Kate Spade Extra 40% Off Clearance Sale: Score Outlet-Level Savings on Bags & More Starting at Just $8

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We independently selected these products due to the fact that we emotion them, and we anticipation you bash excessively astatine these prices. Shop with E! has affiliate relationships, truthful we whitethorn get a committee if you acquisition thing done our links. Prices are close arsenic of people time. Items are sold by the retailer, not E! 

If you emotion a bully bargain similar we do, chances are, you whitethorn find yourself browsing done Kate Spade Surprise much than you bash Kate Spade's main site. After all, everything is up to 75% off. Plus, their Deals of the Day (like today's $59 woody connected $300 crossbody bags!) are conscionable mode excessively bully to walk up. But today, Kate Spade is having a immense merchantability wherever you tin people discounts truthful good, you'll deliberation you're buying astatine an outlet.

The Kate Spade End of Season Sale is happening now, and they conscionable made their other 30% disconnected clearance sale an other 40% off! That means you tin people even much nether $100 finds than we initially brought you erstwhile the merchantability archetypal dropped. Plus, they added truthful galore caller styles to the merchantability including the perfect-for-summer Striped Medium Market Tote and the trendy Buddie Straw Tote. 

There are hundreds of items connected merchantability close now, you're definite to find thing that catches your eye. Plus, that other 40% disconnected discount just can't beryllium bushed particularly since Kate Spade's main tract seldom ever drops large income similar this.

We've rounded up immoderate of our favourite styles and deals from Kate Spade's End of Season Sale. Check those retired below.

Kate Spade Market Striped Canvas Medium Tote

This beauteous striped canvas tote is conscionable cleanable for summer. It comes successful blazer bluish and reddish jasper, some of which are arsenic chic. It's primitively $228, but it's connected merchantability contiguous for $96. Don't walk this 1 up!

Kate Spade Hudson Striped Canvas Small Messenger Bag

If you emotion the striped canvas from above, but you privation a antithetic benignant of bag, you whitethorn privation to see the messenger container option. It's besides connected merchantability contiguous for $96.

Kate Spade Bradley Large Tote

Kate Spade's Bradley Late Tote comes successful 5 colors including achromatic and anemone pinkish shown here. It's classy, cute and cleanable for schoolhouse oregon work. It's primitively $98, but you tin get it contiguous for $125.

Kate Spade NYC Map Journal

Need a cute diary to instrumentality notes in? Add Kate Spade's NYC Map Journal to your container today. It features 300 lined pages and a ribbon bookmark, and it's connected merchantability for $8.

Kate Spade Day Pack Medium Backpack

You can't assistance but emotion this Kate Spade backpack. It's elegant, functional and just the close size to acceptable you phone, an iPad and a ample continental wallet. There are respective colors to take from, and it's connected merchantability for $125.

Kate Spade All Day Large Tote

Kate Spade's All Day Large Tote was made to clasp everything you request to get done the time from your tablet to your 13-inch laptop. It adjacent comes with a detachable wristlet pouch, which makes it adjacent better. There are 4 colors to take from, and it's connected merchantability for arsenic debased arsenic $89. 

Kate Spade Flower Coated Canvas All Day Large Tote

This gorgeous tote container comes highly recommended by Kate Spade shoppers. As 1 caller reviewer wrote, "This container is amazing. It's beauteous and holds a batch of stuff. It's the cleanable size and I tin usage it arsenic a purse too." Another called it "beautiful, sturdy and roomy." Like the above, it's ample capable to acceptable a 13-inch laptop truthful you tin wholly usage this for enactment oregon school. It's primitively $248, but you tin adhd it to your wardrobe contiguous for $119.

Kate Spade Knott Colorblocked Medium Satchel

The Kate Spade Knott Colorblocked Medium Satchel is large for mundane use. The colors are truthful versatile and tin beryllium worn dressed up oregon down. Best portion is, it's implicit $200 off! Be definite to snag this portion you inactive can.

Kate Spade Run Around Medium Crossbody

Kate Spade shoppers adore the Run Around Medium Crossbody. As 1 caller reviewer wrote, "My ma loves this bag! She had been looking for a mean sized crossbody container for years, but could ne'er find 1 successful a agleam reddish shadiness she liked. This 1 is simply a existent scarlet reddish and tin acceptable much than you think!" 

Kate Spade Flower Coated Canvas Rowan Medium North South Tote

This sleek medium sized tote is genuinely obsession-worthy, and ample capable to acceptable an iPhone, a ample continental wallet, and an iPad. The container is primitively $228, but you tin get it contiguous for $109 with the other 40% disconnected discount. 

Kate Spade Knott Small Crossbody

If you're looking for a hands-free container to deterioration portion traveling, Kate Spade's Knott Small Crossbody is it. Right now, it's connected merchantability for $97. 

Kate Spade Buddie Striped Straw Small Tote

Summer 2022 is each astir the straw bag, and Kate Spade's ace chic Buddie Striped Straw Small Tote tin beryllium yours for conscionable $138. As a bonus, you besides get a detachable pouch to support tiny items similar your keys oregon articulator balm successful 1 place. There are a 3 colors to take from.

Kate Spade Knott Colorblocked Large Tote

Kate Spade's Knott Colorblocked Large Tote is perfectly gorgeous from the colour prime to the wide design. Whether you request this for enactment oregon you conscionable similar to transportation astir a ton of stuff, this ample tote is simply a must-have for your closet. Right now, it's connected merchantability for $138.

Kate Spade Roulette Small Saddle Bag

This timeless saddle bag is the benignant of benignant you tin deterioration for years to come, particularly with the highly versatile achromatic it comes in. It's primitively $198, but you tin it connected merchantability for $94. Such a large woody for a container that's guaranteed to get a ton of use.

Kate Spade Roulette Small Saddle Bag

Love the silhouette of the container above? It besides comes successful this stunning anemone pink for $83. What a amusive popular of color!

Kate Spade Roulette North South Crossbody

Just request to transportation astir the essentials? Kate Spade's Roulette North South Crossbody may beryllium for you. It comes successful 4 colors, is ample capable to acceptable the existent iPhone, and it features 2 recognition paper slots. It's connected merchantability contiguous for $75.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade Deal of the Day

Want to people immoderate adjacent greater deals? As we mentioned above, Kate Spade Surprise has a Deal of the Day which offers the champion merchantability connected site. These deals lone past for 24 hours, truthful beryllium definite to drawback them up portion you can. Today, it's each astir crossbody bags! 

Kate Spade Laurel Way Greer Crossbody

Kate Spade's Laurel Way Greer Crossbody is truthful fashionable among shoppers, it has implicit 1,600 five-star reviews which is beauteous uncommon to find connected site. It's ace classy, comes successful 2 colors, and it's pretty spacious with dimensions of 6.2" H x 11" W x 1.8" D. It's originally $299, but you tin snag 1 contiguous for little than $60. Talk astir amazing!

Kate Spade Sadie Envelope Crossbody

This classic envelope purse is cleanable for a Sunday brunch with friends or date night. It's presently disposable successful yellowish and black, and it's connected merchantability for $59. After today, the terms volition spell backmost up to $89. So beryllium definite to drawback this up ASAP.

Kate Spade Gemma Wallet connected Chain

Keep each the essentials in the adorable Gemma wallet connected chain. According to 1 shopper, "It's precise beauteous and carries a batch of worldly astatine the aforesaid time!" You tin get 1 for yourself contiguous for conscionable $59.

Kate Spade Staci Dome Crossbody

This stylish dome crossbody comes successful achromatic and crystal blue. It's made of sleek saffiano leather and its dimensions are 6.84" H x 8.84" W x 3.67" D. It's emblematic merchantability terms is $109, truthful you're getting this for a truly unthinkable woody astatine $59. 

Looking for much large deals to store today? Check retired Nordstrom Rack's End of Season Sale where you tin people an other 40% disconnected merchantability styles.

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