Jurgen Klopp critical of Antonio Conte's Tottenham: I don't like this football

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Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Conte earlier  Liverpool's crippled  against Tottenham connected  Saturday.
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was captious of Tottenham's tactical attack pursuing the teams' 1-1 gully astatine Anfield successful the Premier League connected Saturday.

The Reds dominated possession successful an entertaining encounter, but came up against a coagulated Spurs broadside and were frustrated for overmuch of the night.

Tottenham took the pb aft 56 minutes done Son Heung-min and though Liverpool levelled aboriginal via Luis Diaz, the Reds were restricted arsenic the visitors made a bid of captious blocks.

The effect handed the inaugural to Manchester City successful the rubric contention and afterwards, Klopp was asked successful his property league astir Spurs' crippled plan.

"I'm sorry," helium said. "I'm the incorrect idiosyncratic for that. I don't similar this benignant of football, but that's my idiosyncratic problem.

🗣️ "I don't similar this football, but that's my idiosyncratic problem"Liverpool brag Jurgen Klopp was captious of Tottenham's tactics aft their 1-1 gully astatine Anfield connected Saturday 👀 pic.twitter.com/arNp2C8zOmMay 8, 2022

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"I deliberation they are satellite people and I deliberation they should bash much for the game. The crippled against Liverpool, they had 36% possession.

"But that's my problem. I can't manager it. I cannot bash it. So yes, world-class players, artifact each the balls, it's precise difficult. Atletico Madrid is doing it."

And helium added: "Fine, perfectly fine. But I can't. I respect everything they do. But it's not me..."

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