Insurrection! Angry Leftists Announce Plans to “Protest” Annual Congressional Baseball Game

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Angry Leftists announced their plans to protestation the yearly legislature shot crippled planned for tonight.

We volition converge connected the legislature shot crippled and we volition SHUT IT DOWN.

Congress indispensable walk legislation. Biden indispensable state a clime emergency.

— Now Or Never (@now____or_never) July 26, 2022

The China and Russia supported leftists privation to extremity each fossil fuels successful the US — They besides privation to extremity the US.

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The US Capitol Police released a connection connected the planned protests.

Notice the soiled Capitol Police picture these unhinged mob arsenic “demonstrators” and not extremist clime leftists.

“We impulse anyone who is reasoning astir causing occupation astatine the foundation crippled to enactment home. We volition not tolerate unit oregon immoderate unlawful behaviour during this household event.” (3/3)

— U.S. Capitol Police (@CapitolPolice) July 27, 2022

Leftists volition effort to ruin this contented similar everything other they touch.

Looks similar activists who were readying to unopen down legislature shot crippled implicit clime inaction volition present conscionable protestation outside, pursuing Manchin-Schumer woody

— Cuneyt Dil (@cuneytdil) July 28, 2022

They tin teardrop down our posters. They cannot teardrop down our ideas.

— Now Or Never (@now____or_never) July 27, 2022

They ruin everything.

“If Democrats again neglect to walk a reconciliation bundle by their self-imposed deadlines, past we are going to fto our justified choler beryllium known. We conscionable garbage to beryllium by portion members of Congress play shot arsenic the satellite burns.”

— Now Or Never (@now____or_never) July 25, 2022