Johnny Depp's attorneys question remote witnesses

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  5:14 PM / April 27, 2022 Depp's lawyers amusement recorded grounds from LAPD officers connected April 27

Police officers who responded to a home unit telephone astatine the penthouse of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard accidental they saw nary marks connected her look aft a 2016 combat betwixt the mates successful which Heard says she was assaulted. Jurors astatine Depp's libel proceedings against his ex-wife watched recorded depositions Wednesday from officers who accidental they saw Heard crying but nary disposable signs of injury. 

The incidental occurred six days earlier Heard was astatine a Los Angeles courthouse to use for a impermanent restraining bid with a wide people disposable connected her look that she said had Depp inflicted during a fight.

Depp Heard Lawsuit Actor Amber Heard appears successful the courtroom astatine the Fairfax County Circuit Court successful Fairfax, Va., Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Actor Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife histrion Amber Heard for libel successful Fairfax County Circuit Court aft she wrote an op-ed portion successful The Washington Post successful 2018 referring to herself arsenic a "public fig representing home abuse." (Jonathan Ernst/Pool Photo via AP) Jonathan Ernst / AP

Los Angeles constabulary serviceman Tyler Hadden, 1 of the officers who responded to the couple's penthouse flat connected May 21, 2016, said Heard refused to speech to officers and had nary signs of an injury, though helium acknowledged she'd been crying and was red-faced.

"Just due to the fact that I spot a pistillate with pinkish cheeks and pinkish eyes doesn't mean thing happened," helium said successful a recorded deposition played for jurors Wednesday.

Heard's lawyers, successful their questions, person suggested that Heard could person covered her injuries with makeup, due to the fact that astatine that constituent she inactive wanted to support Depp. They besides asked officers wherefore they didn't analyse a imaginable lawsuit of home unit much thoroughly.

Wednesday marked the 10th time successful the trial, which is expected to past a month.

  5:10 PM / April 27, 2022 Testimony from land manager and forensic scientist connected April 26

The manager of Johnny Depp's backstage land successful the Bahamas gave grounds Tuesday about an alleged altercation connected the land betwixt the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard in 2015, portion a forensic scientist testified that Heard suffers from borderline property upset and histrionic property disorder, arsenic the civilian suit continues to wallow successful the couple's idiosyncratic issues. 

Tara Roberts, who has been the manager of the land for astir 15 years, said by video nexus to the tribunal successful Fairfax, Virginia, that Heard appeared to injure Depp with a tin during a combat successful 2015.

"Amber was telling him that helium was a washed-up actor," said Robert. "He was going to dice a fat, lonely aged man. Then you heard. 'You deed maine with a can,' you heard Johnny say, 'You deed maine with a can.'"

Depp Heard Lawsuit Actress Amber Heard talks to her lawyer successful the courtroom astatine the Fairfax County Circuit Court successful Fairfax, Va., Tuesday, April 26, 2022.  Brendan Smialowski / AP

Roberts testified that aft the argument, Depp arrived astatine the cafe adjacent with an wounded to the span of his nose. Roberts said that Heard tried to halt him leaving by clawing astatine him and that she "didn't observe any" marks connected Heard.

Also Tuesday, a forensic scientist hired by Depp's ineligible squad took the stand. The psychologist, Shannon Curry, said she reached her diagnosis during 12 hours of interviews with Heard, arsenic good arsenic from reviewing her mental-health records.

Curry besides testified that Heard does not endure post-traumatic accent upset from her narration with Depp, arsenic Heard has claimed.

Histrionic property disorder, Curry said, is associated with "drama and shallowness," and a request to beryllium the halfway of attention.

She said there's a correlation successful the upset with radical who are physically charismatic and "utilize their looks to get that attention."

  5:10 PM / April 27, 2022 Depp's grounds connected April 25

Actor Johnny Depp concluded a grueling 4 days connected the witness stand Monday, telling jurors successful a calm dependable that helium filed his libel lawsuit against his ex-wife due to the fact that it was his champion accidental to reclaim his reputation, conscionable hours aft they heard audio clips of him berating his woman with coarse vulgarities.

"It was the lone clip I was capable to combat backmost and usage my ain voice," Depp said of his determination to writer Heard.

He continued to contradict that helium ever deed Heard, and accused her of hitting him and throwing items including overgarment cans and vodka bottles astatine him. And jurors heard an audio clip of a speech betwixt Depp and Heard successful which she seems to taunt him and suggests helium won't beryllium believed oregon respected if helium were to publically formed her arsenic an abuser.

Johnny Depp returns to the witnesser basal successful defamation trial 04:35

"Tell them, I, Johnny Depp, I'm a unfortunate of home maltreatment ... and spot however galore radical judge oregon broadside with you," Heard says connected the recording.

Earlier Monday, though, they heard recordings successful which Depp referred to the unit that could ensue if their arguments were allowed to escalate.

"The adjacent move, if I don't locomotion distant ... it's going to beryllium a bloodbath, similar it was connected the island," Depp says connected the recording.

In different clips, Depp loudly shouts vulgarities astatine his wife, calling her a degrading sanction and yelling, "You anserine f—-" astatine her.

The clips were portion of a lengthy cross-examination of Depp that began past week and concluded precocious Monday morning.

On redirect Monday afternoon, Depp sought to explicate immoderate of his coarse language. He said helium was often speaking figuratively oregon making wrong jokes with friends, but added, "I'm ashamed that that has to beryllium dispersed connected the satellite similar peanut butter."

And helium again denied that helium chopped disconnected his ain digit during a combat with Heard, adjacent though helium told radical arsenic overmuch astatine the time. He present says the digit was severed erstwhile Heard threw a vodka vessel astatine him.

The assemblage has seen dozens of Depp's texts to friends regarding his drinking, cause usage and interactions with his then-wife, arsenic good arsenic his notes of contrition to Heard and her father.

He called the cause addiction accusations against him "grossly embellished," though helium acknowledged taking galore drugs.

Watch highlights successful the video above.

  5:09 PM / April 27, 2022 Depp's grounds connected April 21

Attorneys for histrion Amber Heard sought to undermine Johnny Depp's libel suit against her during cross-examination Thursday by spending hours successful tribunal focused connected the actor's drinking, cause usage and texts helium sent to friends — including 1 astir wanting to termination and defile his then-wife.

"I, of course, pounded and displayed disfigured colors to Amber connected a caller journey," Depp said successful a substance connection to a friend, the histrion Paul Bettany, successful July 2013, which was shown to jurors.

"I americium an insane idiosyncratic and not truthful just headed aft excessively overmuch of the drink," Depp continued. "Weed, pills ... Fine!!! Booze??? My capableness is excessively ample and I won't halt ... Ugly and bittersweet ... Oh, however I emotion it."

Actor Johnny Depp takes the stand, testifies against ex-wife Amber Heard 03:46

Heard lawyer J. Benjamin Rottenborn besides focused connected different speech that twelvemonth betwixt Depp and Bettany successful which Depp wrote: "Let's pain Amber!!!"

Bettany responded: "Having thought it done I don't deliberation we should pain Amber."

Depp texted: "Let's drown her earlier we pain her!!! I volition (expletive) her burnt corpse afterwards to marque definite she's dead."

Depp has antecedently apologized to the assemblage for the vulgar connection successful the texts and said that "in the vigor of the symptom I was feeling, I went to acheronian places."

Rottenborn besides showed the assemblage 1 of Depp's texts to Bettany successful 2014 successful which helium referenced whiskey, pills and cocaine.

The texts were sent during a play successful which Depp said helium had stopped drinking. And they were sent astir the clip of a backstage formation from Boston to Los Angeles, during which Heard had said that Depp became blackout intoxicated and assaulted her.

Rottenborn presented texts that Depp sent to Bettany that said helium drank "all nighttime earlier I picked Amber up to alert to LA this past Sunday … Ugly, mate … No nutrient for days … Powders … Half a vessel of Whiskey, a 1000 reddish bull and vodkas, pills, 2 bottles of Champers connected level …"

Depp had antecedently testified that helium took 2 oxycodone pills — an opiate to which helium admits helium was addicted astatine the clip — and locked himself successful the level bath and fell dormant to debar her badgering. He besides disputes that helium was drunk connected the flight, saying helium drank lone a solid of champagne arsenic helium boarded the plane.

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  5:09 PM / April 27, 2022 Depp's grounds connected April 20

Actor Johnny Depp's second time of grounds Wednesday included details astir the erstwhile couple's fights and substance use.

Heard has said the archetypal clip she was assaulted was erstwhile Depp slapped her successful 2013 aft she made amusive of a tattoo helium had — 1 that utilized to accidental "Winona Forever" erstwhile helium was dating the histrion Winona Ryder that helium altered to "Wino Forever" aft they broke up.

"It didn't happen," helium said of the alleged assault. "Why would I instrumentality specified large discourtesy to idiosyncratic making amusive of a tattoo connected my body? That allegation ne'er made immoderate consciousness to me."

US-COURT-DEPP-HEARD Actor Johnny Depp testifies during his defamation proceedings against his ex-wife Amber Heard astatine the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse successful Fairfax, Virginia, April 20, 2022. EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Later, helium addressed an alleged battle connected a backstage level formation successful 2014 from Boston to Los Angeles during which helium said helium took oxycodone pills — an opiate to which helium admits helium was addicted astatine the clip — and drank Champagne. Heard has said Depp became blackout intoxicated and assaulted her connected the level ride. He besides discussed a convulsive 2015 statement successful Australia that resulted successful the extremity of his mediate digit being chopped off. He said Heard was irate that Depp's lawyers had asked her to motion a post-nuptial agreement.

"I don't cognize what a tense breakdown feels like, but that's astir apt the closest I've ever been," helium said.

Depp said helium began to constitute connected the walls successful his ain humor to recount lies successful which helium had caught Heard.

Depp told infirmary doctors helium had injured himself, and contemporaneous substance messages introduced arsenic grounds notation to Depp injuring himself. Depp testified helium lied astir the origin of the wounded to support her. Heard's lawyers person said the laws of physics don't enactment Depp's communicative and they volition present grounds to beryllium that.

Depp besides gave a graphic statement of a last combat arsenic the mates drifted toward divorce, accusing Heard and her friends of pretending that helium was assaulting her. Soon after, Heard sought a restraining bid and was photographed with marks connected her face.

The combat had started arsenic Depp said he'd realized it was clip for the mates to split. The statement intensified, helium said, arsenic Depp accused her of leaving quality fecal substance connected his broadside of the furniture successful the penthouse they'd shared. He said Heard kept denying it, blaming it connected their tiny dogs, but helium was convinced she was lying.

Depp said helium utilized drugs and drank intoxicant arsenic a mode to header with Heard's maltreatment and said she was besides a dense drinker. Depp said helium astatine 1 constituent stopped drinking to effort to prevention the relationship, but Heard refused to abstain.

  5:08 PM / April 27, 2022 Depp's grounds connected April 19

The proceedings began much than a week earlier, but, anterior to Tuesday, jurors had lone seen Depp sitting silently with his squad of lawyers arsenic each broadside has tried to embarrass the different successful a proceedings that Heard's lawyers accurately predicted would crook into a mudslinging soap opera.

Actor Johnny Depp takes the stand, testifies against ex-wife Amber Heard 03:46

After denying Heard's maltreatment allegations, Depp spoke astatine magnitude astir a puerility successful which helium said carnal maltreatment from his parent was "constant."

Depp said Heard's allegations of his substance maltreatment person been "grossly embellished" and that determination person been nary moments wherever he's been retired of control. 

Watch much of the highlights successful the video above.