Jeopardy!'s Mayim Bialik Reveals What Really Happens When a Clue Correction Occurs

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Mayim Bialik Addresses RE-WEARING OUTFIT connected Jeopardy!

Even the Jeopardy! unit needs other clip to reply a question sometimes. 

When the amusement needs to fig retired if a contestant's alternate reply is acceptable, it takes a full batch longer than they marque it look connected TV.

"We sometimes unopen down for adjacent to an hr implicit 1 decision," big Mayim Bialik said connected the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast. "You don't spot that. Any occurrence wherever we close someone's score, similar ‘The judges person ruled that mahogany is besides an acceptable histrion that begins with M' oregon immoderate it is, that usually means we've unopen down for similar an hour."

Because an lawsuit similar that tin "change the people of the game," Mayim argues, the process is precise official. 

"There's a lawyer connected acceptable each day. A lawyer from standards and practices," she revealed. "Imagine going to instrumentality schoolhouse and you get placed sitting connected Jeopardy!. They conscionable beryllium and marque definite that everything's kosher."

Sounds similar a beauteous saccharine gig to us!

Mayim is presently rotating hosting duties with former Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. After the death of Alex Trebek successful November 2020, the amusement faced a hosting debacle and has yet to welcome has yet to sanction a imperishable host. Mayim and Ken look to beryllium the last 2 for the gig, aft impermanent hosts similar Aaron Rodgers, Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric took turns down the famed Jeopardy! lectern.

Mayim and Ken volition proceed to alternate arsenic hosts until the crippled show's 39th play culminates astatine the extremity of July. 


Whether she yet gets named the imperishable big oregon not, the acquisition has been tremendous for Mayim.

"It is simply a imagination job," she told E! News' Daily Pop on April 13. "I larn each day. I get to conscionable caller contestants each hour. It's fun. And the cognition that these contestants have, it's conscionable truthful overmuch amusive to watch."

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