How The Summer I Turned Pretty Achieved Its Relatable-Yet-Cool Fashion

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How The Summer I Turned Pretty Series Differs From Book

Want to acceptable successful in Cousins Beach? Invest successful oversized T-shirt.

The Summer I Turned Pretty premiered connected Amazon PrimeVideo June 17 and viewers instantly fell successful emotion with the idyllic, coming-of-age show, which transported them backmost to their ain peculiar summertime memories. It was a feeling costume designer Jessica Flaherty could subordinate to. 

"It's truthful uncommon that we get to person this truly axenic remembrance, wherever it hits you successful a spot wherever you tin odor and sensation that time," Flaherty exclusiely told E! News of the series, which is based connected Jenny Han's beloved young big trilogy. Centering connected the emotion triangle betwixt 16-year-old Belly (Lola Tung) and 2 brothers, Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Castelegno), it perfectly captures the magic of firsts and the wistful ache that lone a teenage summertime tin inspire. 

An indispensable constituent that makes up that nostalgic and dreamy effect is the benignant of its characters, which straddle the enactment betwixt TV-cool and refreshingly mean particularly in the property of Gossip Girl and Outer Banks. 

"Sometimes it's hard due to the fact that a amusement that's truly fashionable and existent and connected the pulse, could beryllium like, 'What are kids wearing?'" Flaherty explained. "But that's not what we're doing. It was important to enactment existent to the imaginativeness and absorption connected the skyline line, similar these are the colors, the arc and the beats we privation to do. Bright purple mightiness beryllium the colour of the summer, but we're doing pastel blues. It's uncovering that small niche that exists successful the world."

Flaherty took E! News wrong that process of establishing the unsocial benignant for each quality and successful The Summer I Turned Pretty.And she besides revealed however oversized T-shirts became an indispensable piece, the astonishing TV amusement she recovered inspiration successful and however they astir mislaid Belly's imagination debutante gown.

Peter Taylor/Prime Video

Belly's Transformation

Unlike different movies that diagnostic a large improvement for a young pistillate character—think The Princess Diaries or She's All That—costume decorator Jessica Flaherty stressed however "important" it was to her and writer Jenny Han to "not let the apparel to get up of her transformation."

"I ever representation what did Belly battalion to bring to Cousins from her wardrobe," Flaherty continued. "So, the archetypal fewer episodes, we kept her successful her shorts and her large t-shirts she mightiness person slept in."

As the play progressed and the character's satellite starting opening up, she would person "pops of her fish-of-water moments," arsenic Flaherty described them. Belly was trying to fig retired what she liked sartorially portion her parent fig Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) and her champion person Taylor (Rain Spencer) were besides picking items out for her. 

"It was her uncovering her mode wrong each these caller pieces and influences successful her life," Flaherty said. "So it wasn't like, 'Oh, Taylor got maine that pinkish dress, I'm going to spell there.' She's like, "That's not rather it, but I could effort a dress,' and past we onshore connected a gingham one."

Not wanting to "rush that evolution," Flaherty said she utilized relatable and subtle shifts successful Belly's style, similar choosing a two-piece bathing suit implicit a one-piece, "because those beats are truly important successful a girl's beingness erstwhile you are besides trying to find yourself."

"It's Belly opening up a small spot much and taking chances," she added. "And it was truthful bully to bash that successful a gentle, integrated mode that we got her to the coming retired astatine the debutante ball."

Peter Taylor/Prime Video

Belly's Big Debut

"It's conscionable 1 dress, but it's the dress!"

That was Flaherty's thought process for dressing that epic lawsuit successful the finale, noting that the astir important task was uncovering the cleanable look for Belly. While Flaherty initially envisioned designing Belly's look, erstwhile she learned Han's imaginativeness for it, she admitted, "It was conscionable truthful beauteous and cleanable successful telling the communicative of what Jenny wanted to tell, wherever Belly picks this formal of each of them, contempt the different 1 being purchased and chosen for her."

But Flaherty decidedly felt the unit to marque that imaginativeness a reality, particularly aft the archetypal formal they had their hearts acceptable connected fell through.

"We request to person multiples, truthful we person this formal that we could not multiply and it was besides truly had to get," Flaherty explained. "It was successful the U.K., truthful conscionable getting the sizes and shipping was brainsick and we were coming retired of COVID, truthful it was inactive hard to warrant you could get it."

After a weeks-long search, they yet recovered different dress—a wedding gown from overseas—which 2 tailors were capable to marque respective copies of. 

But Belly was conscionable 1 of hundreds of radical that needed to beryllium dressed for the ceremonial event, with Flaherty admitting, "There was decidedly a infinitesimal wherever I was like, 'Can we propulsion this off?' It was a challenge, but it was a amusive challenge."

Dana Hawley / Prime Video


Of the series' 3 main antheral characters, the eldest Fisher member cared the slightest astir his style, according to Flaherty. 

"He not a apparel guy," she reasoned of the brooding Conrad. "He astir apt wears immoderate helium pulls retired of a dresser drawer that his ma enactment successful there." Given that helium was a shot player, Flaherty opted for polos, shorts and hoodies that are simple but besides played into that "Abercrombie, all-American lad that we wanted to bash without the branding," she said.

Peter Taylor / Amazon Prime


While his large bro is each astir comfortableness and ease, the fun-loving Jeremiah is consenting to get playful with his wardrobe—within reason. Flaherty opted for AllSaints covering for Jer, with printed fastener downs serving arsenic his staple piece, which would beryllium paired with thing much casual, similar a brace of Vans sneakers. 

"We recovered a batch of amusive things to bash with him, but helium was inactive besides not excessively hip," Flaherty said. "He was little acrophobic to play around, truthful prints and it was truly amusive to person this handsome All-American lad but bash pops of manner and inactive support it wrong our satellite of dreamy, chill summertime vibes."

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A small-but-key publication astir Belly's older member from the archetypal publication that became Flaherty's "guiding force" for the quality was that helium saved up $400 to bargain the sunglasses helium wears each the clip and cherishes. 

"Their household is from a definite economical background, but he's into streetwear," Flaherty said. "So we had to beryllium cautious however hard we went with it due to the fact that it's expensive. I similar to deliberation of Steven arsenic having definite pieces that were truly peculiar to him, whether it's his sneakers oregon a definite brace of pants and those are the things that we imagined helium would walk his wealth on."

While Steven's benignant was cooler than Conrad and Jeremiah's, Flaherty said it was a "delicate balance" to marque definite helium inactive acceptable into the world. 

"You don't privation the apparel to ever beryllium louder than what we're doing," she reasoned. "It was really challenging successful a bully mode to find things that idiosyncratic his property would realistically beryllium buying alternatively than conscionable lacing him up successful $800 sneakers."

Peter Taylor/Prime Video

Susannah & Laurel's Contrasting Styles

For the show's matriarchs, who person been champion friends for decades, Flaherty wanted to explicit their idiosyncratic personalities done their clothing.

"Susannah was much '60s- and '70s-inspired, truthful we were capable to person a small spot much amusive with colour and print," Flaherty explained of Conrad and Jeremiah's mother. "She had pinks and softer colors. She truly wasn't acrophobic to play with immoderate palette and print."

Belly's mom, however, was each astir "form and function," Flaherty countered, which played into Laurel's vocation arsenic a novelist.

"It's ne'er messy, it's wholly chic and enactment together, but not thought about," she said. "Her colour palette is black, cream, navy and taupe. I emotion a chic, classical Diane Keaton look. She had a precise eastbound seashore vibe." 

Courtesy of Prime Video

"Cam" Cameron

For Belly's saccharine archetypal boyfriend, played by David Iacono, Flaherty was excited to infuse a somewhat much alternate benignant into the beachy satellite of Cousins. But she opted to "marry" the thought of Supreme Skate Team successful the '90s with the much modern skateboarder look. But determination was 1 unexpected situation erstwhile Flaherty was attempting to formal Cam successful agelong sleeve shirts and baggier pants.

"It's truthful blistery and determination were times wherever I wanted to support him successful those large jeans the full time," Flaherty said,"but past you go, 'Well, he's a kid, helium tin deterioration shorts, this is mean successful summertime to besides alteration it up.'"

 And adjacent though Cam's benignant was much punk than the different boys, Flaherty stressed that she "wanted him to look saccharine and youthful arsenic well."

Prime Video

The Color Palette

If you thought the amusement looked similar it was filmed successful the Paris filter connected Instagram, filled with brushed shades and dreamy fabrics, that was Flaherty's intention. 

"It's not a fantasy, but it's this summertime spot they look guardant to each year," Flaherty said. "It's the beach, it's brushed and it's untouched by the harsh realities and garishness of precocious school. It's precise antithetic than different shows that correspond precocious schoolhouse kids, wherever things are a spot sharper and brighter."

To execute that look for Belly, Flaherty opted for softer colors, including buttercup yellowish and peach, and touched of patterns, including gingham and airy florals. 

Dana Hawley / Prime Video

The Surprising Staple

While the ladies of Outer Banks whitethorn beryllium moving astir successful harvest tops and bikinis, Belly favored oversized t-shirts, thing Flaherty picked up erstwhile she arrived successful North Carolina anterior to filming.

"Being based successful L.A., I didn't spot that caller sports look," Flaherty said. "As soon as I landed, I saw it everyplace and that was my large research. It's precise antithetic successful L.A. however 16-year-old girls dress, truthful I was like, 'Is it realistic for maine to beryllium doing this large t-shirt happening arsenic a mean look?' And it was unbelievable, the 2nd I stepped ft successful Target successful North Carolina, I was like, 'Wow, this was each the probe I privation I had earlier I got here.'"

Prime Studios

Reference Points

Some of Flaherty's popular civilization touchstones for the amusement included TV shows and movies from the '90s, including My So-Called Life, Stealing Beauty and Dirty Dancing, which she paid homage to with Keds sneakers, shorts and vessel tops. "I'm a '90s kid, truthful those truly spoke to me," Flaherty explained.

But determination was besides a amazingly modern root of inspiration arsenic well: The Hulu constricted series Normal People, with Flaherty gushing, "There was thing truly beauteous astir the costumes connected that show, the temper and feel."

Prime Studios

The Summer That Changed Everything

For Flaherty, being portion of The Summer I Turned Pretty was a life-altering moment, 1 she astir passed connected arsenic she had plans to observe her day abroad.

But aft gathering with Han, "I went from being truthful excited to spell to Europe to truly hoping this would enactment due to the fact that I had ne'er gelled successful temper and vibe similar that before," Flaherty said, explaining that the temper boards they each had created were precise similar. "I was like, 'Oh my god, this is the champion happening that's ever happened!' In my full career, I had not had that saccharine spot."

And it got sweeter from there, with Flaherty and Han moving hand-in-hand to bring Cousins to life.

"I came into it by happenstance but it was the champion happenstance," Flaherty admitted. "It was 1 of those moments successful your beingness wherever you say, 'Oh wow, this is simply a changing infinitesimal for me.' I'm truthful arrogant to beryllium a portion of creating this world."

The Summer I Turned Pretty is streaming connected Amazon Prime Video. 

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