James Corden Is Leaving The Late Late Show

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James Corden, 1 of the biggest names successful precocious nighttime TV, is preparing to permission The Late Late Show. See what helium had to accidental astir his departure.

James Corden Is LEAVING The Late Late Show

James Corden is bidding farewell to The Late Late Show.

E! News has learned that the precocious nighttime host, who took implicit the amusement from Craig Ferguson successful March 2015, is exiting the speech amusement aft signing a one-year hold to his contract. He's acceptable to permission up of summertime 2023.

"It's been it's a truly hard determination to permission due to the fact that I'm truthful immensely arrogant of the show," Corden told Deadline, who archetypal broke the news. "I'm thrilled to beryllium extending [for a year]. I ever thought I'd bash it for 5 years and past permission and past I stayed on. I've truly been reasoning astir it for a agelong time, reasoning whether determination mightiness beryllium 1 much adventure."

Corden added, "My bosses present astatine CBS person been incredibly supportive and extraordinarily diligent with maine portion I made this decision.

He went connected to explicit a akin sentiment successful the opening monologue of his April 28 episode, noting, "When I started this journey, it was ever going to beryllium conscionable that. It was going to beryllium a journey, an adventure. I ne'er saw it arsenic my last destination, you know? And I ne'er privation this amusement to overstay its invited successful immoderate way. I ever privation to emotion making it. And I truly deliberation successful a twelvemonth from present that volition beryllium a bully clip to determination connected and spot what other mightiness beryllium retired there."

Since taking implicit the reins, Corden has turned The Late Late Show into a pillar of precocious nighttime programming. In particular, his Carpool Karaoke recurring segment—featuring guests similar Adele, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber—became a viral sensation.

The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Prime Time Special—a CBS primetime mentation of the fashionable segment—has adjacent earned Corden 2 Emmys.

"Seven years ago, James Corden came to the U.S. and took tv by storm, with immense originative and comedic swings that resonated successful a large mode with viewers on-air and online," CBS President and CEO George Cheeks said successful a statement. "James has genuinely reimagined galore elements of the precocious nighttime format."

While Cheeks noted that helium wished Corden "could enactment longer," helium was "very arrogant [Corden] made CBS his American home."

Of course, Corden is not conscionable a precocious nighttime personality, arsenic helium has maintained his acting vocation portion hosting the show. He has appeared successful movies similar Cats, The Prom, Into The Woods and Cinderella. He's besides lent his dependable to movies similar Trolls 2: World Tour and the 2 Peter Rabbit films.

The Late Late Show airs astatine 12:37 a.m. ET connected CBS.

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