It’s Obama and Censorship vs. Elon Musk and Free Speech – Will America and the Civilized World Win?

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Freedom of code vs. tyranny and censorship  –  Will America and the satellite travel Elon Musk’s imaginativeness of Twitter oregon Barack Obama’s telephone for much censorship?  

Frank Gaffney released his Secure Freedom Minute this morning.  Today’s infinitesimal discussed the semipermanent road that humanity volition travel.  Will America and the satellite travel Barack Obama and censorship of escaped code oregon volition it travel escaped code arsenic espoused by Elon Musk during his efforts to acquisition Twitter?  Which mode volition we go?  Will the archetypal amendment dice oregon thrive?

Last week Obama was astatine Stanford wherever helium discussed his ideas for censoring escaped speech.  He argues that immoderate helium doesn’t similar is disinformation and helium wants this stopped.  This is not escaped speech.

TRENDING: BREAKING: IT'S OFFICIAL! TWITTER IS SOLD! Twitter Shares Halted Pending News of Sale - Company Sold to Elon Musk for $44 Billion

Obama and Hillary Push for Government Censorship and Restrictions connected Speech Claiming This Will “Bolster World Democracy”

Elon Musk 2 weeks agone shared that his efforts to instrumentality implicit Twitter were much than astir the money.

Elon Musk connected Purchasing Twitter: “This is not a Way to Make Money – To Have a Public Platform that Is Maximally Trusted and Inclusive Is Important to Future of Civilization”

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