I drove a Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance from LA to San Francisco, here’s how it went

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For implicit a twelvemonth now, I person been readying a travel up the seashore with my parents to San Francisco. What a cleanable accidental to trial retired the caller Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance! Lucid Motors lent maine its latest EV, and we were disconnected successful hunt of coastal views, immoderate Chicago Cubs wins, and a genuine trial of however the Grand Touring Performance would grip a 450-mile roadworthy travel north. Here’s however it went.

Background of the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance

The Performance mentation of the Lucid Air Grand Touring is the latest variant to beryllium announced by the American EV automaker. The regular aged Grand Touring began deliveries earlier this year, pursuing the archetypal 520 Dream Edition Air sedans that launched aft Lucid Motors’ SOP past fall.

The Air Grand Touring Performance was initially announced by Lucid Motors successful April, promising 446 miles of range, 1,050 horsepower, and 0-60 mph acceleration successful 2.6 seconds. I had driven the Air Dream Edition Performance successful October successful Arizona and got to acquisition the afloat bore of its 1,111 horsepower successful “Sprint” mode.

Ever since that fleeting moment, I’ve craved that feeling of pure, nasty velocity and saw an accidental to fulfill it. I had had a travel up the seashore with my parents planned for months, navigating CA-1 from the South Bay of Los Angeles to a metropolis by the antithetic bay, San Francisco – each to spot our lovable losers the Cubs look the Giants and to cheque retired Oracle Park.

Knowing Lucid Motors has footprints successful Los Angeles and an HQ up north, I figured it wouldn’t wounded to ask, and they gracefully obliged. I picked up a shiny caller Air Grand Touring Performance from Lucid’s showroom successful Beverly Hills, and the adjacent day, we were off.

As you tin spot from the images below, cargo abstraction was a nonissue for 4 of america successful the electrical sedan. We each would beryllium flying our ain ways location from SF, truthful we had luggage of varying sizes. Some successful the front, immoderate successful the little retention of the trunk, and 2 larger suitcases connected top. Plenty of country to spare. Have a look.

Lucid Air Grand TouringPlenty of cargo abstraction for 4 radical with luggage / Credit: Scooter Doll

Our way was astir 7.5 hours of full driving, equating to astir 460 miles. It consisted of Hermosa Beach to Pismo Beach, an overnight enactment successful Monterey, past Monterey to San Francisco the pursuing day.

With an estimated scope of 446 miles, I knew we would request to complaint astatine slightest erstwhile connected our journey, but much connected that later. Let’s commencement with my archetypal thoughts.

Initial impressions

When I archetypal got into the Grand Touring P and took disconnected from Beverly Hills, I felt similar I had picked up wherever I had near disconnected during my clip successful the Dream Edition successful Arizona, but alternatively of a speedy zoom astir municipality with a tech successful the rider seat, I was disconnected connected my ain with days astatine my disposal to genuinely research this EV, and I did.

This was my archetypal up-close glimpse astatine the achromatic exterior of the Air, which grew connected maine during the trip, though I personally would astir apt ne'er take that deficiency of hue for my ain vessel. The Air exterior comes disconnected arsenic sturdy to maine alternatively than boxy, and its 116.5″ wheelbase leaves plentifulness of interior abstraction for some the operator and passengers.

The Performance mentation of the Air Grand Touring comes modular with 21″ wheels, which somewhat inhibit its scope capabilities, but they’re wrapped with Pirelli P Zero summertime tires built specifically for Lucid Motors. The effect is an highly creaseless thrust nether each roadworthy conditions.

Even with the larger wheels, 446 miles of estimated scope is much than astir immoderate different EV tin present astatine this point, truthful determination are nary complaints from maine astatine all. Here are immoderate pics I snapped retired implicit the Pacific Ocean connected our mode up toward Big Sur.

Opinions connected the interior and UX

Luckily for you readers, I had 3 passengers successful the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance with me, truthful I gathered their feedback arsenic good to springiness you the honorable truth. Let’s commencement with the interior consciousness itself.

The wide feeling wrong the Air Grand Touring is 1 of prime (as it should for what you pay). Similar to the exterior, the textiles and components consciousness sturdy and securely fastened. Nothing wobbles oregon shakes, further adding to a quiescent driving experience.

You tin alteration UX themes connected the halfway tablet, but I recovered the diagnostic trivial arsenic it truly lone affects the look of the driver’s display, and lone slightly. The displays themselves were reasonably wide to recognize and navigate, though I was a small confused utilizing DreamDrive ADAS astatine first. I figured it retired though.

The adaptive cruise connected DreamDrive was wholly adequate, allowing you to easy set your desired velocity and trailing region down different vehicles. Nothing peculiarly groundbreaking astir it, successful my opinion.

Two interior features that were a deed with each of america were the spot massagers successful the beforehand and the panoramic solid roof. My parents had ne'er been successful a conveyance similar this before, truthful they loved looking up to spot paragliders and different winged creatures flying supra america arsenic they whale-watched on the coastline. Since I drove the full mode (you’re welcome, Lucid), the spot massagers came successful particularly useful for me, particularly the “stretch” massage. Big fan.

Everyone had plentifulness of country successful the backseat, but determination were 2 complaints from 2 of my passengers who autumn into a definite older demographic. The EV itself was precise low, truthful it was casual to bump your caput connected the apical of the doorway frame, particularly getting into the vehicle.

I was besides told the handles are not successful the astir perfect spot for entering and exiting. Those “wiser” passengers would person preferred them to beryllium placed astatine the apical of the doorway framework alternatively than connected the sides adjacent the beforehand seats.

My biggest ailment passim the full travel successful the Lucid Air Grand Touring P was the bundle itself. To accidental it was buggy would beryllium an understatement. Admittedly, I was warned that mightiness beryllium the case, and Lucid told maine they are already moving connected it, truthful it’s not a immense deal, but I bash person to constituent it out.

Switching betwixt show features similar euphony and navigation was dilatory and, galore times, needed to beryllium tapped much than erstwhile successful bid to function. Although the Lucid Air Grand Touring doesn’t let for Apple Carplay, I had nary issues connecting my telephone via Bluetooth and streaming my ain Spotify account. I besides recovered the built-in navigation worked truly good – its maps were up to day and casual to use.

All of that said, I’d emotion to spot an OTA update to the charging maps that tin amusement you wherever you tin halt on your full travel updated successful existent clip arsenic you drive. Right now, it volition lone amusement you what’s adjacent and you request to scroll and re-search successful an country down the road. I deliberation long-distance trips similar I had could beryllium easier to program for if you person the quality to representation retired each those charging options up of clip and portion you drive. Especially if you’re looking for a DC accelerated charger.

Another unusual contented we encountered was changeless interruptions from Amazon’s Alexa, which is integrated arsenic a dependable command. We ne'er spoke her sanction once, but the EV would occasionally deliberation idiosyncratic did, frankincense pausing the euphony and eavesdropping for nary reason. This happened astir 7 oregon 8 times passim the full trip.

Luckily, these are each issues that tin beryllium fixed with an OTA update oregon two, truthful I wouldn’t interest astir them, but I felt the request to code them from my experience.

In presumption of carnal toggles, astir worked rather well. I loved the vanishing halfway show that allowed maine to securely store my 36 oz. h2o vessel down it. You’ve gotta enactment hydrated folks, I can’t accent it enough.

My 1 qualm with the steering was a changeless thorn successful my broadside arsenic I drove, and it pertained to the toggles connected the close that power opus changes. On apical of the up and down power is simply a fastener that mutes the audio successful the car.

I recovered it to beryllium excessively delicate for my abdominous thumb due to the fact that I was perpetually muting the tunes portion trying to skip to the adjacent track. Not a dealbreaker, but conscionable annoying since it kept happening nary substance however conscious I was of it.

Next, let’s sermon the thrust itself and however amusive it was to curve up and astir Cali successful the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance.

Driving and charging the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance

I cognize by present that erstwhile Lucid Motors puts the connection “Performance” connected the extremity of its model, it means it. I was virtually and figuratively blown distant by the acceleration of Lucid’s Dream Edition Air, and was salivating for immoderate unfastened roadworthy to participate “Sprint” mode successful the Grand Touring Air P. I conscionable had to flight the postulation bowels of Los Angeles first.

The time earlier we left, I had to instrumentality the parents retired connected a small joyousness thrust since they had ne'er ridden successful a BEV earlier (don’t adjacent get maine started). Even successful the Air’s astir tame “Smooth” mode, my archetypal punch of acceleration sent their heads flying backmost successful a flurry of astonishment and utter thrill. I had instantly created 2 caller EV junkies, hooked connected that ecstasy of weightlessness lone 921 ft-lb. of instant torque tin provide. They were astir apt talking to their friends connected Facebook successful a substance of minutes.

The adjacent day, erstwhile we got further northbound distant from each the cars, I was capable to skip close implicit “Swift” mode and spell consecutive to the crème de la crème of velocity – “Sprint” mode. With 1,050 horsepower, it feels similar grabbing onto a passing slug bid – 0-60 comes and goes earlier you adjacent recognize you’re going 90.

Aside from the axenic adrenaline-inducing speed, this Performance mentation is susceptible of, the Air Grand Touring’s wide acceleration and handling marque it some amusive and casual to drive. Switching lanes oregon overtaking slowpokes oregon trucks with logs (we each saw that movie) were seamless, and the broadside cameras connection implicit visibility successful and astir the EV.

I ne'er erstwhile felt I was not successful power oregon alert of my surroundings, whether it was connected a congested road oregon a curvy cliffside with accordant unsighted turns.

Wicked accelerated charging speeds

As I said earlier, the planned way was astir 460 miles, truthful I knew astatine slightest 1 complaint would beryllium indispensable to get america to San Fran with capable foodstuff for the Lucid squad to get the Air Grand Touring Performance backmost to HQ safely.

We stopped for luncheon by the h2o successful Pismo Beach wherever I began to look for a charger since it looked similar each the stops connected the mode to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey were anemic 6-7 kW chargers.

I was capable to find an Electrify America DC accelerated charger astatine a buying halfway down the road, truthful we decided to recharge determination to rapidly get capable scope to get america to our last destination. We were bully to spell successful astir 20 minutes, acknowledgment to the Air Grand Touring 900V platform. Additionally, I recovered the plug and complaint capabilities betwixt the Air and the EA heap to beryllium refreshingly easy.

One happening I hadn’t prepared for, was each the uphill question from Pismo to Monterey. I recovered myself accelerating a batch with constricted opportunities for regen, arsenic it was mostly uphill connected the coast. Still, we arrived safely successful Monterey with capable scope to get america to SF the adjacent day.

The adjacent morning, I decided to deed different Electrify America accelerated charger for a apical off, simply truthful we didn’t person to interest astir immoderate much stops. Plus, I could instrumentality the Air Grand Touring Performance to the Lucid squad with plentifulness of scope to spare arsenic a solid. (Again, you’re welcome.)

The 2nd charging acquisition was importantly slower contempt besides being a 350 kW pile, but it was good since I didn’t request a afloat complaint anyway. Overall, the biggest contented was uncovering a almighty charger due to the fact that not lone was the Lucid charger representation interface hard to usage but mostly due to the fact that they simply didn’t beryllium connected the California coastline.

Made it!Closing thoughts

Overall, I was impressed with the Lucid Air Grand Touring and consciousness it lives up the the “Performance” badge successful its name. The show specs themselves genuinely marque this EV a thrill to drive, particularly erstwhile you person specified large scenery to your near arsenic you task northbound successful California. I highly urge it.

My biggest contented was the bundle itself, which is astir apt the easiest hole for Lucid Motors. I recovered the interior to beryllium comfy and luxurious but a small plain. Miles up of the sterile and unwelcoming interior of immoderate Tesla, but somewhat much vacant than a Mercedes EQS 580.

My household and I genuinely enjoyed our clip with this EV, and I tin accidental for definite we turned a batch of heads on the way. Oh, and the Cubbies squeaked retired 1 triumph implicit the Giants, truthful it was worthy the travel to witnesser it.

Looking guardant to the adjacent Lucid drive. Until then!

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