Indicio Secures $3.5m to Expand Blockchain Technology to Validate Digital Credentials

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Seattle-based startup Indicio has announced a $3.5 cardinal financing successful a effect circular led by Hard Yaka.

The latest backing was raised connected Apr 25, from a effect round. has raised a full of $3.5M successful backing implicit 2 rounds. The funds volition beryllium utilized to grow marketplace adoption successful vertical industries and make a trusted integer ecosystem.

Other investors see Seattle-based SWAN Venture Fund, 37 Angels, Alliance of Angels, Angel Investment Trust, and serval investors.

Chief Technology Officer Ken Ebert said, “We created the model of a Trusted Digital Ecosystem to amusement however you harvester and usage decentralized identifiers, bundle agents, verifiable credentials, and the almighty connection protocols and infrastructure that brings them unneurotic to verify information without having to cheque successful with the root of data."

Indicio, founded successful 2020, provides companies and markets the quality to create, develop, and motorboat caller Trusted Data Ecosystems, marketplaces, and concern models for the speech of high-value accusation and information assets.

The institution provides exertion and a decentralized web for clients successful the financial, medical, and question markets to issue, hold, and verify information contained successful encrypted integer credentials.

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