Johnny Depp's attorney presses Amber Heard on photos, donation

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  5:45 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard said she did not privation Depp's money

Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez pressed Heard connected her donations to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, asking Heard wherefore she hasn't donated the afloat magnitude of her pledge.

Heard said she had pledged the entirety of the colony and she intends to fulfill the obligation, saying she hasn't been capable to fulfill the pledge due to the fact that Depp sued her.

Vasquez pointed retired that she had received the full colony from Depp by October 2018, 13 months earlier Depp sued her, and she had not donated the afloat amount.

"When you accidental you bargain a house, you don't wage for the full location astatine 1 time," Heard said.

When Vasquez said to Heard that she wanted Depp's money, Heard disagreed. "Didn't get it, wasn't funny successful it. I loved Johnny, that's wherefore I was with him," she said.

  5:12 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard said photograph shows Depp connected drugs, not asleep

Heard pushed backmost connected questions from Depp's lawyer astir photographs she had taken of him. Heard said she took pictures of Depp to beryllium to him helium had passed retired that way. "I started taking pictures of him truthful that helium knew it was real, that it had gotten this bad," she said.

When Depp's lawyer said Depp was dormant connected his land successful 1 photo, Heard said Depp was "on the nod, arsenic helium would say." 

In different photo, Heard disagreed Depp was asleep.

"No, helium was nodding off. Asleep is different. When you're nodding off, you're precocious connected drugs — didn't adjacent consciousness the cigaret successful his manus that had been burning connected his leg. It was origin for alarm for me, due to the fact that I cared astir him," she said.

Heard repeatedly responded to the attorney's remarks that Depp was dormant successful photos saying helium was connected the nod. In different photo, of Depp seated with spilled crystal cream, Heard disagreed that helium was asleep.

"He was nodding off, and I was disquieted astir however atrocious the medications and the medicine alteration and the cause usage had gotten wherever helium wouldn't adjacent consciousness crystal pick oregon a lit cigaret connected him. It frightened me," she said.

  Updated 4:56 PM / May 16, 2022 Depp's lawyer presses Heard connected injuries, photos

Heard was quizzed astir the rings Depp wears and whether helium was wearing them erstwhile helium allegedly deed her successful the look successful March 2016. Heard said she did not question aesculapian attraction astatine that time.

Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez showed photos of Heard aft incidents successful which Heard testified Depp had deed her successful the face, pressing her connected her quality successful photos astatine events aft times she said Depp had deed her.

A photograph of Heard astatine a movie premiere successful Tokyo showed the histrion successful a backless formal aft an incidental successful which Heard testified Depp had kneeled connected her back. Heard said nary marks were disposable successful the photo.

Vasquez besides questioned Heard if she sought aesculapian attraction aft an incidental successful Australia successful which Heard had testified earlier successful the proceedings she was sexually assaulted with a vessel and suffered cuts and injuries to her face.

"I didn't request to," Heard said.

Depp's lawyer showed a clip of Heard speaking connected "The Late Late Show with James Corden" successful December 2015, which Heard had antecedently testified happened aft an incidental successful which she said it felt similar she had a breached nose.

"I did person 2 achromatic eyes aft that incident," she told the tribunal Monday and affirmed she had earlier testified a chopped to her articulator kept reopening.

Vasquez besides showed stills from the clip with Heard's rima open.

  Updated 4:23 PM / May 16, 2022 Depp's lawyer begins cross-examination of Heard

Depp's lawyer began her cross-examination of Heard connected Monday afternoon, playing an audio clip of the 2 successful 2016 during which Depp told her, "You volition not spot my eyes again."

Heard acknowledged that Depp had not looked astatine her during the trial. 

"As acold arsenic I know, helium can't look astatine me," she said.

Depp's lawyer played a clip successful which Heard told Depp to "tell the world" helium was a unfortunate of home violence, which Heard testified she had said due to the fact that it was "preposterous" her abuser would accidental so.

  3:54 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard's lawyer finishes questions

Heard's lawyer finished her questions soon aft 3 p.m. aft asking Heard to picture the affectional interaction of the ongoing litigation. Heard is countersuing Depp for $100 cardinal implicit what she calls a smear campaign.

"It's torture. I'm successful truthful overmuch pain, emotionally," she said.

She said the lawsuit has forced her to re-live the incidents and uncover intimate, "embarrassing, profoundly humiliating and personal" things that she has survived. 

"I privation to determination connected with my life. I privation to determination on, I person a baby, I privation to determination on," she said. "I privation Johnny to determination on. I privation him to permission maine alone."

  3:34 PM / May 16, 2022 Op-ed was mean to "lend my dependable to the conversation," Heard says

Heard said that portion her vocation "took a hit" aft she got the restraining bid against Depp, she started getting her vocation backmost connected track, including a pb relation successful "Aquaman." As the movie was coming out, Heard agreed to enactment successful the Washington Post op-ed Depp is suing over.

The ACLU drafted the archetypal draught of the op-ed, Heard testified, and she did not privation Depp's sanction included.

She said she got progressive due to the fact that she believed successful immoderate of the causes discussed successful the op-ed, was arrogant of having been named an ambassador for the ACLU and wanted to rise awareness. "There was conscionable a greater taste speech being had astir sex issues and I was blessed to measurement successful connected what I saw arsenic the unsocial improvement that women — typically women — acquisition erstwhile they travel guardant against idiosyncratic much powerful, erstwhile they talk up astir gender-based violence. And I thought I could lend my dependable to that conversation, that I had thing to accidental astir that."

Her lawyer asked if she was trying to boost income for the movie, and she said that isn't however it works. "A large question picture, a large franchise similar that is not aided by the work of an op-ed successful The Washington Post, I'll accidental it similar that," she said. "But the different mode astir tin beryllium said. I was wanting to lend my sanction astatine that circumstantial clip to perchance beforehand the causes wrong the op-ed."

She consulted with an attorney, she said, due to the fact that she feared retaliation from Depp and accepted each the attorney's edits connected the piece. 

She testified that she did not constitute the online rubric of the piece, and that the substance of the portion was true. She said she became, arsenic the nonfiction states, "a nationalist fig representing home maltreatment and I felt the afloat unit of our culture's wrath for women who talk out" erstwhile she got the restraining bid against Depp.

  Updated 3:18 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard accepted wealth successful divorcement colony but has not donated it all

She said each she wanted successful the divorcement was a associated connection but accepted a colony of $7 cardinal truthful it wouldn't beryllium overturned. She testified she was "never funny successful Johnny's money."

"I wanted him to wide my sanction and permission maine alone. I've been saying that since 2016," she said.

She elected to donate the colony wealth implicit a play of clip to a children's infirmary and the ACLU, she said, for taxation reasons and due to the fact that she was receiving the colony successful installments. She said she made contributions successful 2016 and 2018.

Elon Musk, "my fellow astatine the time," besides donated to those organizations successful her sanction during that clip period, she testified.

She has not made much payments, she said, "because Johnny sued maine for $50 cardinal successful March of 2019." She plans to implicit the donations, she said.

  2:49 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard breaks down successful tears: "Just don't telephone maine a liar"

The defence played audio clips of conversations betwixt Heard and Depp that Heard described successful tribunal arsenic her explaining to Depp that she was trying to get him to halt what she called "a smear campaign" successful the aftermath of their divorce.

Depp told her that helium would ruin her vocation and nary 1 would privation to enactment with her again, she testified. "I was trying to get him to telephone the dogs off, telephone if off, due to the fact that it was forcing maine to a presumption wherever — helium was calling maine a liar, and helium was forcing maine to beryllium it. And I knew that wasn't going to beryllium bully for him. And I kept saying, 'Don't marque maine beryllium it. I don't privation to,'" she said.

She said she was trying to person Depp she had photos, grounds and witnesses.

"I thought nary 1 was advising him successful his champion interests. I thought nary 1 was telling him the truth. I cognize however he's surrounded by yes-men and I thought cipher was saying to Johnny, 'This is crazy, don't bash this.' And I didn't privation to wounded him — I didn't privation to wounded him, I loved him, I loved him, truthful overmuch — that's wherefore I'm explaining to him wherefore I didn't record transgression charges, I didn't record a constabulary report, adjacent though it was being utilized against me, I didn't privation this to spell to a prosecutor," she said.

Heard broke down connected the stand, saying successful the recordings she was trying to person Depp to halt what she said was his broadside utilizing her deficiency of practice with the authorities against her. 

"I didn't privation to get him successful trouble, I didn't privation to wounded him, I didn't privation thing from him," she said. "Just don't telephone maine a liar, that's each I said: Just don't telephone maine a liar. Just don't accidental this isn't existent due to the fact that I americium the walking impervious of it."

She recounted that she broke the restraining bid to "beg him to halt the machine."

"I was feeling similar I couldn't unrecorded my life. I was being dropped from commercialized opportunities, radical were turning connected me, a run I had changeable dropped me," she said, and radical successful her beingness were being scrutinized successful the press.

  Updated 2:59 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard testifies Depp threw telephone astatine her face

The 2 agreed to conscionable successful the aftermath of the decease of Depp's parent aft helium asked to spot Heard, she testified. But Depp began talking astir the feces successful the bed, accusing 1 of her friends of a prank.

"My friends wouldn't bash that; that's not thing a clump of 30-year-old women deliberation is funny. What is helium talking about? And helium kept conscionable going connected and connected astir it," she said.

She told the tribunal she called a person to assistance "quell this, what I could lone spot arsenic a delusion" helium was having.

"Our matrimony was over, falling isolated successful beforehand of our eyes, we hadn't seen each different for a month, his ma had conscionable passed," she said. "I couldn't judge helium wanted to speech astir feces."

When she reached a antithetic person and enactment that person connected speakerphone, Depp became irate and started screaming earlier going upstairs, Heard said.

As she apologized to the friend, who told her to get retired of the location and that she wasn't safe, helium came backmost down and grabbed the telephone from her manus to commencement screaming astatine her friend, she testified.

"When helium was done, helium says, 'You privation to person my pistillate now, you privation to person my bitch, you tin have- you, you instrumentality her, you tin person her,'" she said. "And he, with that, helium picks up, pulls his limb backmost with the telephone and throws it astatine my face, deed maine successful close successful what felt similar my eye."

Photos introduced arsenic grounds amusement Heard with a reddish people connected her face.

  12:56 PM / May 16, 2022 Elon Musk a "real gentleman" erstwhile the 2 met astatine Met Gala, Heard said

Heard met billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk astatine the 2016 Met Gala aft Depp failed to be the New York fundraiser. She and Depp were invited arsenic the guests of manner decorator Ralph Lauren, but she said helium "effectively stood maine up" and she attended alone.

That evening, she spoke with Musk portion the 2 were waiting for the reddish carpet.

"I was lasting successful enactment close successful beforehand of a gentleman, it was Elon. I didn't admit him until we started talking and helium had reminded maine we had met erstwhile before. He was with his mother," she said.

The 2 were seated astatine adjacent tables and started talking.

"He seemed similar a existent gentleman, helium was truly nice," she said, and the 2 became friends. 

Heard besides denied aboriginal utilizing drugs with Musk.

  12:38 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard addresses incidental of feces near successful bed: "Absolutely not" a prank

Heard addressed an incidental brought up during Depp's grounds successful which helium recovered feces successful bed. She said they were near by 1 of their dogs.

Heard elaborate what her lawyer referred to arsenic the "bathroom problems" of the dog, a teacup Yorkie named Boo.

"She had eaten Johnny's weed erstwhile she was a puppy and had bowel power issues for her full life, among immoderate different issues," Heard said.

The canine liked to burrow successful the bed, and it was customary that the dogs slept with them successful the bed, she said. Heard said she would permission the canine successful the furniture to discourage the favored from going to the bath connected the floor, and did truthful erstwhile she and her champion friend, Raquel, packed for the Coachella euphony festival arsenic portion of her day celebration.

"You'd permission them successful furniture until you're acceptable to instrumentality them extracurricular to the patio, which is their designated bath interruption area," she said.

Heard said the incidental was "absolutely not" a prank.

"I don't deliberation that's comic — I don't cognize what grown pistillate does. I was besides not successful a pranking mood. My beingness was falling apart; I was astatine a crossroads successful my life. I was truly serious. And I had conscionable been attacked, connected my 30th birthday, by my convulsive hubby — with whom I was desperately successful emotion and knew I needed to leave," she said. "It was not truly a jovial time. And I don't deliberation that's funny, period. It's disgusting."

  12:32 PM / May 16, 2022 Heard describes convulsive incidental with Depp aft 30th day party

Heard told the tribunal Depp grabbed her "pubic area" and asked her if she thought she was pugnacious aft a solemnisation astatine their penthouse for Heard's 30th day successful 2016.

Heard said Depp arrived precocious for the event. Afterward, erstwhile they were successful furniture together, Heard said Depp asked her what her occupation was, which sparked an statement that led to what she described arsenic a "shoving match" successful their bedroom.

During the fight, Heard told the tribunal Depp threw a ample vessel of champagne astatine her, and it went done a coating she liked. Later, she said Depp tossed her cellphone done an unfastened model to the thoroughfare below, and Heard said she besides threw his telephone retired the window.

In Depp's office, she said helium grabbed her by the hairsbreadth and slammed her into his desk. Later, successful a bedroom, Heard accused Depp of holding her down connected the furniture and grabbing her "by the pubic bone, pubic area."

"He was asking me, benignant of taunting me, asking maine if I thought I was truthful f***ing tough, 'You deliberation you're specified a f***ing pugnacious guy, huh? Are you truthful pugnacious now? Look who's truthful tough. You privation to beryllium a man, pugnacious similar a antheral now?'" Heard said.

She said Depp told her she deserved being treated that way, and helium yet near the penthouse. Heard said helium returned concisely and screamed, "Happy f***ing birthday," astatine her earlier leaving again.

  11:02 AM / May 16, 2022 Video shows Johnny Depp kicking room cabinets: "You privation to spot crazy?"

Heard's ineligible squad played a video from February 2016 showing Depp kicking room cabinets and appearing to interruption glasses.

"I was truly disquieted that the momentum helium was connected was going to click into a absorption of deciding that helium was huffy astatine maine and I deserved it, and I was terrified that that was going to happen," Heard told the court.

Shortly aft the video starts, Depp is seen kicking immoderate little cabinets. He past takes a solid from an precocious cabinet. The dependable of breaking solid is heard soon after, and Depp is seen getting different glass.

In the video, Depp asks Heard what she was doing that greeting and was skeptical of her answers.

"You privation to spot crazy? I'll springiness you f***ing crazy," Depp says successful the video arsenic helium pours himself a ample solid of wine. "Here's crazy."

After filling the glass, Depp spotted the camera.

"You got this going?" Depp asks Heard earlier helium takes the camera retired of the room.

  10:18 AM / May 16, 2022 Recordings entered into grounds uncover Heard saying she deed Depp

On respective audio recordings successful evidence, Heard discusses hitting Depp and the quality betwixt her punching and hitting him. But successful testimony, she offered discourse to the situation.

'When I'm talking astir hitting him, I'm talking astir — what that speech is astir is astir the disparity, the disparity betwixt Johnny and I successful our fights, the disparity of however helium would proactively punch maine and I would person to edifice to reactively hitting him," she said. "I'm talking astir the quality betwixt a punch, which Johnny did often, and maine having to deed him successful my defense." 

"I cognize the quality betwixt those 2 — and I'm highlighting the quality betwixt those two. Even if helium wasn't doubly my size, they're precise antithetic and that's what I'm pointing retired to him," she said successful court.

In a aboriginal portion of the recording, she said Depp, who was inebriated, misunderstood their enactment arsenic she tried to unfastened a bath doorway to cheque connected him. Heard said Depp "violently reacted" to her opening the door.

He aboriginal blamed her, Heard said, for "starting a carnal combat betwixt us" and she was trying to beryllium accountable for her ain actions and telling him that she couldn't committedness him that erstwhile she was frightened and successful pain, she wouldn't react.

  9:57 AM / May 16, 2022 Heard claims Depp enactment cigaret retired connected his ain cheek

Under questioning by her attorney, Heard said Depp would injure himself. She said she astir called 911 successful New York successful 2014 due to the fact that she thought she had "done himself an injury."

"He often, successful fights, would chopped his arms oregon clasp a weapon to his chest. Or gully blood, superficially astatine archetypal but aboriginal — similar successful 2016, particularly arsenic our narration was ending," she said.

"He besides enactment cigarettes retired connected himself, he'd flick them astatine me, and erstwhile oregon doubly tried to enactment 1 retired connected me, but mostly helium would bash it portion screaming astatine me. He erstwhile did it close successful beforehand of me, screaming astatine my look arsenic helium enactment the cigaret retired connected his cheek," she said.

  9:50 AM / May 16, 2022 Depp became furious implicit enactment country by Heard's assemblage double, she testifies

Heard testified that Depp had heard astir a movie she worked connected called "London Fields" and was upset by what helium had heard astir the film, claiming she had done a enactment country she had not told him about. He insisted connected watching a screener portion the 2 were astatine what she called his "remote" chateau successful France.

"We're successful this distant place, and we're screening this movie that I appeared successful and determination was a country — a enactment country — successful that movie that started earlier Johnny freaked retired due to the fact that it looked similar me. They had utilized a assemblage double, unbeknownst to me, without my permission, they had utilized a assemblage treble to bash a enactment scene," she said.

"I person an incredibly jealous antheral who already is upset with maine for breaking the regularisation that I had a enactment scene. On apical of that, I'm telling him, it wasn't me, I didn't sprout that scene. and you tin ideate however upset helium was. He was irate; calling maine a liar and a whore, among different things," she said, kicking disconnected what she called a week from hellhole during which she said helium slapped her crossed the look and punched her successful the jaw.

  9:41 AM / May 16, 2022 Heard says Depp wrapped a garment astir her cervix connected their honeymoon

Amber Heard resumed testifying Monday, describing a 2015 "honeymoon trip" connected the Orient Express nether questioning by her attorney, Elaine Bredehoft. Heard said she and Johnny Depp argued during the travel implicit his wanting to resume drinking "brown liquor" aft helium finished filming the 5th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Depp had already resumed drinking vino and champagne, and she said she was fearful the signifier would continue.

"Every clip helium would propulsion maine distant from the broadside of the car, helium would slam maine up against the wall," she said, arsenic she clawed astatine him and tried to get his arms distant from her neck. She described her fears that helium would termination her.

She said helium tore her shirt, exposing her bosom arsenic she grabbed astatine the lapels of his shirt.

"He rips the garment disconnected of him and wraps it astir my cervix and that's however I woke up the adjacent morning," she said.

  4:41 PM / May 13, 2022 Highlights of Heard's earlier testimony

During erstwhile days' testimony, Amber Heard said she knew she should permission Johnny Depp the archetypal clip helium deed her, but she couldn't bring herself to bash it.

"I knew I couldn't conscionable forgive him, right, due to the fact that that means it volition hap again. Like, I've seen the wellness people videos," Heard told the tribunal done tears arsenic she took the basal successful Depp's libel suit against her. "I was heartbroken."

Watch the video for immoderate of the highlights from her earlier testimony.

10 shocking moments from Amber Heard's testimony 11:58
  4:35 PM / May 13, 2022 Highlights of Depp's testimony

Depp spent several days connected the witnesser stand earlier successful the trial, successful which helium acknowledged cause and intoxicant usage and sending texts with vulgar connection astir Heard, but denied the allegations of abuse. Watch the video for immoderate of the highlights from his testimony.

15 shocking moments from Johnny Depp's grounds successful proceedings against Amber Heard 11:35