Kathy Barnette's campaign believes photos of her on Jan. 6 are genuine

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Pennsylvania Republican Senate campaigner Kathy Barnette's run believes that photos appearing to amusement her connected the streets of Washington, D.C. connected Jan. 6th are of her, a idiosyncratic adjacent to the run confirmed to CBS News. 

The images appearing to amusement Barnette were first reported by Chad Loder, who researches extremism. The images were aboriginal verified by NBC News.

Barnette connected Monday denied that she went wrong the Capitol. Citing the First Amendment, Barnette told CBS News that she traveled to Washington, D.C., to "listen to my President's code to spot if determination were answers but what galore of america successful the state felt unnerved about." 

Barnette continued that "we prayed, we walked, we laughed, we met caller friends. We got connected autobus and we were connected our mode home. I didn't cognize what was happening until we got successful the car. That is the opening and the extremity of that story."

In a connection to CBS News, Barnette run spokesperson Ryan Rhodes said "Kathy was successful Washington to enactment President Trump and to enactment calls for predetermination accountability." Rhodes added that "any insinuation" that she had links to the unit is mendacious and said she has "no transportation to the Proud Boys."

Election 2022 Senate Pennsylvania Kathy Barnette, a Republican campaigner for a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat, speaks during a forum successful Newtown, Pennsylvania, connected Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Ted Shaffrey / AP

Appearing connected Fox News' Special Report with Bret Bair connected Monday night, Barnett said she had "no idea" who she was marching alongside. 

" Allow maine to close you. I was not with the Proud boys. I was retired determination due to the fact that I wanted to perceive what the president had to say," she said. 

Barnette posted a video connected Dec. 31, 2020 saying that she and her squad were organizing buses to spell to Washington connected Jan. 6.  She told supporters successful that video "stay engaged, fight."

Despite not having Trump's endorsement successful the Senate race, she has surged successful the last days earlier Tuesday's Republican primary. She said successful April that "MAGA doesn't beryllium to Donald Trump; MAGA belongs to the people." Trump has endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz successful the race. 

An Emerson poll released connected Sunday nighttime showed Oz starring the tract with 28% followed by Barnette (24%) and erstwhile hedge money manager David McCormick (21%). 

Barnette is not the lone large candidate moving for bureau successful Pennsylvania who was successful Washington connected January 6. 

State Senator Doug Mastriano, the starring campaigner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, was subpoenaed successful February by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 onslaught astatine the Capitol. The committee said it wanted accusation from Mastriano astir a program to "arrange for an alternate slate of electors" and his nationalist statements that suggested helium was "present during the onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol."

"I was determination to perceive my president talk and past I was invited to talk astatine 2 locations, exercising my law rights and shame connected the media and the Democrats for coating anyone down determination arsenic a villain," Mastriano said successful a statement past month. "Condemning each of those radical that did thing wrong, that's an injustice to our freedom."

Thousands of Trump's supporters descended connected Washington, D.C., connected Jan. 6, 2021, the time Congress was acceptable to certify the 2020 predetermination results. Trump gave a code astatine the Ellipse up of the certification, telling his supporters to "walk down" to the Capitol portion Congress counted the electoral votes, the mostly ceremonial measurement confirming President Biden's victory.

After Trump's speech, thousands tried to interrupt the certification, starring to a riot and sending lawmakers fleeing. Trump was impeached by the House 1 week aboriginal for inciting the riot but was aboriginal acquitted by the Senate. Hundreds person been charged for their relation successful the riot and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has created a committee to analyse the origins of the attack, with hearings acceptable to commencement successful June. 

Robert Costa and Aaron Navarro contributed to this report.

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