Jennifer Grey Recalls Being Engaged to Johnny Depp and Matthew Broderick in the Same Month

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Jennifer Grey Engaged to Johnny Depp & Matthew Broderick?!

While Baby wasn't put in the country of this emotion triangle, she did cut it beauteous close.

In the '80s, determination was a play of clip erstwhile Jennifer Grey was engaged to to Matthew Broderick—then Johnny Depp conscionable weeks later.

"It was truly a motion that determination was occupation afoot connected my part," the Dirty Dancing histrion shared connected the May 12 occurrence of The Drew Barrymore Show. "I mean, honestly, I conscionable thought it was God rescuing maine from 1 atrocious situation, and conscionable lovingly plopping maine into a Johnny Depp soufflé."

Here's a speedy timeline: Back successful 1985, she met Broderick connected acceptable of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, successful which they played member and sister. In 1988, the histrion projected to her with a Tiffany & Co. diamond solitaire engagement ring, she writes successful her caller memoir Out of the Corner, but they soon split, after which she flew to Los Angeles.

A week later, she went connected a unsighted date, acceptable up by her agent, with Depp, who said helium had a monolithic crush connected her aft seeing Dirty Dancing.

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"You person to recognize Johnny Depp, 1989 Johnny Depp, truthful beautiful," the histrion told Drew Barrymore. "You've ne'er seen a much beautiful, whoa."

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In her book, Grey wrote that 2 weeks aft gathering Depp, helium proposed, and aboriginal took her to Tiffany & Co. successful Beverly Hills, wherever they picked retired a small, emerald-cut diamond ring with tiny emerald baguettes. She revealed they soon moved successful together, talked astir starting a family, and got a puppy named Lulu.

But the couple's narration didn't past long. Grey wrote that 9 months after they met, she broke disconnected their engagement.

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Today, however, Depp is making headlines for an wholly antithetic reason. He is presently progressive successful a defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who helium is suing for $50 cardinal implicit a 2018 Washington Post essay, successful which she described herself arsenic a "public fig representing home abuse" without mentioning the histrion by name. Heard is countersuing Depp, who denies her allegations and has accused her of acting convulsive herself successful their relationship, for $100 million. (For a full breakdown of the case, click here.)

"All I tin accidental astir that trial is that it breaks my bosom for everybody involved," Grey told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. "I conscionable deliberation it's bittersweet and I privation it was resolved and I conscionable privation everybody well."

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