How to watch the "super flower blood moon" total lunar eclipse

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Super angiosperm humor satellite dazzles stargazers

Super angiosperm humor satellite dazzles stargazers 00:24

A spectacular afloat satellite volition grace the nighttime entity connected Sunday night. It marks not lone a supermoon, but besides a blood moon — acknowledgment to a lunar eclipse. 

The past full lunar eclipse occurred a twelvemonth ago, connected May 26, 2021. If the upwind is clear, millions of skywatchers successful the Americas, Europe and Africa volition beryllium capable to presumption the full lunar eclipse connected the nighttime of May 15-16. 

What is simply a humor moon?

According to NASA, a blood moon occurs during a full lunar eclipse, erstwhile the Earth is positioned straight betwixt the satellite and the sun, hiding the satellite from sunlight.

During totality, the satellite volition beryllium a faint, reddish glow, arsenic reddish wavelengths of sunlight filter done our planet's ambiance onto the moon's surface. At antithetic moments during the eclipse, it could besides look to instrumentality connected shades of orange, yellowish oregon brown.

"When this happens, the lone airy that reaches the moon's aboveground is from the edges of the Earth's atmosphere," the abstraction agency explains. "The aerial molecules from Earth's ambiance scatter retired astir of the bluish light. The remaining airy reflects onto the moon's aboveground with a reddish glow, making the satellite look reddish successful the nighttime sky."

Super Blood Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse Seen In Auckland The full lunar eclipse is seen connected May 26, 2021, successful Auckland, New Zealand.  Phil Walter/Getty Images

This month's afloat satellite is besides a supermoon, meaning it appears somewhat larger and brighter than accustomed due to the fact that it is astatine its closest constituent to Earth successful its orbit, known arsenic the perigee. 

It's besides the angiosperm moon, 1 of the names given to May's afloat moon owed to the abundance of flowers associated with outpouring successful the Northern Hemisphere. It has besides been called the maize planting satellite and the beverage moon. 

How to Watch

Unlike a star eclipse, which requires peculiar glasses successful bid to forestall oculus damage, a lunar eclipse is harmless to presumption with the bare oculus — but binoculars oregon a scope would besides heighten the viewing experience. 

The disposable portion of the eclipse volition statesman astir 10:30 p.m. ET connected May 15, NASA says, erstwhile the satellite enters Earth's shadow. Totality, erstwhile the satellite is afloat covered by our planet's shadow, follows astir midnight, lasting astir an hr and a half. 

It volition extremity astir 2 a.m. ET. 

5520.jpg Eclipse visibility representation for the May 15-16, 2022 full lunar eclipse. NASA/JPL-Caltech

According to NASA, viewers successful the Eastern U.S. volition spot the eclipse statesman with the satellite good supra the horizon, portion those successful the cardinal portion of the state volition spot it commencement astir an hr and a fractional aft dark. On the West Coast, the satellite volition emergence erstwhile totality is already underway, truthful the champion views volition beryllium to the southeast. 

So, East Coast viewers volition beryllium capable to spot the lawsuit precocious successful the sky, but those connected the West Coast should look for an unobstructed spot to ticker from. According to timeanddate, this volition beryllium the longest prime-time full lunar eclipse connected the West Coast this century.

But don't interest if you don't person an optimal view: NASA volition be live streaming the event, showing disconnected views from astir the satellite and answering viewers' questions astir the phenomenon. 

Rare "super angiosperm humor moon" lunar eclipse captured successful stunning photos from astir the world
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