How to Watch 'The Offer', the hot new series about the making of 'The Godfather'

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Episode 101 the connection    Nicole Wilder/Paramount+

Paramount+ is astir to marque you an connection you can't refuse. The streamer's newest miniseries, "The Offer," explores the making of the 1972 Oscar-winning mobster saga "The Godfather." Miles Teller stars successful the caller play arsenic Hollywood shaper Albert S. Ruddy. "The Offer" is streaming exclusively connected Paramount+ starting April 28.  

Essentials and Paramount+ are some subsidiaries of Paramount.

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"The Offer," streaming April 28 connected Paramount+

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The 10-episode miniseries follows Ruddy arsenic helium adapts writer Mario Puzo's novel, "The Godfather," for the screen. As "The Offer" tells it, Ruddy assembles a imagination team, including manager Francis Ford Coppola (who co-wrote the publication with Puzo) and Hollywood prima Marlon Brando, lone to spot his accumulation challenged by behind-the-scenes tensions -- and a salient mob boss. 

In summation to "The Offer," "Godfather" movies are arriving connected Paramount+. "The Godfather," "The Godfather Part II" and "The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone," the recut mentation of 1990's "The Godfather: Part III," volition each beryllium disposable to watercourse April 28 connected Paramount+. 

New subscribers tin try retired Paramount+ for a week for free, truthful there's nary hazard progressive if you're funny astir "The Offer" oregon the "Godfather" saga. You could adjacent accidental it's an connection excessively bully for immoderate Hollywood instrumentality to refuse.

Here's everything you request to cognize astir however to ticker "The Offer."

Episode 102 Nicole Wilder/Paramount+ When does "The Offer" travel out? 

"The Offer" premieres connected Thursday, April 28. 

Where to ticker "The Offer": 

The miniseries astir the making of "The Godfather" volition watercourse exclusively connected the streaming level Paramount+. 

Paramount+ has 2 subscriber tiers disposable -- the $5 per period "Essential Plan," a budget-minded tier with ads, and the $10 per period "Premium Plan," which costs more, but is advertisement free. Paramount+ offers a one-week free-trial period, truthful if you were reasoning of trying the platform, you tin ticker "The Offer" and more caller Paramount+ titles, hazard free. 

Episode 101 the connection    Nicole Wilder/Paramount+ Who is successful "The Offer"? 

In summation to Miles Teller, "The Offer" stars Dan Fogler, Giovanni Ribisi, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple, Burn Gorman and Colin Hanks.

How galore episodes of "The Offer" are there?

"The Offer" volition person 10 episodes.  Following the three-episode premiere connected April 28, 5 consequent episodes of "The Offer" volition debut weekly, with the play finale scheduled to premiere connected June 2.

"The Offer," streaming April 28

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