Is Bitcoin Getting Ready for a Bullish Continuation?

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After nosediving beneath the intelligence terms of $40K implicit the weekend, Bitcoin is backmost to winning ways.

The starring cryptocurrency was up by 5.66% successful the past 24 hours to deed $40,611 during intraday trading, according to CoinMarketCap. 

Market expert Michael van de Poppe pointed out:

“Great bullish divergence connected Bitcoin and bouncing from higher timeframes level here. Looks acceptable for bullish continuation.”


Source : TradingView

Crypto trader Ali Martinez shared akin sentiments and stated:

“The TD Sequential presents a bargain awesome connected the 12-hour illustration portion BTC forms a bullish divergence against the RSI. The bullish signals travel astatine a captious country of support. If $38,530 continues to clasp BTC whitethorn person a bully accidental of rebounding to $43,700.”


Source: TradingView

Bullish divergence happens erstwhile prices driblet to a caller low, but the aforesaid is not observed with an oscillator. Therefore, it signals that bears’ powerfulness is fading and bulls are acceptable to instrumentality implicit the marketplace again.

Is $43,000 next?

Elon Musk’s acquisition of societal media elephantine Twitter has reignited prices successful the crypto marketplace due to the fact that Bitcoin presently sits astatine a important enactment zone, pursuing a bullish momentum.

Having breached the $40K terms level, the starring cryptocurrency needs to clasp this country to boost its upward push. 

Crypto expert Rekt Capital explained:

“BTC is inactive holding the 2022 Higher Low arsenic enactment (green) Continued enactment present & BTC volition revisit $43100 resistance.”


Source: TradingView

The $40,900 portion has besides acted arsenic the redline betwixt nett buyers and sellers successful the past six months. 

With a existent terms of $40,600, Bitcoin is simply a stone’s propulsion distant from crossing this level, and this is expected to reignite much buying pressure, prompting higher prices. 

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