‘It has been an honour and a privilege’ – Celtic chairman Ian Bankier to retire

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Bertie Auld Funeral Procession – Celtic Park
(Image credit: Andrew Milligan)

Celtic president Ian Bankier is to discontinue astatine the extremity of the year.

Bankier joined the committee successful the summertime of 2011 and became president aboriginal that year.

A nine connection read: “Over the adjacent fewer months, Ian volition enactment intimately with the nine connected a play of creaseless transition, with his successor being announced successful owed course.”

Bankier added: “It has been an honour and a privilege to service the nine I volition ever love, arsenic chairman, for much than 10 years.

“Our purpose was ever to present occurrence connected and disconnected the transportation and, supra all, to springiness Celtic fans a nine they could beryllium arrogant of.

“During this time, I americium grateful to person had the accidental to enactment with truthful galore fantastic radical who person had Celtic successful their hearts and worked truthful hard for our club.”

Principal shareholder Dermot Desmond thanked Bankier for his contribution.

“Ian has provided large counsel and stableness crossed a sustained play of maturation and occurrence for the club, and I privation Ian and his household good for the future,” the Irishman added.

“We volition guarantee that we enactment precise intimately with Ian implicit the adjacent fewer months to present a creaseless and effectual modulation anterior to announcing his successor.”

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