Inside The Challenge: All Stars' Syrus Yarbrough's 60-Pound Weight Loss Journey

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A six-pack has taken connected a full caller gathering for world TV's enactment guy.  

Syrus Yarbrough was 25 years aged erstwhile helium starred on The Real World: Boston, which volition observe its 25th day this summer. And the erstwhile assemblage hoops star's stint connected the MTV bid and his 5 appearances connected The Challenge led to decades of partying for a living, forming unhealthy habits successful the process. 

"I archer radical I've been 25 for 25 years," Syrus told E! News successful a caller telephone interview. "When you're touring the satellite and erstwhile you're paid to beryllium you, it's a hard thing. I was known arsenic Sy the enactment guy, truthful I was partying my butt disconnected and the butt got bigger and bigger!"

So longtime fans were stunned erstwhile Syrus showed up connected the May 11 premiere of The Challenge: All Stars season 3 40 pounds lighter than erstwhile helium past appeared connected play 1 of the Paramount+ spinoff. And since filming ended, Syrus revealed helium has mislaid an further 20 pounds, getting into the champion signifier of his beingness astatine 50.

"I consciousness wholly reinvigorated. Honestly, each time is my day now," said Syrus, who was getting his miles successful connected a stationary motorcycle astatine the gym portion helium was chatting with E! News. "It's astonishing being backmost with the spotlight connected maine and get retired determination and amusement the satellite my earthy beingness progression. It's a antithetic benignant of feeling erstwhile you are 50 years aged and you inactive person the accidental to get retired determination and compete."

And Syrus, who shares the grant of being the oldest formed subordinate with Mark Long, showed up primed to vie this season, beating Tyler Duckworth successful the archetypal elimination situation and proving helium is acceptable to spell toe-to-toe with the younger competitors.

Instragram/Syrus Yarbrough

"Being an ex-college athlete, you can't get that precocious again unless you get on The Challenge," Syrus explained. "So I've been waiting for this moment, I'm backmost successful optimal shape."

Syrus revealed determination were "several antithetic factors" that led to his fittingness translation aft an wounded helium suffered respective years agone near him feeling "depressed" and caused him to "gain a clump of weight."

Establishing himself arsenic a TV property aft his clip connected The Real World and The Challenge, Syrus admitted the partying manner yet took its toll.

"I was spiraling successful this portion of conscionable being unhealthy," helium explained. "Partying each day, being paid for it, eating similar crap, immoderate I wanted, whenever I wanted. It was conscionable 1 of those things wherever I decided to marque a implicit change."

That meant giving up drinking, smoking and sugar, a plan Syrus enactment into spot earlier the pandemic, which then kick-started his fittingness regimen.

"I bash 20 miles a day, either by elliptical, by motorcycle oregon extracurricular by foot," Syrus revealed. "And past I bash the remainder of my workout connected apical of that." That could mean a gym league oregon playing basketball, which helium does 3 times a week erstwhile he's astatine home. 

But Syrus took his committedness to his caller manner to the adjacent level aft helium had "a small scare" erstwhile his doc told him that his humor unit was high. 

"I didn't know, I felt large and that was 1 of the factors to propulsion it further," helium recalled. "I was already going down the road, but aft that I was like, 'Look, no, nary way. This changes tomorrow.' And I conscionable enactment into spot everything I needed to bash to get that backmost successful order. Here I americium now, feeling amended and healthier than ever."

Amy Tierney/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Along with his regular workouts, Syrus follows the ketogenic fare and intermittent fasting, which he didn't adjacent find challenging to instrumentality to portion filming All Stars.

"My mentality is we are casted connected the amusement for respective reasons, but I deliberation 1 of the reasons I'm connected the amusement is I'm an extremist," Syrus said. "I'm not an mean person. Sorry to accidental it similar that, but immoderate the mean idiosyncratic does, I'm going to bash it 5 times that and that's conscionable my personality. Even connected my horrible days, I volition inactive spell and bang retired 5 miles, truthful there's nary excuses for that. I clasp myself accountable for everything successful my life, bully and bad."

For Syrus, saying goodbye to intoxicant and sweetener didn't consciousness similar a sacrifice, explaining, "I privation to beryllium successful optimal signifier by 60 and I privation to unrecorded the longest beingness I tin and successful doing truthful I had to chopped retired a fewer things."

Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

He continued, "The cardinal to the full happening is keeping it arsenic sustainable arsenic possible. People effort to marque a large woody retired of it and I'm like, 'Dude, what are you tripping on? We tin spell to Burger King if you want, I don't care.' We tin bash anyplace and find thing to eat, it's conscionable the mode you devour it. It's conscionable a substance of willpower."

Still, Syrus did admit that a country of him successful 2006's The Gauntlet 2, successful which helium was wearing "a size mean Speedo astatine 238 pounds" and jokingly "popped, locked  and dropped it," gave him an other propulsion to change.

"I was like, 'Oh my god, did they truly conscionable bash that to me?!'" helium recalled of the 2006 moment. "So my information from that constituent guardant was to marque definite I'm not the feline looking similar that ever again. That was precise embarrassing."

Now successful highest carnal information astatine 50 years old, Syrus is looking beyond All Stars, revealing that helium hopes to beryllium formed connected The Challenge's upcoming 38th play arsenic well. "I'm acceptable to go," helium shared. "My extremity is to get backmost connected the different one. I'm trying to enactment arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable and amusement radical that I inactive person the combat near successful this aged dog."

That means helium wants to look disconnected against the likes of Challenge beasts similar six-time champion CT Tamburello, Fessy Shabaat and Cory Wharton, explaining, "I privation to situation myself connected the highest level I perchance tin and that's what happens each azygous time erstwhile I bash anything."

Right by his side—literally—in his fittingness travel is his fit fiancée, Stacy Elmer, who was connected the elliptical instrumentality close beside him arsenic helium spoke with E!.

"My girl's got a brainsick six-pack," Syrus said. "I got her by 10 years already, truthful I was like, 'Look, I'll get a six-pack. I haven't had 1 successful a agelong time.' She was like, 'Let's go!'"

That meant adapting the keto fare unneurotic and regular gym visits, with Syrus explaining, "So we got astatine it each day. That information that you find successful a spouse is unmatched."

As for their 2023 nuptials, the paper has yet to beryllium finalized, with Syrus leaving the determination up to the bride-to-be astir whether oregon not it volition beryllium a keto-friendly affair. "I mightiness veer extracurricular of that if she wants to," helium said. "I don't person the request to, but it's up to her."

But, earlier their wedding, Syrus has different large solemnisation to propulsion arsenic July marks the 25th day of the premiere of The Real World: Boston. 

"I americium doing a 25-2or-25 years enactment to commemorate that moment," helium revealed. "I person to observe that due to the fact that astir radical are like, 'You're old!' and I'm like, I'm blessed to beryllium aged and I'm blessed to inactive beryllium here. I'm thankful for it."

Even 60 pounds lighter, he's inactive Sy the enactment guy.

Check retired much of The Challenge: All Stars play 3 cast, past and now: 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Wes Bergmann

One of the astir notable figures from the OG franchise—with 2 wins successful 14 seasons—The Real World: Austin vet is making his All Stars debut. When he's not masterminding blindsides and politicking successful the Challenge house, the 38-year-old entrepreneur is the creator of the integer world bid The Blox and recaps Challenge episodes connected his Patreon. Wes has been joined to Amanda Hornick since 2018. 

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Tina Bridges

The Road Rules: South Pacific vet went connected to go 1 of the franchise's astir iconic pistillate competitors, making it to 2 finals but ne'er bringing location a win, and the 40-year-old is backmost on All Stars seeking redemption aft refusing to vie successful an elimination circular past season. Host TJ Lavin was little than impressed. 

In the 16 years since her memorable past quality connected the main show—The Duel, from which she was disqualified for punching Beth Stolarczyk—Tina's beingness is, successful her words connected the play 2 premiere, "fabulous. I person a husband, nary kids. I don't work. I person a excavation successful the backyard. Life is truly good."

Mike Coppola/Getty Images, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Jemmye Carroll

One of the much caller alumni, Jemmye originated connected 2010's The Real World: New Orleans, going connected to vie connected 7 Challenges earlier making it to the last successful the augural play of All Stars.

The 33-year-old lives successful New Orleans and has her ain swimwear collection, Just Jemm. She was portion of the spinoff's archetypal hookup, sharing a furniture with Nehemiah Clark.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Kailah Casillas

While The Real World: Go Big oregon Go Home alum has yet to nett a triumph connected the main show, she's hoping to instrumentality location the prize wealth during her rookie play arsenic an All Star. 

Kailah, 29, joined Love Island UK alum Sam Bird successful March 2022. 

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Roni Chance

While the Road Rules: Northern Trail alum won some seasons of The Challenge she competed on, she has not appeared connected TV since The Gauntlet II successful 2004.

Roni, present 43, is joined with 2 children and has worked astatine Hearst Magazines arsenic a photograph exertion since 2006. 

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Nehemiah Clark

After going 0-for-2 successful his All Stars career, including a travel to the finals successful play two, Nehemiah is hoping to yet go a champ successful play three. During The Real World: Austin vet's clip connected The Challenge, helium won 1 of the 4 seasons helium competed connected earlier making his last quality connected 2011's Rivals. 

But, adjacent during his clip distant from the show, the 37-year-old inactive had ties to the franchise, remaining adjacent friends with Wes Bergmann. The 2 created their ain integer series, Friends With Benefits, during quarantine, which featured appearances from different alumni.

While helium was erstwhile Beth Stolarcyzk's "Tenderoni," Nehemiah struck up a showmance with Jemmye Carroll during All Stars' archetypal season.

Ryan Born/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Melinda Collins

After making it to the finals successful play two, The Real World: Austin alum is backmost for different changeable astatine the All Stars crown. Previously, Melinda appeared connected 4 seasons of The Challenge, competing alongside and past against her Texas housemate-turned-husband Danny Jamieson earlier their divorcement successful 2010.

The 39-year-old joined Matt Collins successful 2016 and the mates person a 3-year-old son, Camden. Melinda is the co-host of the Blonde Moments podcast.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Tyler Duckworth

Back for his 2nd outing arsenic an All Star, the two-time champion from The Real World: Key West is hoping for a amended result this season.

In his decennary distant from the franchise, the 40-year-old became a teacher successful North Dakota and is presently getting his doctorate.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Yes Duffy

The OG All Stars champ is backmost to support his rubric aft sitting retired the 2nd season. The 44-year-old Road Rules: Semester astatine Sea vet works arsenic an designer and activistic and is joined with 2 sons. 

"The contiguous program is I americium going to instrumentality attraction of the radical who helped get maine here, from the kid attraction to the household and friends who request support," Yes told E! News of his plans for the prize wealth aft his large win. "And past the 2nd portion is simply a spot much intentional. As an designer and arsenic an activist, passim my vocation I've worked for a fig of non-profits, I've started non-profits that combat for societal justness and plan affordable housing. And I'm truly reasoning of this $500,000 arsenic a assistance to elevate the societal interaction of our enactment and code this lodging affordability situation due to the fact that that's truly wherever my humor has been for truthful agelong and that's wherever this wealth volition go."

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Sylvia Elsrode

After making her debut connected The Real World: Skeletons, All Stars newcomer Sylvia competed connected 3 seasons of The Challenge, making it to the finals of 2018's Final Reckoning.

The 33-year-old works arsenic a existent property cause successful Kansas and Missouri. 

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Brad Fiorenza

After making his debut connected The Real World: San Diego successful 2004, Brad became 1 of the show's astir ascendant antheral competitors, winning 1 play and making it to 3 further finals. Brad past competed connected the OG amusement successful 2018 earlier joining All Stars successful its 2nd season, successful which helium was eliminated conscionable earlier the final.

The 41-year-old has 2 sons with his ex-wife Tori Gwynn, whom helium met connected The Gauntlet III. After their divorcement successful 2016, Brad entered a little romance with erstwhile Challenger Britni Thornton.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

MJ Garrett

The reigning antheral champion is backmost to support his rubric aft The Real World: Philadelphia star won play 2 pursuing a 12-year hiatus from the franchise.

The 42-year-old is joined to Amanda Weaver (who starred arsenic Mary Anne connected The Real Gilligan's Island 2) and the mates person 2 daughters: Bella, 15, and Liv, 12.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

KellyAnne Judd

After appearing connected the inaugural play of All Stars, wherever she made it to the final, The Real World: Sydney vet is backmost for different changeable astatine the title.

After past appearing connected the OG amusement successful 2015, the 35-year-old splits her clip betwixt Denver and California and is simply a yoga teacher and arrogant canine mom.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Derrick Kosinski

After disappointing exits successful the archetypal 2 All Stars seasons, Derrick is hoping for a triumph successful his 3rd spinoff outing aft netting 3 wins during his Challenge career, establishing himself arsenic 1 of the fiercest competitors. 

The 38-year-old hosts the fashionable Challenge Mania podcast and is engaged to his longtime woman Nicole Gruman.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Mark Long

The godfather is backmost successful action.

During his tally connected the archetypal show, Mark competed connected six seasons, winning 2 of them, aft his 1995 stint connected Road Rules: USA – The First Adventure. Though helium retired successful 2012, the TV big is the person responsible for All Stars aft starting the "We Want OGs" campaign successful the summertime of 2020. Respect your elders!

While the 50-year-old has a shaper credit, helium gave up each enforcement privileges erstwhile helium signed connected to vie successful the inaugural season, though helium inactive has large plans for the spinoff's future.

"This is my eventual plan: We bash galore seasons of the OG, possibly 7 oregon 8 seasons, and past what you person is the astir epic OG vs. caller schoolhouse Challenge," Mark revealed to E! News past year. "It's the Super Bowl of Challenges."

Bennett Raglin/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Jonna Mannion

Following her large triumph successful play two, All Stars' archetypal pistillate champion is backmost to support her title. Hailing from The Real World: Cancun, Jonna appeared connected 5 seasons of The Challenge, the past 1 being Battle of the Exes 2 successful 2015.

The 34-year-old present has 2 children, daughter Naleigh, 6, and lad Cal, 2, with her husband, Kevin. Jonna made it to the finals of play 1 conscionable 3 months aft welcoming her 2nd child.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Nia Moore

The Real World: Portland prima is making her instrumentality to the franchise for the archetypal clip since 2015's Battles of the Sexes II aft she was disqualified for inappropriate behavior. 

The 33-year-old works arsenic a backstage pitchy formation attendant and is dating her erstwhile Real World co-star (and onetime nemesis) Jordan Wiseley

Laurence Cottrell/Getty Images, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Veronica Portillo

The Road Rules: Semester astatine Sea instrumentality fave is making her All Stars debut aft competing successful 11 challenges, notching 3 wins during her career. The 44-year-old present works arsenic an relationship enforcement and is ma to her 3 beloved dogs.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Cynthia Roberts

The first-ever pistillate victor of The Challenge, Cynthia first debuted on The Real World: Miami successful 1996 and made her past quality on Battle of the Sexes II successful 2005. 

The 48-year-old is an lawsuit planner and jewelry decorator and has 1 son. 

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Kendal Sheppard

The Road Rules: Campus Crawl vet is backmost for her 3rd All Stars play aft winning the lone play of The Challenge she appeared on: 2004's The Inferno. 

Since then, the 43-year-old got married, became a ma of three, began a vocation arsenic a caregiver and started practicing yoga, which has helped crook her into a large menace connected the spinoff.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Darrell Taylor

With 4 wins connected the OG amusement and 2 appearances connected All Stars, including a travel to the finals successful play two, the Road Rules: Campus Crawl vet is bare for the title.

When he's not connected The Challenge, Darrell, 42, is simply a idiosyncratic trainer and runs his ain boxing gym, LB4LB Fitness, successful Los Angeles. He joined his longtime girlfriend Milasent Hernandez successful 2017 and they person 2 children.

MTV, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Laterrian Wallace

Will the 3rd clip beryllium the charm for the Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour alum? Judging by the 45-year-old's aggravated workout regimen that helium documents connected societal media, helium is coming for the crown this season.

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Jordan Wiseley

One of the astir ascendant competitors successful the show's history, with 3 wins successful six seasons, The Real World: Portland vet is making his All Stars debut pursuing a hiatus from the franchise aft helium had, arsenic helium puts it successful the May 11 premiere, "said and done immoderate things that I'm incredibly ashamed of. I'm remorseful, but I'm grateful for the way that its led maine connected and the lessons I've learned. I'm committed to showing that."

After calling disconnected his engagement to chap Challenger Tori Deal successful November of past year—Jordan memorably projected aft winning an elimination situation during War of the Worlds 2—he reconnected with his erstwhile Real World housemate Nia Moore and the 2 are present dating. In summation to moving arsenic an actor, shaper and covering designer, the 31-year-old visited Ukraine to assistance successful humanitarian efforts successful March.

Amy Tierney/WireImage, Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

Syrus Yarbrough

The Real World: Boston instrumentality favourite competed connected 5 seasons of The Challenge, winning 2001's Extreme Challenge. Following his exit during play 1 of All Stars, the 50-year-old has dropped implicit 40 pounds, getting into the champion signifier of his beingness successful bid to instrumentality location the expansive prize.

In summation to making appearances arsenic a TV property and his enactment arsenic an activist, Syrus is engaged to his longtime woman Stacy Elmer.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres caller episodes each Wednesday connected Paramount+.