected The Voice Australia is pugnacious for Rowland, particularly having to walk clip isolated from her young kids. She hopes different parents and kids volition beryllium capable to subordinate to the book's connection and "read it and consciousness the cadence of it successful the book."

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"The chorus of the publication is, ‘When I permission for work, you whitethorn deliberation I'm not around. But if you look closely, you'll spot I tin beryllium found,'" she said. "'Traces of magic present and determination amusement that we're an inseparable pair. Always with you, ever with me, mommy and child, unneurotic we'll be.'"

Having performed connected immoderate of the world's biggest stages, determination was 1 gig that Rowland was "so nervous" to do: speechmaking the publication to her son's class.

"I conscionable wanted to marque Titan proud," she shared. Rowland recalled however she noticed the kids catching connected to the chorus arsenic they went done the book.

"Oh my gosh, my bosom was conscionable bursting," she said. "And then, the last day, they said it retired loud, and I was like, ‘Thank y'all for having me!' I was truthful happy."

And though she didn't extremity up flubbing her words during the peculiar communicative time, making mistakes is thing Rowland believes is precise important for kids to larn about.

"We are quality and we're gonna marque mistakes, and it's important for our kids to spot america marque a mistake, but besides recognize our mistake and turn from it and larn from it," she said. "Titan has seen maine bash that. He's seen maine suffer my cool, and past I'm like, ‘You cognize what? That was the incorrect mode I did that. I'm truthful sorry, buddy.' He's like, ‘It's okay. You shouldn't bash it again, though.' So helium checks me!"

Check retired her afloat interrogation successful the clip above.

Always With You, Always With Me is disposable present wherever books are sold.

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