JoJo Siwa Confirms She's Back Together With Ex Kylie Prew

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Six months aft their breakup, JoJo Siwa confirmed that she is dating Kylie Prew erstwhile again with a saccharine photo. See the pic from their "magical" day.

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JoJo Siwa wasn't kidding erstwhile she sang that she'll travel backmost similar a boomerang!

More than six months aft breaking up with Kylie Prew, the Siwas Dance Pop Revolution prima confirmed that she and her woman are giving their narration different shot. On May 5, JoJo shared 2 Instagram photos of the mates posing successful beforehand of the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World, penning successful the caption, "If you emotion thing fto it go, if it comes back….[heart emoji]."

One snap shows the 18-year-old giving Kylie a buss connected the cheek, portion the brace are pictured successful the mediate of a silly infinitesimal successful the different image.

The shots appeared to beryllium taken from a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom wrong the Florida-based amusement park, wherever the 2 were joined by JoJo's parents Jessalynn and Tom as good arsenic her member Jayden.

In a group shot posted by Tom connected May 4, which besides featured dancer Ezra Sosa and Jayden's girlfriend Abbie Crandall, JoJo and Kylie tin beryllium seen smiling alongside the family. The patriarch captioned the pic, "What a Magical Day."

Last October, a root confirmed to E! News that JoJo and Kylie had divided aft 9 months of dating. The pursuing month, the Dance Moms alum told Paris Hilton during an occurrence of the This Is Paris podcast that she was inactive quite adjacent with her ex, calling Kylie "my champion friend."


"I'm truly fortunate that I didn't suffer her wholly due to the fact that adjacent though relationships end, friendships don't person to end," she noted. "I'm truly blessed that I retrieve each the amusive times, each the bully times—and thing atrocious happened. It conscionable is the explanation of the cheesy saying of 'right person, incorrect time.'"

By March, JoJo was no longer single, revealing connected the Rachel Uncensored Podcast that she was a "loyal lady" without naming her partner. Reconciliation rumors started swirling successful April erstwhile JoJo made a notation that she was in a long-distance relationship—something she and Kylie were successful erstwhile they were dating.

"I'm very, precise happy," she told E! News past month. "I americium fortunate to beryllium successful love. I deliberation emotion is simply a precise peculiar happening that sometimes tin beryllium taken for granted. And I'm precise fortunate to person unconditional love." 

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