Kachelman: Totalitarian Politicians Use the Evil Tactic of Political Intimidation to Control

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Political Intimidation: Control by Totalitarian Politicians Uses This Evil Tactic

Guest station by John L. Kachelman, Jr

Political intimidation is the 1 power restricting idiosyncratic liberties and bolstering totalitarianism. It was erstwhile the taxable of spy thrillers. No longer is this maneuver fiction. Fiction has go fact. There is present a regular serving of an operational maneuver erstwhile restricted to the Communist Overlords. This totalitarianism was framed connected 8 August 2022 erstwhile implicit 30 plain apparel agents from the Southern District of Florida and the FBI’s Washington Field Office took power of President Trump’s home.

The operational maneuver of governmental intimidation is documented. Threats, persecutions, and adjacent execution are visible. Jackbooted thuggery marches successful our streets.  And, determination seems to beryllium small remorse arsenic governmental intimidation threatens our Republic.

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A diabolical history

Joseph Stalin mastered governmental intimidation arsenic a power implicit his governmental opponents successful the USSR. Stalin’s playbook was perfectly executed successful the infiltration, subterfuge and execution utilized connected January 6, 2022. And the diabolical maneuver continues arsenic the J6 protestors stay unconstitutionally imprisoned.

A contiguous practice

We person been advised by the DEMS/Progressives/RINOS that lists are being made and reprisals are assured. We are told that re-education is needed for those with blimpish positions.

This maneuver is examined successful an nonfiction titled “The Trump Accountability Project.” Author Anton Lupan provides investigation and details of the Stalinist tactics of intimidation and control.

“Communist dictator Joseph Stalin erstwhile said, ‘The top delight is to people one’s enemy, hole everything, avenge oneself thoroughly, and past spell to sleep.’

Sadly, it appears galore connected the near stock the communist dictator’s execrable emotion of revenge…

“Making ‘lists’ of governmental enemies is nothing caller successful history, arsenic we cognize from the Soviet Union. Stalin, of course, ne'er stopped with keeping way of names. He yet took steps to torture, imprison, and terminate his enemies.

“Making these types of lists is ne'er acceptable successful a antiauthoritarian society. It’s not conscionable creepy and disgusting, it’s unsafe and downright evil.”

What different intent tin specified thuggish threats service different than scaring bully radical distant from serving their country?

Here is simply a troubling summary: “After six years of investigations, harassment, leaks and conspiracies the wicked DC constitution has yet to uncover ONE SINGLE ACT that President Trump took that broke US law.” And yet the harassing, governmental intimidation by the DEMS/RINOS/PROGRESSIVES continues!

It is past clip for the citizens of the USA to judge the accuracy of these words describing today’s governmental intimidation. Such “is ne'er acceptable successful a antiauthoritarian society. It’s not conscionable creepy and disgusting, it’s unsafe and downright evil.”

Adding investigation to the evil successful this maneuver is simply a root from the extremist progressive side…

How Political Bullying and Intimidation Work —  “The Emotional Toll of Public Bullying and Political Intimidation,” the absorption was connected the acquisition of the sheer powerfulness and intelligence effects of bullying successful wide and nationalist bullying and governmental intimidation successful particular…public bullying works arsenic a factual method and acceptable of governmental tools.

Preemptive attacks are a crippled of axenic power; they are each the much terrifying successful that they appear unmotivated by virtuousness of being truthful unexpected. In the current…onslaught, it is important to retrieve that specified attacks are without evident meaning other than conserving their powerfulness and advantage, destabilizing and defeating opponents, and destroying…social protections… powerfulness is its ain justification…in Washington and statehouses these assaults are profoundly nihilistic…Such aggressors basal beyond immoderate entreaty and are unreachable but possibly done fearfulness and their consciousness of self-preservation. This is authorities astatine its astir raw.

A instauration of FAKE NEWS

The Fake News utilizes transference and projection to substance the governmental intimidation. The evil of governmental intimidation is utilized upon President Trump arsenic mendacious victims transferred their evil motives earlier the January 6 commission. These claimed their lives were “upended” by a nonstop firehose of “harassment and racist threats.” It is theatrical governmental intimidation.

Exposing the FAKE NEWS is this headline, The Mar-a-Lago raid is axenic governmental intimidation. The nonfiction announces that the 30 FBI agents were sent into Donald Trump’s location implicit a quibble astir documents!

“The determination to nonstop agents into Trump’s location implicit a quibble astir papers retention reeks of governmental intimidation…When Bill Clinton was recovered to person inappropriately kept gifts and furnishings from the White House, helium returned the items and the concern was treated arsenic a misunderstanding. The Clintons’ location was not raided by the FBI. Why was Trump’s? Perhaps it has thing to bash with the information that violating the Presidential Records Act tin barroom idiosyncratic from moving for governmental bureau again. Hmm…”

And past this blunt connection continues…

“The January 6 Committee, led by Democrats, has failed to unafraid grounds that changes the narrative, fto unsocial that justifies referring Trump to the Department of Justice for transgression charges. Instead, galore of their prima witnesses, specified arsenic erstwhile Mark Meadows adjutant Cassidy Hutchinson, person been publically contradicted by different sources. The New York lawyer wide and the Manhattan territory lawyer person separately been trying to get astatine the erstwhile president done his concern ventures, alleging taxation fraud and fraudulent institution valuations. This raid feels conscionable similar different harebrained strategy to descend Trump erstwhile and for all.”

Please work again the mentation for each the governmental intimidation…“This raid feels conscionable similar different harebrained strategy to descend Trump erstwhile and for all.” This decision is evident to each but those consumed with transference and projection arsenic intelligence ploys to warrant their evil tactics!

Destruction by TRUTH

Evil is destroyed by Truth. Truth is airy and evil is darkness. Evil cannot basal the vulnerability by the airy (John 1:5). The evil maneuver of governmental intimidation tin lone beryllium countered with and destroyed by Truth. This implicit is present successful the public’s eye.

“I Have TRUTH connected My Side, and When You Have TRUTH, You Will Ultimately Be Victorious!” – President Trump.

“Like each of the different Hoaxes and Scams that they’ve utilized to effort and soundlessness the dependable of a immense bulk of the American People, I person TRUTH connected my side, and erstwhile you person TRUTH, you will ultimately beryllium victorious!”

A Critical Query

Will the USA governmental structure, mainstream media, elected politicians connected the local, State and Federal levels stay soundless and acquiesce to the Totalitarian Stalinist playbook of evil intimidation?

The captious effect from God-fearing citizens indispensable beryllium a heroic courage; a defiant resolve; a patriotic devotion; and an uncompromising committedness to a federation governed by the Constitutional Rule of Law truthful anarchy volition beryllium punished and vanquished.

The citizens indispensable resoluteness to travel the heroic patriotic past and face and vanquish governmental intimidators!

We WILL NOT beryllium intimidated! We WILL NOT beryllium passive arsenic idiosyncratic liberties are outlawed! We WILL NOT complacently acquiesce to governmental totalitarianism! We WILL NOT beryllium silently and let the purveyors of intimidation to beryllium unchallenged!

Americans volition soon spot this spiteful hatred for what it is and combat backmost due to the fact that we are not acrophobic of these threats. Stalin and his followers were not loved by their people, and consequently they had to regularisation by fearfulness and tyranny. This is the humanities aboriginal awaiting the USA due to the fact that of governmental intimidators.

Our federation was founded upon the principles of Holy Scripture. That Holy Book has galore references urging mankind to defy the evils of intimidation:

Philippians 1:28, “In nary mode alarmed by your opponents—(their opposition) is simply a motion of demolition for them.”

Isaiah 41:11, “Behold, each who are incensed against you shall beryllium enactment to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall beryllium arsenic thing and shall perish.”