In honor of Earth Day, Simply Mac has partnered with Simply EV to launch the biggest sale to date

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As a one-stop-shop destination for each things electrical mobility, Simply EV is celebrating Earth Day the champion mode it knows however – by offering customers the biggest merchantability ever connected its website and retail stores, present done May 1. Below are immoderate of the deals you tin already instrumentality vantage of.

Simply EV: The sanction says it all

Simply EV is an online and retail store that provides a customer-centric curation of prime electrical mobility options. With truthful galore brands offering vague specs and often times faulty advertizing backed by fake reviews, its pugnacious to archer what’s a genuinely bully e-Bike oregon electrical scooter, particularly successful a integer marketplace.

According to the Simply EV team, it decided to instrumentality matters into its ain hands and “spent hours and hours researching a gazillion antithetic products retired there.” The squad past met with dozens of brands and manufacturers, tried countless products themselves, past starting sharing the precise champion to you consumers successful a one-stop-shop destination for each things electric.

In correlation with its passionateness for cleanable mobility, Simply EV is honoring Earth Day by launching its biggest EV merchantability ever.

From April 22 to May 1, you tin prevention thousands of dollars connected prime electrical bikes, scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. Here are conscionable a fewer of the galore deals astatine your disposal.

House of Lithium 50/50 motorcycle successful assorted colorsSales connected e-Bikes

As e-Bikes proceed to turn successful popularity, determination are a batch of options retired determination and it’s sometimes pugnacious to archer what’s legit and what isn’t. Luckily you person Simply EV to usher you. In solemnisation of our beloved Mother Earth, Simply EV is offering immense discounts connected e-Bikes, present are a fewer of the existent sales.

First is the House of Lithium 50/50 e-Bike. This 65 lb. aluminum framework motorcycle is besides foldable, making it much portable and storable. Its 48V, 14.5 Ah artillery delivers a apical velocity of 28 mph and a scope betwixt 40-60 miles. Available successful 5 antithetic colors (seen above), the Lithium 50/50 is regularly $2,099.99, but Simply EV is knocking $800 off. Get yours contiguous for $1,299.99.

The Flluid E-Bike

If you’re successful the marketplace for versatile and almighty e-Bike, you whitethorn privation to earnestly see the merchantability Simply EV is offering for the Flluid 1S. In summation to coming disposable successful a plethora of assorted sizes and colors, the 1S comes with two, 504 Wh artillery packs that powerfulness a 500-watt, torque sensing mid-motor. The Flluid 1S offers a scope of up to 125 miles and tin deed a apical velocity of 28 mph.

If you’re funny successful the Flluid 1S e-Bike, your Earth Day is astir to get a batch brighter, due to the fact that Simply EV has knocked $3,000 dollars disconnected its regular terms ($4995.99). A marque caller 1S can beryllium yours contiguous for $1,999.99.

Simply EV saleUnivega Gran Tech 700c E-Bike

Last, but surely not least, is the Univega Road Gran Tech 700c e-Bike. Its formed aluminum frame, aluminum tapered fork, and debased emergence handlebars marque it a cleanable electrified roadworthy bike. A 250-watt rear hub centrifugal is powered by a 36V, 6.8 Ah fully-integrated downtube battery. Shimano Altus EZ-Fire Shifters enactment with a Shimano Altus 8-Speed Drivetrain to get you wherever you request to spell astatine immoderate speed.

In the lawsuit of the Univega 700c, 1 spot you request to spell is simply a Simply EV retail location, arsenic this eBike is presently lone disposable successful stores.That being said, you’re going to privation to pay your section store a visit, due to the fact that Simply EV has knocked $900 disconnected the regular terms of $1,499.99. You tin get yourself a Univega eBike of your ain for lone $599.999.

See beneath to find the closest retail determination adjacent you.

Don’t hide electrical scooters

Perhaps you saw 1 of the deals supra and instantly jumped connected it, but past decided you could usage immoderate some smaller, two-wheeled mobility too. Might we urge an electrical scooter? How astir an Apollo Air oregon Air Pro? Their specs alteration a spot arsenic good arsenic their pricing. Here’s however they stack up broadside by side:

Apollo Air Apollo Air Pro Motor 250-watt 350-watt Battery Capacity 36V, 7.6 Ah 36V, 10.4 Ah Top Speed 15 mph 18 mph Range 12 miles 18 miles Weight 35 lbs. 38.5 lbs. Regular Price $699.99 $799.99 Sale Price $299.99 $399.99

As you tin see, the Apollo Air Pro offers much velocity and scope from a larger centrifugal and battery, arsenic good arsenic a fork suspension successful the beforehand compared to a azygous outpouring suspension connected the modular model.

No substance which exemplary you pick, these electrical scooters supply high-end prime astatine introduction level pricing. Add Simply EV’s Earth Day merchantability offering $400 disconnected each model, and these feels similar a slam dunk. Get your Apollo contiguous for lone $299.99 oregon the Pro mentation for $100 more.

The Apollo Air electrical scooter (left) and the Air Pro (right)Simply EV has income connected electrical motorbikes too

Looking for a caller zero-emissions motorbike? Simple EV hasn’t forgotten astir you. For its Earth Day sale, instrumentality vantage of up to $1,500 disconnected Onyx Motorbikes like the RCR 72V. Onyx bikes present toughness, fun, and a dash of nostalgia, packed into each e-Motorbike astatine an affordable price.

This peculiar exemplary comes equipped with a 72V, 23 Ah removable Li-ion 18650 artillery pack, powering a precocious torque, highest precocious ratio hub motor. When we accidental peak, we mean 193 Nm of torque. It besides has 3 velocity modes:

Eco Mode – 20 mph and 75 mile range Normal Mode – 40 mph and 40 mile range Sport Mode – 60 mph and 20 mile range

With 17″ heavy-duty moped wheels, the Onyx RCR 72V was built for aggregate terrains. This peculiar motorbike usually sells for $4,849.99, but present done May 1, it’s on merchantability for $3,349.99.

Simply EVThe Onyx RCR 72V motorbikeShop different deals online oregon astatine Simply EV retail locations

Like we said, determination are plentifulness much EV deals disposable from Simply EV from companies similar Segway, Minimotors, and more, truthful we urge you peruse their full Earth Day merchantability page to find the champion woody for you. As you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not know, Simply EV is simply a sister tract to the fashionable store Simply Mac.

That means that you tin instrumentality vantage of galore of these income done Simply Mac online oregon astatine 1 of its 50+ retail locations crossed the US. Click present to find the nearest determination adjacent you.

Remember this merchantability won’t past forever, instrumentality vantage present done May 1!

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