Hummingbird’s new ultralight 22 lb. (10 kg) electric bike is made of plant fiber

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There are lightweight electrical bikes and past determination are really lightweight e-bikes. But the caller Hummingbird Flax folding e-bike is adjacent lighter than those. At conscionable 22 lb. (10 kg), this plant-based e-bike isn’t conscionable affable to your backmost – it’s seemingly vegan-friendly arsenic well.

A plant-based e-bike?

The institution says that the Hummingbird Flax is the lightest folding electrical motorcycle successful the world. That prize is acknowledgment mostly to its caller framework design.

Constructed of flax fiber, the e-bike uses a sustainable plant-based plan that is ultra lightweight and ultra strong.

Plant fibre has seen increasing involvement successful the automotive manufacture arsenic an adjacent lighter-weight enactment than c fiber. With c fibre e-bikes seemingly a dime a twelve these days, flax fibre mightiness conscionable beryllium the large caller happening to people those captious buzzword points.

hummingbird flax

The Hummingbird flax isn’t conscionable airy connected the poundage – it’s besides airy connected the power.

The rear hub centrifugal whitethorn look ample but is lone rated for 250W of power. That’s 1/3 horsepower, for those keeping score.

The larger size of the centrifugal is owed to the inclusion of the batteries wrong the case. Stuffing the motor, controller, batteries, and different indispensable hardware each into 1 bundle helps connection a much streamlined look for the bike. It besides means each of the value is astatine the rear of the bike, but astatine slightest it’s down low!

The artillery is alternatively tiny excessively astatine conscionable 158 Wh, but the institution inactive claims a maximum scope of 50 km (31 miles). There’s nary throttle, truthful that’s the human-assisted range.

With the European-legal apical velocity of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), that tiny artillery whitethorn conscionable past for the full 50 km, astatine slightest if you’re pushing reasonably hard yourself.

Some photos look to amusement the e-bike with a loop portion others springiness it a modular concatenation drive. Both could beryllium an option, but it surely seems that it’s designed arsenic a single-speed either way.

A plant-based electrical motorcycle doesn’t travel cheap, starting astatine £4,995 successful the UK (US $6,050) with a 20% VAT included. For the remainder of the world, the motorcycle is priced astatine £4,162 (US $5,040). Part of that outgo is apt owed to high-priced components similar the c fibre spot station with titanium hardware. Of people you could easy walk that overmuch connected a mean old-fashioned aluminum e-bike, truthful whose to accidental that’s adjacent considered costly anymore?!

Electrek’s Take

Okay, I’ll bite. It’s interesting, though I’m not definite anyone was truly begging for plant-based e-bikes. I deliberation an aluminum e-bike is conscionable arsenic vegan-friendly, though I don’t cognize capable astir the proviso concatenation to accidental which 1 is little vigor intensive overall. Aluminum isn’t precisely ultra-cheap to nutrient either.

Having a ace lightweight e-bike is surely an plus for commuters that person to transportation their e-bike connected occasion. Whether up the stairs oregon onto a bus, lifting a 23 kg (50 lb.) e-bike isn’t fun. Something fractional the value similar the Hummingbird Flax does dependable similar it would beryllium a batch nicer to carry.

That being said, I’m benignant of inclined to look much toward a micro e-bike similar the JackRabbit, which costs 20% of this price. It whitethorn not person each the aforesaid bells and whistles, but I tin bargain 5 of them for the aforesaid price.

That’s got to number for something, right?!


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