It's Okay if Your Motherhood Journey Doesn't Look Like You Imagined, Take It From These Stars

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You cognize that scene successful the archetypal Sex and the City movie wherever Charlotte comes location from the doc to confess the astir breathtaking quality to Carrie? 

Charlotte's pregnant, which she had thought wasn't imaginable but, "you cognize however radical ever accidental erstwhile you halt trying it tin happen?" she explains. "And my doc says that she knows different couples who've adopted and past they get pregnant!" 

It's heartwarming AF, the cleanable blessed ending for the cleanable Upper East Side princess and it's wholly a happening that could hap for the astir 10 percent of women who conflict with infertility. But, also, if Jordana Brewster had a 4th for each clip idiosyncratic told her to "just relax" during her yearslong journey...

"I was told that a lot," she lamented during a chat with E! News. "Like, 'You cognize what, the astir important happening is for you to unbend during this, but besides bash these 5 shots a week and beryllium connected hormones and spell done this rollercoaster, but relax.' And it was like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

There were much than a fewer of those WTF moments en way to welcoming sons Julian, present 8, and Rowan, present 5, with ex-husband Andrew Form. But present that she has 2 boys moving astir her Los Angeles home, hiding successful the shelves of her closets arsenic she tries to get them disconnected to school, well, a batch of the symptom of the sugar-free and dairy-free fare and those visits to the fertility specialists and the naturopath and the acupuncturist person started to fade. 

Even reliving the experience, partnering with Clearblue for their 2021 National Infertility Awareness Week #Conceivinghood campaign, has felt restorative successful a mode she couldn't person begun to ideate a decennary ago. Rehashing the travel that led to her utilizing a gestational surrogate, "I didn't truly expect however overmuch healing would travel from that," she admitted.


As she listened to her chap panelists, retired NFL pro Devon Still and his woman and REALationships podcast cohost Asha Still, stock their fertility struggles, "I was like, darn it, I truly privation that I had heard those stories 10 years ago, due to the fact that it truly would person helped me. Because I felt truthful isolated erstwhile I was trying to person a babe and erstwhile I was trying to assistance my fertility chances and I felt similar determination was thing incorrect with me."

If she could spell backmost and present a connection to struggling thirtysomething Jordana, the person who felt similar she was the lone one relying connected subject to make her family, it'd be some mentation of the it-gets-better trope. "What they accidental astir childbirth is that you hide each the pain. And I deliberation thing akin happened," explained the actress, 42. "I'm excessively engaged and juggling excessively galore things to retrieve however achy immoderate days were."

It's a sentiment histrion Camille Guaty concurs, albeit with the slightest of caveats. She's been wearing the mantle of how becoming a parent is much important than how you go 1 since she was large with present 2-year-old lad Morrison

Even a twelvemonth aft his October 2020 arrival, she hadn't afloat worked past the particulars of how she got from carefree 37-year-old who ne'er considered she'd person an contented with fertility to yet large at 42 after 5 failed rounds of IVF and 1 unthinkable gift from her ovum donor. 

There were conscionable a fewer reminders that, actually, she'd been through it. 

For instance, while Guaty had taken pains to scour the Tulip Fertility database to find a donor with her Cuban and Puerto Rican background, brunette hairsbreadth and the types of features that would equilibrium retired hubby Sy Rhys Kaye ("Because I wanted to marque sure, well, if my hubby has much almond-shaped eyes, I privation round-shaped eyes. If my hubby has a pointy nose, I privation a circular nose"). But when tiny towheaded Sonny arrived, arsenic acold arsenic her cautious enactment went, "I can hardly spot this miss successful him." 

Cue the well-meaning chatter astir however she'd fundamentally birthed her husband's twin, a concern that boiled over about six months before her toddler began calling Kaye "Mommy." 

"And I went done another large breakdown thinking, 'Can helium archer that the genetics are tied to him and not to me? Is that the crushed wherefore he's calling him Mommy and not maine Mommy?' Which is truthful not true," she stressed. "It's a toddler signifier that tin happen. But I'm blessed that I was capable to truly hash retired my emotions and recognize however I'm inactive tied to immoderate of my pain."


She recalled how "suitcases of emotion" had accumulated as she listened to a doc archer her she had "the insides of a 50-year-old" oregon the New York specializer who swore she would get large with his protocol say that she didn't have any follicles to enactment with. 

Egg donation was the adjacent step, but "I could not wrapper my encephalon astir utilizing different woman's ovum successful my body," she said. "That felt truthful overseas to me. It felt similar utilizing thing from immoderate different pistillate to marque maine nutrient a kid made maine feel, actually, much broken." 

So she grieved. "I went through, basically, each the stages," she recalled. "First I was angry. I was truly upset astatine myself. I was like, 'How could I enactment my vocation archetypal and hold this long? Why didn't I determine to bash this sooner? How travel I didn't deliberation that this ticking timepiece really existed?' All of the things. And past I went to getting aggravated with my husband. To past truly mourning the nonaccomplishment of this kid that I had envisioned for 5 years ne'er coming to fruition. So I ran the gamut."


Having processed that, she realized, that, it really didn't substance each that overmuch if her, say, great-great granddaughter had her dimples. "I was going to nurture this kid and helium volition beryllium his ain person," she remembered. "And I get to beryllium a portion of bringing connected his champion self. And that to maine was truly important."

Realizing they were done with the IVF that felt like the astir high-stakes crippled of poker ("I felt similar I was gambling for a baby: 'Let's conscionable enactment each of our wealth into this adjacent round, due to the fact that this adjacent circular is going to travel retired great. We're going to get thing from this'"), they tried to find the moments of levity successful the ovum donor process.

The Prison Break alum remembers wondering if the charismatic women successful her acting classes, the workout enthusiasts astatine her Zumba instructor's day party, adjacent the beauteous brunette waiting connected their array mightiness beryllium the one. "Like, 'How weird is it if we inquire for her eggs? Do you deliberation she would spell for it?'" 

Ultimately, their travel contained much twists than the TV shows she's appeared connected (we're talking learning their archetypal ovum donor had messed up her last shot, making her eggs irretrievable, conscionable as Guaty was astir to movie a Good Doctor country successful which her quality meets her newborn baby), the extremity effect was the accidental to genitor a boy who virtually clings to her. 

"Family planning doesn't ever hap the mode we expect it to. And we tin program families successful truthful galore antithetic ways," she stressed. "If you would person told maine erstwhile I was starting this that I would consciousness however I consciousness close present astir my child, I would person 100 percent conscionable blown you disconnected and been like, 'No, there's nary mode I could consciousness this connected to my child.' But I emotion him so much. Like, I mean, I cannot emotion thing more. And helium is so my child. It doesn't marque immoderate consciousness arsenic to wherefore I didn't marque this determination sooner."

For Brewster, being incapable to transportation her sons brought connected a full big of antithetic insecurities. "I didn't cognize anyone other who needed gestational surrogacy," she said, "and past aboriginal connected I recovered retired that, like, determination were radical astir maine who did, but conscionable didn't speech astir it."

So arsenic she chatted with different moms successful Texas, wherever she was filming TNT's Dallas remake, and past successful her L.A. moms' group, she felt similar the "weirdo," definite that everyone other was judging her between talk of slumber grooming and tummy time. 

"Because everyone would beryllium like," she recalled putting connected an affected, precocious voice, "'Oh my god! You mislaid your babe value so fast!' And I was like, 'Oh, I didn't, I wasn't capable to carry.' So past I would person to over-explain. I'm not 1 of those women who's like, 'I don't person to explicate to anyone due to the fact that it's nary one's business.'"

Eventually she forced herself to displacement retired of that apologetic mindset. "I realized, you cognize what, the lone happening that matters is that I've got these boys," she explained. "I'm fortunate capable that they're my babies and I'm doing my implicit best. And that is each that matters."

Well, that, and leaning into each panel, each interview, each Instagram post, each accidental she tin to punctual those struggling aboriginal parents that they are not alone. And portion she would ne'er suggest they conscionable relaaaaaaaaax, she'd emotion if she could easiness conscionable a smidge of the intelligence burden. 

"However you get there," she said erstwhile asked the proposal she'd springiness to those wading done the affectional choices of IVF, gestational surrogacy, ovum donation, sperm donation and adoption, "once you get there, it's truthful worthy the travel and you bash hide however achy it was. Thank God."

It's a connection Guaty finds herself delivering a lot, her DMs often flush with confessions from others who utilized ovum donors but didn't consciousness comfy telling their families. "I carried this stigma for a bit and the much I talked astir it, the much I normalized it for myself," she explained. "So I deliberation talking astir it for maine helped maine travel to presumption with it." 

Plus, arsenic she enactment it, "I'm like, 'Wow, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and I'm astatine the apical close present looking retired and realizing however beauteous this really is. Why would I privation to instrumentality that story, my story, our household communicative away? I privation to beryllium arrogant of however we got present and however acold we've travel and wherever we are close now."

A mentation of this communicative was primitively published connected Saturday, April 24, 2021 astatine 12 a.m. PT.