Injuries take shine off win at QPR for Blackpool boss Michael Appleton

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Blackpool brag Michael Appleton savoured his side’s 1-0 triumph astatine QPR but admitted his joyousness was tempered by interest for injured midfielders Charlie Patino and Lewis Fiorini.

Both on-loan youngsters were taken disconnected astatine Loftus Road, wherever Josh Bowler’s extremity against his erstwhile nine secured the points.

Arsenal’s Patino has a nasty-looking ankle wounded and Manchester City’s Fiorini whitethorn person torn a hamstring.

Appleton said: “It’s not great, if I’m being honest. We’ll cognize the afloat grade implicit the adjacent 72 hours I would imagine.

“Lewis has done his hamstring. How badly, we won’t cognize until it’s been scanned.

“Charlie’s ankle is rather severely swollen. We’ve got to get the swelling down and past erstwhile the swelling is nether power we tin spell and get it scanned.

“We look a small airy successful midfield present and that worries maine a bit.”

The visitors had to sorb unit successful the 2nd fractional arsenic Rangers tried to respond to Bowler’s extremity conscionable earlier the interval.

“We played good successful that archetypal fractional and truly contributed to a decent crippled of football,” Appleton said.

“We went up and looked comfortable. Then the wounded to Charlie was a large stroke due to the fact that helium was having a large power connected the game.

“They’ll get amended arsenic a group. They’ll larn however to woody with being up successful games and beryllium a spot braver and proceed to property higher up the pitch.

“But I’ve been successful their shoes and cognize what it’s similar – sometimes you privation to support what you’ve got and deed teams connected the counter-attack.”

QPR brag Michael Beale bemoaned the missed chances successful the archetypal fractional which outgo his side.

Lyndon Dykes had a aureate accidental but changeable tamely astatine keeper Dan Grimshaw and was besides incapable to find the nett aft being acceptable up by on-loan Manchester United right-back Ethan Laird.

Beale said: “We should beryllium 2 oregon 3 up earlier we spell 1-0 down. Then we concede astatine the worst imaginable clip – close connected half-time.

“We spoke astir it and said that if we kept playing past opportunities would come, and I felt we did that.

“We threw a batch of vigor astatine it successful that 2nd fractional and were a spot anxious astatine times. We were a spot escaped successful possession due to the fact that of trying truthful hard – and the extremity didn’t come.

“I thought if we could people aboriginal successful the 2nd fractional past we would beryllium the squad with the momentum. We couldn’t find the goal.

“But we had immoderate fantastic chances aboriginal successful the game. Ethan flashes 1 crossed the six-yard container and we person to people successful that moment. Then helium pulls 1 backmost to Lyndon and I deliberation we request to people successful that infinitesimal arsenic well.”

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