Inside the "Bizarre" Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial: Muffins, Gummy Bears and a Vaping Witness

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5 SHOCKING Moments From Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial

All eyes are on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's ongoing ineligible battle, arsenic good arsenic the unusual moments defining it.

Five years aft their breakup, Depp is going head-to-head with his ex-wife successful a Virginia courtroom implicit a Washington Post essay Heard penned backmost successful 2018, successful which she described herself arsenic a "public fig representing home abuse." Although she ne'er mentioned Depp by sanction successful the article, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's attorneys person argued successful tribunal documents that Heard's op-ed was portion of an "elaborate hoax" created "to beforehand her career." Heard is countersuing her erstwhile hubby for $100 million.

And while the Depp's defamation proceedings against Heard has unearthed immoderate shocking revelations, it has besides made radical accidental "hmmm." For one, the courtroom—including the justice presiding implicit the case—was flummoxed erstwhile a pre-recorded deposition that showed a witnesser vaping from the wrong of his car was played for the jury.

Not to notation an unusual speech betwixt Heard's lawyer and a witnesser for Depp astir who specifically brought muffins for the Aquaman actress connected the time of her objective evaluation. (And if you're wondering: Yes, they really spent clip successful tribunal breaking it down.)

Here are the moments from Depp and Heard's proceedings that near radical perplexed.


Little Black Book

On April 27, Depp was spotted carrying a notebook marked "Built to Last" and decorated with a greenish fig wearing a crown connected its cover. Those pursuing the tribunal lawsuit online noticed that the histrion often drew successful the notebook during breaks, with 1 Twitter idiosyncratic penning that it was "actually truthful heartwarming" to see.


Real-Life Willy Wonka

Was this a lawsuit of beingness imitating art? Throughout the trial, Depp was photographed with tiny piles of confections connected his desk, including gummy bears and jellybeans. At 1 point, camera footage from the ineligible proceedings captured the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory histrion handing what appeared to beryllium candy to idiosyncratic successful the courtroom.


Pre-Court Playlist

In a video captured extracurricular of the courthouse, Depp was seen stepping retired of his car arsenic "Exodus" by Bob Marley loudly played connected its speakers. He past quipped to the cameraperson, "Back successful the small country again."

When the footage made its mode online, societal media users didn't clasp backmost connected expressing their thoughts astir Depp's choice successful music. "Johnny Depp blasting ‘Exodus' by Bob Marley to the defamation proceedings is simply a large vibe," 1 Twitter idiosyncratic wrote, portion different tweeted that they had watched the clip "about 20x…it conscionable ne'er gets old."


Vaping Witness

The courtroom was near perplexed connected April 27 aft a pre-recorded video deposition of Alejandro Romero, the beforehand table attendant astatine Depp and Heard's erstwhile Los Angeles flat building. The speech showed him vaping from the wrong of a car arsenic helium gave his statement, earlier driving distant portion continuing to reply questions. In a candid remark, Heard's lawyer called it "the astir bizarre deposition."

The justice agreed. "I conscionable got to say, I've ne'er seen that before," Judge Penney Azcarate replied. "I've seen a batch of things, but I've ne'er seen that."


Depp's Doodles

During his tribunal quality connected April 27, Depp was seen drawing thing connected a post-it note earlier passing it to his lawyer. In a video footage of the exchange, Depp's lawyer enactment connected his glasses to analyse the sketch and nodded arsenic the Pirates of the Caribbean prima whispered thing successful his ear.

One instrumentality tweeted, "crying implicit Johnny Depp's lawyer looking astatine his doodle similar a arrogant dad."

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Similar Styles

Eagled-eyed societal media users noticed that the erstwhile mates had been wearing similar-looking suits and near-identical ties passim the trial, prompting immoderate to fishy that Heard "intentionally recreated" Depp's look arsenic a subtle message. 

"Man Amber Heard is virtually playing with Johnny Depp's caput successful the tribunal country copying his outfits the adjacent day, copying each determination helium makes," 1 Twitter idiosyncratic wrote. Meanwhile, another chimed in, "Can we speech astir however Amber Heard is virtually mocking Johnny each time successful court," adding, "Whatever helium wears, she copies the NEXT DAY."

E! News reached retired to Amber's rep for remark but did not perceive back.


Muffins connected the Mind

Social media users were fascinated with a treatment astir muffins arsenic Dr. Shannon Curry, a objective and forensic scientist who was hired by Depp's ineligible squad to measure Heard, took the stand. When Heard's attorney Elaine Bredehoft, in an effort to benignant retired Curry's testimony, asked the psychologist if her hubby had brought the Aquaman histrion baked goods connected the time of her evaluation, Curry replied, "May I clarify what occurred truthful we tin halt talking astir the muffins?"

Curry went connected to explicate that she was moving precocious that time and had asked her hubby "to prime up the muffins for me" from a section bakery for the office, not specifically for Heard. 

"He brought the muffins backmost to the house. I brought them into the office. Ms. Heard and I enjoyed the muffins together," Curry said. "I deliberation I made a remark to her on the lines of 'my hubby got these for america today,' meaning helium purchased the muffins we are present enjoying them due to the fact that of him."

The bizarre speech led to galore TikTok videos, with immoderate comparing it to the "Muffin Man" interrogation scene in Shrek.

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