Justice Dept. to review law enforcement response to Uvalde mass shooting

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Bidens be memorial for Uvalde victims

President, archetypal woman be memorial for Uvalde shooting victims 02:29

The Justice Department announced Sunday that it volition behaviour a captious incidental reappraisal of the effect by instrumentality enforcement to the mass shooting successful Uvalde, Texas.

The review, which is being undertaken astatine the behest of Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, is tasked with providing "an autarkic relationship of instrumentality enforcement actions and responses that day, and to place lessons learned and champion practices to assistance archetypal responders hole for and respond to progressive shooter events," Justice Department spokesperson Anthony Coley said successful a statement. 

McLaughlin successful a connection Sunday nighttime thanked the Justice Department for accepting his request, adding "I spot the appraisal volition beryllium fair, transparent and independent."

Authorities successful Texas spent 3 days providing often conflicting and incomplete accusation astir the 90 minutes that elapsed between the clip the gunman entered the schoolhouse and erstwhile U.S. Border Patrol agents unlocked the schoolroom doorway and killed him. Law enforcement officers from local, authorities and national entities responded to the Uvalde shooting, 

Nearly 20 officers were lasting successful the hallway extracurricular the classrooms during the attack connected Robb Elementary School for implicit 45 minutes earlier agents utilized a maestro cardinal to unfastened a doorway and face the gunman, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said astatine a quality league Friday.

Officers astatine  country   of schoolhouse  shooting successful  Uvalde, Texas Children tally from the country of the shooting astatine Robb Elementary School successful Uvalde, Texas, connected May 24, 2022. Pete Luna/Uvalde Leader-News

The on-site commandant "was convinced astatine the clip that determination was nary much menace to the children and that the taxable was barricaded and that they had clip to organize" to get into the classroom, McCraw said.

"Of people it was not the close decision. It was the incorrect decision," McCraw told reporters.

Earlier Sunday, Rep. Val Demings, who was the Orlando constabulary main earlier she was elected to Congress, favored a national probe to find what went incorrect successful the Uvalde response.

"Since determination were truthful galore agencies progressive connected the ground, it's important that we cognize what relation each bureau played," she told "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan. "It's important that we know, was determination immoderate treatment astir going in, those 19 offices who we're told were successful the hallway, were they immoderate treatment betwixt different commanders from different departments? We indispensable cognize the answers to those questions. And I deliberation a national probe is surely successful order."

Uvalde County Commissioner Ronald Garza welcomed the thought of a national probe erstwhile helium was asked astir it hours earlier it was announced. "I deliberation we request to larn more. As tragic arsenic this whitethorn seem, we request to larn from this, you know, and parents merit answers," helium told Brennan connected "Face the Nation."

Once the Justice Department concludes the review, it volition people a study with its findings.

Jeff Pegues contributed to this report.

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